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13 2 Mar 21, 2018

I feel like a B R A N D N E W W O M A N after my Brazilian, underarm, and brow wax! TMI (sorry guys) but finding the right woman for THAT job 😅 is so important! Have you ever gotten a Brazilian? What did you think? My lady is tagged 💕

23 2 Mar 21, 2018

(D) Wenn Du Übungen machst, die lt. Video nur 30-60 s dauern sollten, Du sie aber ein paar Minuten machen musst, bis sie alles im Kasten ist, dann hast Du Dein Workout beim Dreh erledigt 🤪💪🏼 (E) If you need to hold the exercise - which were supposed to do for 30-60 sec - now for a couple of minutes until the crew could finish their job, you know that you did your workout for today 🤪💪🏼 #nicolewesner #boxinggirl #workoutgirl #gymgirl #fightgirl #fitgirl #traininggirl #outdoor bipa"># bipa #weilicheinmädchenbin . . . #boxing #training #gym #outdoorgym #workout #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #fitnesslife #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #fitnessfreak #champion #athlete #instafit #instafitness

20 1 Mar 21, 2018

Ojalá hubiera terminado tan rapido como el video 😰💪🏼 #workout #workoutgirl #funtionaltraining #bodyweight

14 1 Mar 21, 2018

Squatday over for this time 😊😥💪👊 It is a bit hard now to take it to the next level, but I want to improve to myself that I can get stronger again 👊👊👊 #workoutgirl #workout #weightlifter #weightlifting #painonnstaja #painonnosto #squat #kyykky #ig #gym #gymgirl #2018ismyyear

5 1 Mar 21, 2018

Remind me to never wear gray on leg day ever again 😂 Also any recs on athletic clothing? I hope everyone is having an amazing hump day! Today has been full of self care! I woke up later than planned, went to the doc, got a deep tissue massage, and spent a little over an hour at the gym. Self care is so important. Today, the masseuse told me that my jaw and shoulders are one of the tightest ones she’s ever seen in a while. She suggested me get massages more often and to sleep with a mouth guard. She also told me to make sure I’m not clenching my jaw when I lift because it can lead to so many health issues in the future. Just a reminder about how important it is to give yourself at least one day a week where you just focus on yourself!! 💕 #positivevibes #positivity #workout #legday #fitfam #fittie #collegefittie #collegelife #selflove #workoutmotivation #fitness #nursingstudentlife #massage #selfcare #iifym #macros #flexibledieting #workoutgirl

15 3 Mar 21, 2018

Attention mama’s! I know what it is like to not feel good in your own skin. To want to wear black and loose fitting clothing. To always wear a swimsuit cover up and not feel confident in a swimsuit. Do you find yourself sticking to your workouts and nutrition during the week only to be sore and starving by the weekend so you throw in the towel? Do you find yourself losing the weight for the trip or event, only to gain it back shortly after? Do you find yourself saying if only I had time to workout? Do you find yourself going to the gym but not seeing the results you want? Do you find yourself saying I eat healthy but my weight doesn’t budge? Do you find yourself unsure of what to eat because of all the info out there? Believe me I’ve been there. Working out and eating healthy isn’t easy but with an easy to follow plan and extra motivation it can be done! I want to extend an invitation to YOU! Can you relate to the above? If so, then join me and let’s get the results you want! Stop telling yourself someday and start telling yourself NOW! You deserve to feel 100%! If you’re ready to get results then message me or drop your favorite emoji below.

10 2 Mar 21, 2018

This saying right here hits home for me. I can cry right now. I officially booked a trip to an all inclusive resort to Riveria Maya. Never in a million years would I think this would happen. When I was offered this I thought I was in a dream but I'm not. I've been working so hard on my business & I'm blessed that my friend/mentor colleenlinder offered this opportunity to me. 💕 - True story I almost gave up on my dreams but I'm so happy I didn't or I wouldn't have been offered this trip. Always follow your dreams & never give up on what you want. . . . . #girlwithgoals #girlwithadream #furmom #followyourdreams #pnwgirl #waitress #believeinyourself #workoutgirl #happygirly #girlygirly #happylife #positivevibesalways #bossbabe #dowhatmakesyouhappy #fitbabes #foodiegirl #unicornlover #dogmomlife #dogmomaf #happinessissimple #passionandpurpose #livelifetothefullest #betteryou #goalslayer #positiveenergy #positivemindset #healthyandhappy #crazydogmom #tattedgirl #fitgirllife

13 3 Mar 21, 2018

Are you trying to make a transformation? What’s working for you? 🔥 hisarahlinda "Diese „Vorher“ Bilder sind aber auch fast immer gemein, weil ungeschminkt, ungünstige Klamotten, unvorteilhaft, etc. Je „dramatischer“ der Unterschied, umso besser kommen die Bilder in Social Media an. Doch soll ich ehrlich sein? Es gibt viele Bilder aus meiner „dickeren Zeit“, die habe ich noch nie hier gepostet (und werde es auch nicht tun - sorry 😅) weil ich dort einfach schrecklich aussehe. Nicht wie auf den drei, vier „vorher“ Bildern die ihr von mir kennt. Denn auf diesen war ich für meine damaligen Verhältnisse gut angezogen, hatte mich geschminkt, etc. Nur habe ich mich vieles nicht getraut. So Dinge wie roten Lippenstift tragen, oder hohe Schuhe. Und das ist (natürlich neben dem Gesundheitsaspekt, den so starkes Übergewicht - mein BMI war über 40 - mit sich bringt) das eigentliche Problem: Ich habe mich nicht getraut. Ich habe mich für mich geschämt. Ich erinnere mich, dass ich oft nur das Haus verlassen habe, als es draußen dunkel war. Weil ich nicht gesehen werden wollte. Das macht mich heute unglaublich traurig. Und wenn ich mir damals und vielleicht heute irgendeiner übergewichtigen Person etwas sagen könnte, dann wäre es wohl folgendes: Du bist gut und wertvoll wie du bist. Egal was die Waage sagt. Es ist OK abnehmen zu wollen und es ist nicht verkehrt an sich zu arbeiten. Aber keine Zahl auf der Waage, kein BMI und kein Maßband auf dieser Welt wird etwas daran ändern, dass du wundervoll und schön bist und ein Recht darauf hast ein glückliches Leben zu führen ❤️. Also trau dich, steh zu dir und sei du selbst. Immer. Denn Du bist gut so wie Du bist. ♥️ " _____________________ Want to Make a Transformation Like This? Check bio for our Five Star, 30-day Transformation Program! 💪 Made a Transformation? Badass Female Transformer Engagement Group in Bio ❤️

33 4 Mar 21, 2018

I find it frustrating when things don't immediately work or change unfortunately so working out has been hard but all I need to do is stay positive! I also got spoiled yesterday by my bf. Got lulu lemon running tights and water bottle and he took me out to dinner 😍😍. What did I do to deserve him. 😊 . . #yyc #workout #lululemon #workoutclothes #stayfit #staypositive #workoutgirl #yycfit #fitlife #weightlossjourney #weightloss

9 1 Mar 21, 2018

Belated #transformationtuesday 😜🙈 when my dad told ‘isa.. what’s wrong? You got fat’ I realized that I had slowly gained a lot of weight. The scale said 80kg. I changed my diet completely and lost around 14 kg. After a year I started with fitness and for sure I gained some muscles. Now I’m slightly over 30 years old and I’m at a weight from 67 kg thanks to barstarzz (my daily workout and motivation). I Gained a lot of muscles and lost a lot of fat. My main goal is to loose around 2 more kg to be light and strong for the next competition. Shredzzzzz 👌🏼💪🏽 #bodytransformation #fromfattofit #fitchick #shape

177 16 Mar 21, 2018

Y'all knows it's my faaaaave day of the week! #transformationtuesday the before pic was NOT my highest weight. It was about 2 days before my wls. Wear sunscreen. I get so many messages from pre ops, & im so thankful. This journey saved my life & if I can be a piece that helps someone make a similar route-I'm all for it. MY BIGGEST ADVICE is to start documenting everything NOW. I know I say it all the time. I mean it. I know you don't wanna take full body pics before you lose weight-DO IT ANYWAY. You'll be thankful. The last two weeks I've been having it rough. Then I go on to my own YouTube channel & I watch my old videos. Videos were a 285 pound version of myself was dreaming of being 50 pounds heavier than I am now. A version of me at 198 saying everything after that was a bonus. Seeing that reminded me that a year ago I would have cut off a limb to be where I am now. So trust me. I know it's hard to document at the start of your journey-but even after you lose the weight-you'll have dark days. & being able to see how far you have come *will* help. Oh. & trust me on the suncreen watchkittyshrink gymmotivation.gymlife

209 4 Mar 21, 2018
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