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Leg day was killer today! You forget sometimes how much better your workouts are when you’re in your element because I felt freakin Great today! Did a little high intensity cardio sesh yesterday and it was so nice to just push myself and sweat! Hope everyone is having a great holiday break! #fitness #legday #dedication #workforit #workout #youvsyou #neversettle #motivation #fit #hustle #riseandgrind #noexcuses #health #wellness #selflove

390 29 Nov 25, 2017

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369 13 Nov 25, 2017

Day 328: whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that | gemma troy #365days

37 2 Nov 25, 2017

As promised, here are some reasons you may not be seeing results from your training! 🏋🏼‍♂️ Some may apply to you, some may not. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about these 📲 Now let’s get into it! •You’re focusing on food quantity but not QUALITY— too often we focus on caloric deficits (which IS required to lose weight) without focusing on what we’re eating. Nutrients are needed in repairing the muscles, supporting the immune system, and many more essential functions. •You’re not getting enough REST! Both the amount of sleep each night and number of rest days you take is important. Remember, muscles are actually growing during the recovery phase 😴 •You’re FAILING mentally, not physically— muscle growth requires overload, which means you need to make your muscles fail! Too often we finish a set based off of fatigue, which is not muscle failure. For at least one set per exercise, you should be pushing your muscles to the limit, which means it’s physically impossible for the muscle to contract again. This takes a big mental push. •You’re following fitness TRENDS without considering that they may not work for you & your body type— there are 3 BODY TYPES: ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. Each type should train & eat differently, so it does NOT make sense to be following that “fit chick” on instagram if she has a completely different body type than you. Yes, learn from everyone and apply certain principles to your life, but also be ready to tweak them to fit your body type and see the BEST results. Align your training and diet with your goals and body type. •You hit a PLATEAU— you’ve been doing the same workout for a year & no longer seeing results... need I say more? Amp up the same program or choose a completely different, more challenging one. •You’re only active during your workout— working out is really only a small part of your day, and that’s okay! There is NO NEED FOR 2 HOUR WORKOUTS. However, your body should be moving throughout the day. If you sit all day except for your workout, your metabolism will be low & your body will not be efficiently burning calories/fat. ⬇️⬇️ CONTINUED IN COMMENTS BELOW ⬇️⬇️

331 17 Nov 25, 2017

....Goodmorning 💕Waking up this morning on my 30th birthday (I'm an oldie hehe) I feel grateful more than anything for all the blessings I've had so far, the special people in my life and excited for the future! I'm more determined than ever to feel and look my absolute best in my 30's, age is just a number and I'm ready to give 2018 everything I've got 💛 I wanted to give a big shoutout to auskinclinicsemporium who have done an amazing job with my skin and skincare regime, they're an awesome team and I'm very thankful for all they've done for me! A big Happy birthday also to my coach mrolympia08 + team mate, the beautiful michellesylviafit (it's already the 25th in Australia) Love you guys and hope today is a special one, make sure you all go show them some love! 💗💗💗 xoxox

1432 78 Nov 25, 2017

Few moves from lower fix today! 💪 Into my last week for this program so I decided to share bits of the workouts! You may have seen me say before, not the biggest fan of leg day.. but I push to get it done so I can keep making progress! ☺ Did you get a workout in today!? #lowerfix #legday #workout #homeworkout #focus #progress #workforit #pushthrough #keepgoing #determination #motivation #friday #selfcare #healthandfitness #wellness #bodyandmind #believe #yougotthis #goforit

42 4 Nov 25, 2017

Treat myself today for bagging a new job #applewatch #3series #tomefromme #ifyouwantsomething #workforit 👩🏼😍💕

38 10 Nov 25, 2017

I needed to see this tonight! Feeling pretty overwhelmed and pretty stresses this week... I've let a lot of excuses get in the way the last 2 weeks I need to get my finger out and focus on me as well as my job. No point working 12 hours a day for someone and not put time into yourself... #fit #fitnesslifestyle #fitness #fitfamily #fitfamuk #fitness #gym #gymlife #gymlove #fitfamily #fitfamuk #fitness #gym #gymlife #gymlove #gymlover #gymbunny #work #workforit #workout #workforit #quotes #weight #weightlossjourney #suckitupsoidonthavetosuckitin #cardiowhatcardio #fitnotskinny #fitnotfat

84 11 Nov 25, 2017

Got in a good #lowerbody workout this morning at my parents house!!🏋️ I just had leftovers from yesterday for a late lunch and I ate two peanut butter cookies before that!! 😋 And I am wore out from Black Friday shopping, but I got my workout in!! 💪🏻

28 4 Nov 25, 2017

HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS! 😁 • I love me some bosu ball! 😍 It’s a great way to do a bunch of different exercises with only one piece of equipment. I like to use weights as often as possible when I’m doing any booty exercise, so you’ll see me holding a dumbbell for one of the exercises, but if you aren’t comfortable with holding a weight that’s okay! I promise you’ll feel the burn with or without the extra weight 💪🏼 • 10 bosu ball burpees into push up 15 jack squats on bosu ball 20 plank side to sides on bosu ball (10 each side) 20 side to side hops on bosu ball X4 ROUNDS • 🎶 No Limit- g_eazy iamcardib asaprocky 📹 alyssa_raye_productions

125 12 Nov 25, 2017

Gotta love them ab workouts #abs #abdominals #workout #gymday #gym #biceps #fitness #goals #workforit #abday

12 3 Nov 24, 2017
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