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Writing will always be my way of healing getting things off my chest understanding that it’s not you it’s me and my perception. I love to spill all my hurt on to pages all my illusions. No one really hates me even when I feel it so deep that they do. Why do I hate myself so much ? Still uncovering that but one step at a time always #journaling #words #write-more

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“Give me a chance.” Derek texted me. He texted me this everyday at 7:48 PM. I never knew why he still tried, I caught him cheating and that was the end for us. I know texting this at a specific time everyday is weird but I didn’t think of it that way. Derek has always been weird, asking to do things that other boys wouldn’t. So, I just didn’t think of it that much. At first I just replied with, “No.” After ignoring he for a while I said, “I have already given you a chance and you wasted it.” Because I have given him another chance. He has cheated twice, yes twice, and I have trusted him over and over. I was done, and I moved on, he should too. Now, to get to the point it was 7:50 when I looked at the text from Derek. I rolled my eyes and threw my phone on my bed going to clean my face and prepared to do homework. Once done I walked back to my room, my lights off, I specifically remember the lights on. I flicked the switch and the lights didn’t turn on. I groaned going to my garage to find lightbulbs. It was already dark out since of daylights saving. Finally finding a lightbulb I walked up to my back door, but it didn’t open. I was so confused since no one way home, so who could’ve locked it? I looked under a plant pot since thats where we kept an extra key. Wasn’t there, I had no idea what to do since I didn’t have my phone and all I had were lightbulbs. My heart stopped once my porch light went out, I could not see anything, pitch black out. I yelled out dropping the light bulbs and once they hit the ground glass sprawled out everywhere. An ice-cold hand wrapped around my mouth making my screams into mumbles. I backed up into the person, a man, and tried my best to get the hell out his grasp. I screamed and screamed but to no avail. I tried kneeing him in the stomach but he dodged it, dodged everything I threw at him. Before everything went black I heard Derek’s evil voice say, “You should’ve given me a chance."

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One poem down🌙 I actually like this a lot, even though I didn't use all the word associations (forgive me Apollo) . . . . . . #write #writing #writer #writersofig #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #poem #poet #poetry #poetsofinstagram #poemsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poetryofig #poemsofig #poets #moon #themoon #stories

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My best friend em.lamberton and I collaborated on these beautiful prints. Emma has always had this talent of beautifully scribing words so they are full of love, freedom, creativity and empowerment. One of my absolute favourite things is getting anything handwritten by her - she has the power to transform moments - so I am really SO happy to announce that she is (finally) open for biz. With two beautiful little humans it’s a process kicking any biz into gear - do yourself a favour and head to and support a beautiful sister, while nourishing yourself with her words. Custom work is AVAILABLE 💕

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Life cannot insert its jewels of creativity unless you wholeheartedly surrender into that vocation. An hour whenever you can...even a few times a long as your whole heart is in it...the Muse WILL USE YOU. I promise.

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Am I hopelessly flawed or flawlessly hopeful? The sun warmed the snow and the snow slid off the roof. The light climbed the walls wandered through made new made better. / Startled the dog startled me the snow not the light. Light the opposite. Fresh air in the blankets clean sheets water for the plants. Water you water you. You water you water. You grow you gasp you flounder. You regain you breathe you put anemones to soak with the utmost tenderness.

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