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“1. Don’t rush. If there’s something you’ll miss, it will be the time you have now. 
2. Stop wasting time blaming yourself and blaming others–things happen for a reason, even if the reason will make sense ten years down the road.
3. Don’t stay around toxic people just because you’re afraid of being alone. Being your own best friend has its perks, and there’s no one else you’ll spend more time with than yourself.
4. Be yourself, unapologetically. It may be embarrassing now, but you will learn that there’s nothing more interesting than someone true to themselves.
5. Don’t be afraid of voicing your thoughts, don’t be afraid of calling out people that hurt you. 
6. Write. Write. Write. It will help you clear your mind and also distract yourself when you’re anxious. Writing will be your best friend.
7. Learn all you can, and enjoy it all you want. Knowledge is the only thing truly yours.
8. Be the friend you need, the friend you want. 
9. Read all you can. You’ll find the words you can’t say in the lips of others, you’ll find shelter.
10. Love yourself. That’s the only love you will have, constantly, and the only one that will stick with you even if you fail.” Ten things I wish I could say my younger self // Flowerybooks.

1 1 Feb 24, 2018

A short #poetry caption **** How can I get in to "that way" if I always defending myself, wether I'm right, right, yess right...but mostly false may be. I am correcting my self, for I am the one who have been searching. I can't correct you, cause you are who you are. Like an one ascending to nine. I imagine myself at the bottom. The one or probably I am that O or nothing. A flower never stop to blossom, though it's rain or snow fall outside... They are still beauty without defending. The birds are keep stretching their wings. They fly and never be afraid of falling down from the highest. The fishes swim the flows, they never moaning wether it ripple or a hard stream. They are as they are. If you think you already "slapped" my face, then I sincerely said you won. I should have been embarassed with the flowers, birds and those fishes. But now I chose that I will never ask again... WHY? *** #writings #words #poetry #learning #selfreflection

1 0 Feb 24, 2018

वक्त ने मुझे लमहे कम दिये हैं. PC by arahan29 Words storyteller2909 #words #wordporn #wordgrasm #wordstoliveby #wordshurt #wordart #wordoflife #wordsofig #mywords #poemsporn #poemsofinstagram #houseofwords #arahan #foryou #foryoureyesonly

2 0 Feb 24, 2018

#wordporn #words

0 0 Feb 24, 2018

Kroz misli je vraćao sećanja. Dane. Sate. Minute. Noći. Zore. Stolove. Kafane. I prazne čaše. Nju. Kroz reči je govorio, Pevao, Slušao. Zbog reči pio, Razbijao. Lomio. Palio. Ljubio. Grlio. Nju. Beše to priča, Koja se menjala od usta, Do usta. Od usana, Do usana. Od zagrljaja, Do poljupca. Govorili su svašta. U njega Niko verovao nije. Osim nje. Bio je pijanac. Boem folirant. Pesnik bez duše. Pevač bez srca. Sramota. Pustahija. Za sve.. Pogrešno stvoren, Osim za nju. Beše to veče, Kada su glasovi prestali, Čaše se ispraznile, Muzika zaplakala, A pesnik zapisao, Da je pustahija, Srce, Našao u njoj. . . . . . Stihovi : Ilija Stanković Foto: Riznica srpska - Đura Jakšić u kafani . . Pesma pisana za zoranic_1 . . #poetrylovers #poetry #poem #poet #poems #poets #inspiration #bohemian #bohemianstyle #word #words #booklovers #bookstagram #poezija #serbianpoetry #serbia

0 0 Feb 24, 2018

C is for Cohen, who dated my best friend for 4 years, became one of my best friends and then raped me at a mutual friends house party after they broke up. Then joked to my brother about "Fucking me" the next day. . . Submitted anonymously 🖤 . . . . . . . #theabcsproject #metoo #womenempoweringwomen #womenwhowrite #writersofinstagram

0 1 Feb 24, 2018

When your love drives you to do unspeakable things. She could be my slave, as long as she stays close. #writing #writingcommunity #writer #writersofinstagram #writersofig #poetryisnotdead #poet #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #life #pain #love #deceit #lifestyle #wordporn #words #literature

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6 0 Feb 24, 2018
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