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Believe's Head of Production ( joshuasterlingbragg) recently acquired an insert slate for days when we are running with a small crew and don't have our regular sound guys with their fancypants equipment. Our interview subjects found great amusement in how small it was that we couldn't help but post some screen grabs that we are now calling our #TinySlate series! 📸: ryangielen : Malmö, Sweden. . . . #documentaryphotography #travelphotography #slate #clapper #filmproduction #production #productioncompany #lightscameraaction #bleedingdisorders #vWD #womenwithbleedingdisorders

60 0 Jul 7, 2017

Today is World Hemophilia day. The WFH theme for this years day of global awareness is "hear their voices" a campaign to raise awareness for women with bleeding disorders. The disorder I have, von willebrands, is the most common bleeding disorder affecting 1% of the population. Yet despite its commonality, there are more people diagnosed with the very rare Hemophilia, than with vwd (see info graphic in comments). Women with Hemophilia still struggle to get adequate treatment with diagnosis. Help us raise awareness today, wear red, share your story on the website, or share information about women and bleeding disorders. Let's help raise awareness for these conditions so that people do not have to continue suffering being undiagnosed! #worldhemophiliaday #womenwithbleedingdisorders #womenwhobleed #vwd #leadingwhilebleeding #bleedingdisorders #wfh

15 2 Apr 17, 2017

Giving my other veins a break. tacobellcustomer101 helping with another post surgery clotting factor infusion. #hemophilia #womenwithbleedingdisorders #alprolix

24 3 Mar 27, 2017

Know the facts and spread the awareness... most people think women can't have hemophilia, FALSE!!! These rare women get lost when it comes to treatment. #facts #hemophilia #womenwithbleedingdisorders #bleedingdisorders #awareness

31 0 Mar 11, 2017

I met some really amazing women advocating for better education and acceptance of women with bleeding disorders. Check out my post recapping these amazing women and also the a session about getting old with hemophilia! Click the link in my bio! #novonordisklive #wfh2016 #changinghaemophilia #hemophilia #womenwithbleedingdisorders

20 0 Jul 28, 2016
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