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In a parallel universe, It happened. Silver moonlight danced pass the translucent skin of the curtain. We tuck our miseries to bed. Trying to rise above the wrinkles of our white sheet. phantom hands rise from the wrinkles that signify our deep slumber, i smeel of cheap cigarettes and you of morning whiskey. We look away from each other hiding away our tears. Your eyes hold rattional uncertainities, screaminh of the mistake we will wake up to, sinful labels hanging on our soul draining us down to tipsy love. In a parallel universe, my poems hold loyal. I storm in late, intoxicated with the stress the world injects all day and yet you smile. Gulping down the poison as i feed on your calmness. You recite verses of your routine church and i pray to you as we sit side by side. in a parallel world you wear my love. I am out lost in the moral obligations when i get a text narrating your love and asking me to be your companion on a journey of eternity. in a parallel universe. We grow old together. Intertwinged like branches of a tree , kissing each other like nodes of an mystical poem. Gulping down the shimmering moon light as we sing to the lyrics of unsaid words. In a parallel universe. I fall foe you and you reciprocate. But here i face the reality. as i am stuck in a transition of calling my everything, a stranger. . . . . . . . . . #word #wordgasm #repost #words #poemsporn  #poetry #poem #writing #writings #lovequotes #authorsofinstagram #author #lover #poetrycommunityofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poetry #micropoem  #spilledwords  #spilledink #spilledpoetry #spilledpoem #quotes  #story #stories #loveyou #wordoftheday #lovequotes #quotesaboutlife #quotes #quotestoliveby #life

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Don't expect too much from people. You'll only be disappointed. Tag a friend! Sumnonquotes. Tumblr

5 1 Jan 20, 2018

You. 🔥 Amen 🙏🏽

7 1 Jan 20, 2018

I thought I would introduce myself and share a few fun facts so y'all can get to know the person behind the words better! Share about yourself in the comments or ask any questions you may have about me! Always happy to share. 1) My all time favorite food is pickles 2) I recently finished my first novel and am currently in the process of finding an agent 3) I have a weird obsession with coffee mugs and own a hutch full. Literally 4) I grew up in Kansas but now live right over the boarder in Oklahoma (and no I don't find it boring) 5) I recently got engaged to my best friend! 6) I absolutely despise silence. It makes me physically uncomfortable 7) I have two pups. A black lab (Denver) and a wolf/German Shepard hybrid (Finley) 8) I have a big scar down my side from falling on a tractor blade when I was little 9) I'm one of four siblings. They're my favorite hoodlums 10) I absolutely love baking and making pretty desserts 11) when I'm under the influence I tend to buy presents online for sober me 🙈 12) Mindy Kaling liked a tweet of mine like two years ago and I'm still not over it 13) I have a blog where I sometimes share my thoughts and opinions that no one asked for 😅

12 1 Jan 20, 2018

Me and my heart, we have issues, don't know if I should hate you or miss you Tag a friend Sumnonquotes.tumblr

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