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8 1 Apr 29, 2017

Elite Personal Trainer dannikalifornia_fitmodel keeping her body in great shape to continue to motivate her athletes!! #Repost dannikalifornia_fitmodel with repostapp ・・・ Sometimes you just had to suck it up, suck it in, and throw it up. Catharsis works, just take it out on your body in a positive way that only makes you stronger. It's okay to be a savage about it.. sometimes that workout is exactly what you needed. 🔥👽💪🏻 #hypershred #igfitnessgirls #igfitnessfreaks #igfitnessvideos #absworkout #legsfordays #workoutgirl #fitfam #killeverygram #killitdaily # #workoutmotivation #beast_mode #savagefitness #fitthickarmy #fitthick #curvyfit #badassery #bootybuilder #workouteverydamnday #igfitwomen #bodybuildinggirls #alphafemale #catharsis #bodybuildingcom #sexyfit #bootygains #gains4girls

31 0 Apr 28, 2017

Food time!!!! Get yourself about 3 lb of bone in, skin on chicken thighs and dry them with paper towels Sprinkle them with a mixture of 3/4tsp salt, 3/4 pepper and 2 tsp paprika Heat up a Dutch oven with 1-2tbsp butter or ghee over medium high heat. Brown chicken thighs skin side down (3-4 at a time) about 6-8 minutes- helllo brown and crispy skin! Set chicken aside Peel 1 -1 1/2 lb carrots and cut in half into 1" pieces Add carrots to Dutch oven and cook about 7 minutes (in all that browned chicken goodness😋) Add 2 1/2 TBsp flour to pot cooking about 1 minute Add 2 c chicken broth/stock and 4 sprigs of fresh thyme Place Chicken browned side up on top of carrots and partially cover. Cook until chicken is done because ain't nobody got time for food poisoning (about 20 minutes) Serve over hot mashed potatoes (or sweet potatoes if your food religion is anti white potatoes) Boom! Easy 1 pot super healthy and inexpensive meal (ok except the mashed potatoes) that tastes oh so good!!! Get in my belly! Pair with a great white wine (or whatever you have #whole30 #wholeyummy #paleo #paleoish #workoutgirl #fitgirl #fitnesseats

33 3 Apr 28, 2017

*NIGHT OUT* Time for a well needed night out with some of my favourite people!!! dellouiee hailstone94 & nathan_rawe!!! LETS GET DRUNK 💃❤️

27 3 Apr 28, 2017

Blaze a trail! #rainforest 🏃🏼‍♀️with laurcardarelli + #hiitworkout

15 1 Apr 28, 2017

Got my seeds! #savethebees

23 1 Apr 28, 2017

"Chce wyglądać jak te dziewczyny na zawodach bikini fitness"... - taką wiadomość dostałam ostatnio od jednej niewinnej dziewczyny.. Zapytałam - "ale tak po prostu na codzień chcesz wyglądać tak jak one na scenie?!", odpowiedziała "tak" 😔😔 To dowód na to że krata na brzuchu, wypukłe barki i pokaźny tyłek są NA TOPIE.. Naprawdę podziwiam te dziewczyny, które startują! Sama raz spróbowałam i chociaż uważam że twarda ze mnie Kobitka to na dłuższą metę bym tego nie pociągnęła... Biorę głęboki oddech i zostawię resztę przemyśleń na ten temat dla siebie ponieważ nie mam zamiaru nikogo urazić! Zawsze stawiam na pasję i podziwiam ludzi którzy idą SWOJĄ drogą! 👏 cieszę się że osobiście również te drogę odkryłam! Jest nią Zdrowie, Aktywność fizyczna, Odpowiednie odżywianie, Radość z życia, bycie dobrym dla drugiej osoby! I BALANS OOO TAAAAK BALANS PRZEDE WSZYSTKIM 😌👌 Dobrej nocy 😴 💙 #balans #balansżycia #zdrowie #szczescie #gymhero #7sisters #dobranoc #zdrowie #motywacja #regeneracja #dobranoc #pasja #gymgirl #metamorfoza #polishgirl #nevergiveup #motywacja #workoutgirl #bodybuildingmotivation #eatcleantraindirty #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessbody #nogi #instafit #girlspower #girwholift #girlwithabs #gymgirl #fitselfie #fitspiration #fitstagram #gymlife #fitfreak #fitlover

1033 15 Apr 28, 2017

Happy FriYAY! 🙌 Off work and I've been looking forward to chatting with some of my hard-working, badass boss babes all day! I think video chats is my new love language - is that a thing? 🤔 Gearing up to start my next one-on-one coach mentorship next week! If you're a self-driven woman with a passion for health & fitness and you're curious what I do, reach out and let's chat! Spots are limited but there's still time! 😊💕

69 1 Apr 28, 2017

19 1 Apr 28, 2017

I worked an exhausting 12 hour night shift in the ER and it took me an hour and a half to get home when it usually takes me less than an hour and I have to go back tonight for another 12 hours of fun and I still got my dirty 30 workout in 💪🏼 What's your excuse? 🙌🏼 . Once you ditch the excuses, you find your results ❤

46 3 Apr 28, 2017

Hallo #fitfam und Fitlover!💗 Heute kommt der 2 Teil des #Rückentraining! Das ging richtig Bombe 💣 Ich hoffe das Video gefällt Euch! 😆 Für Euch möchte ich bessere Videos machen! Dafür brauche ich eure Hilfe! 🙏 💕 Für wünsche, Anregungen und Tips bin ich immer offen. 😉 Und nun genießt das Start in das lange Wochenende 😘 - -Hello fitfam and #Fitlover! 💗 Today comes the 2 part of the #backworkout ! That went right bomb 💣 I hope you like the video! 😆 For you I want to make better videos! For that I need your help! 💕 💕 For suggestions, wishes and tips, I am always open. 😉 And now enjoy the start in the long weekend 😘 - - - Sound: - - #fitnessaddict #Fitx #seli_85 seli_85 #workoutgirl #gymaholic #workoutmotivation #execises #Trainer #influence #latism #latpulldown #Latisimus #gains #model #goals #fitgirlinspire #bodybuilding #trainwithme #trainhard #blogger #instafit #strong #strongissexy #fitandhealthy #munichblogger bootiesandbeasts gymgirlvids fitgymgirlz

50 0 Apr 28, 2017

Give me all the sprinkles on this gloomy, rainy Friday. Spring, please bring back all the sun and warmth! . Also don't mind my unpolished, nonexistent nails. Taking a mommy morning tomorrow to go treat myself at the nail salon! How often do all you mommy's take time for yourselves? I'll admit I'm awful! It's been a year since I've done anything.... 😳 . Also check out my Facebook page for this Chunky Monkey Shakeology Recipe! Link in bio! . #teamlivefit

17 3 Apr 28, 2017

I started with 2lbs and I now can make it thru most days with these 8 & 10 lb bad boys! Sometimes I see a workout demonstrated and I'm like 'HECK NO!' but then I try and I'm amazed! Just doing 30 minutes a day has gotten me to a strength I never knew I had. I want others to experience that too! That's why I'm a coach 😊💪 you don't realize who you inspire just by showing up!

49 4 Apr 28, 2017
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