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Discussion: Wounded healers. Most people who heal needed healing at one time or another. The truth is, we are drawn to heal because we know how pain feels. When we have healed our wounds and look at our battle scars, we do not see tragedy, but rather, we see strength. As healers, it is important to remember that we may each heal differently - whether it’s that each treatment works differently for each of us or that some of us may heal slower than others (and that’s ok) or that we also need to truly feel the feelings before we can quite move on from the pain. So, do not use your healing process and what worked for you as the only benchmark for your clients. Allow them to show you and tell you what they need (within the scope/boundaries of your work). Healing gets dangerous when you impose what worked for you onto the client without understanding their individual needs and barriers. Understand that their process is theirs. This is not to say you can not advise them if that is what they want from you... but it’s all about approach and delivery. For example, allow clients to feel empowered by offering options rather than keeping advice narrow/one-sided. Or ask the client what they see before providing information to them about what you see (Tarot card readings). Or if coaching, having an assessment process where you determine needs, barriers, and achievable goals. If the advice you give cannot work within your client’s current environment, it can be really upsetting to them. Rather than realizing that you didn’t realize this about them, they will assume something is wrong with them - why they cannot do x, y, z like you said. So I guess let’s think of ways to either make our services truly individual for our clients or make sure our advice is achievable to most of not all people. 💗 #ramblings #fromthedesk #chiron #chironismydude #healer #woundedhealer #reading #carljung #archetype #healyourself #scars #battlescars #wounds #centaur #love #11 #channelchiron #research #read #guidance

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"The way of the artisan is a life in which we risk all for love. The artisan embraces the dangers that come from living an authentic life and still chooses to live unguarded from the pain of the wounds of love." #devotional #inspirational #risk #love #dangers #authentic #unguarded #wounds erwinmcmanus #theartisansoul

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Day 22 #dailydrawing , Flowers hurt. Got the idea from Tumblr. I like this one :) #digitalart #flowers #glow #gore #selfharmmm m #wounds #originalart #crying #sad #dailychallenge

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Trust violated is the ultimate betrayal, taking time to process is necessary in times of sadness. It will always be ok. . . . . . . . . . . . . #time #heals #wounds #betrayal #sadness #process #disapointed #childishness #liar #lies #moodymonday

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⛓🕷 VOMIT 🕷⛓ My debut album/tape is now on track to being completed within the comforts of my own home so I think it was about time to get the word out now. I can’t wait to share this with everyone! Oh and XXX is still on the way too, so you might not here from me for a while but I promise you they’ll be plenty of new music coming VERY VERY soon! A big thank you to moncomms_ for the artwork 💖💖💖 go check out her stuff now!

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Compromises and sacrifices from both sides are needed to maintain a healthy relationship. ❤️ . Words by ofyesteryear! 🎯 . . . . . #thewordsyoufathom #quotes #wordporn #thoughts #lifequotes #relationshipquotes #wordsofwisdom #truth #poemsporn #writersnetwork #writersofinstagram #wordstoliveby #instawrite #relationships #life #wounds #scars #lovegoals #loveemotions #lovequotes #love

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In time 🕚 . . #mytruth #first #wounds #intime #heal #peom #eyes #clear #light #darkness

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#sound #travels over #water so they say so be careful what you say it just might be #heard from #miles #away #gopro #hero5black #cemtralcoast #waves #saltwater heals all #wounds

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The woolly mammoth revisited today so I thought it’s a good idea to mention it in a post as opposed to just a story. • This dear ancestor is a relic of a time we don’t identify with. I see it come in every time from the left side of my vision. And the colossal once-in-150 years blue moon energies are coming our way too. • Putting together all of this gives me a sense of ancient, forgotten energies & experiences reactivating within and around us. Old, old wounds coming forth. Things so long forgotten that we barely relate to them anymore yet it bizarrely feels connected. The root chakra faces a major meltdown, and so does our sacral plexus to a big extent. Archaic stuff reemerging & clashing with our more modernistic (can’t say which one is more progressive though) patterns and ideas. • The Mammoth sent two distinct messages: slow down - calm down. Be present. And I felt a sense of extinct-ual theme around all this. Grow, or perish. Get rid of the outdated parts of you, parts which do not align with who you are today. Do it now! It is causing a lot of us to feel unsettled and jittery, and rather explosive too, if I may say. A sense of urgency to reach somewhere or get something done. Coz you know, we don’t wanna go off board like our woolly friend. We must ‘do’ something! • The doing has to be within. And I’ll quote Tool (art rock band) here to sum it up: 🎶“Over-thinking, over-analyzing separates the body from the mind. Withering my intuition, missing opportunities and I must Feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines. Black then white are all I see In my infancy (ref: duality). Red and yellow (lower chakras) then came to be, Reaching out to me. Lets me see And following our will and wind We may just go where no one's been. We'll ride the spiral to the end And may just go where no one's been. Spiral out. Keep going...”🎶 P.S. in case you want, the song quoted is Lateralus by Tool.

14 1 Jan 22, 2018
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