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- • I had to change a was driving me bonkers 🤦🏻‍♀️ • I was tagged awhile ago for a piece on love but can’t remember by who. Sorry! This is what came to mind today. Whoever tagged me...thank you. • • • #yeg #longform #poetrylovers #poetry_addicts #rhymes #poetsofinstagram #igpoet #poetryisnotdead #lyrics #womenwhowrite #spilledink #creativewriting #words #wordporn #love #life #enlightenment #mindfulness #soulmates #twinflame #connection #wordswithkings #wordswithqueens #herheartpoetry #writers #wordsofwisdom #lovewords #timing

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know the difference. __ my books are available via amazon. signed copies are only available through the link in my bio. __ thank you for reading. 🖤

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From yours truly An African Queen👑🇳🇬

14 2 Dec 12, 2017

“And even without each other, they had everything they ever needed.”

24 1 Dec 12, 2017

Manifesting Kauai's north shore as a writers retreat. Miss this place already. #womenwhowrite #writersretreat #wordwitch #writer #soulwords #kauai #lifeofawriter #earthpics #monikacarless #author #thedarkpooltrilogy

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Last day of undergrad 2017! Follow every dream. Especially the impossible ones. I went back to college at 33 years old with the crazy goal of becoming a neuroscientist. Science professors told me it’d be too hard to do - my age, my lack of experience, (unspoken but) my gender, my race. I absorbed that and stumbled my way through my undergrad experience. But I shot for it ALL anyway, torn between doubt and feeling deserving. In January, I’ll get to join Columbia University, Teachers College, and work toward my Masters of Science in Neuroscience and Education. At an Ivy League university! Omg, the road was and still is so hard. Not the academics, but the war in my mind. What’s the likelihood of a 33-year-old black woman, who’d spent the past 15 years working at Barnes & Noble stores, becoming a neuro educator and researcher? Society kinda laughed at that likelihood, but 🙋🏾‍♀️100 percent 💯 likely. The mental battle still wars on, but it’d be too great of a shame to let that stop me. I hope those contrary voices in your head won’t stop you either. You deserve the dreams you dream and all the magical and extraordinary feats you’ll dare to work at accomplishing. Go for gold! 💖💥💯💞💎🔥🥇😍🥇

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I'm not going to say a whole lot about this piece, other than it's something that I felt compelled to write. Those who'd like to know more can Google Mary Magdalene/the mists of Avalon/the holy grail. Thank you for reading. ~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~ The Mists of Avalon by Carolyn Glackin Through the mists of Avalon A voice is heard calling I hear her not with my ears But with my heart This voice, so sweet, so pure, so soulful Has been calling me for all time eternal She implores me to "seek, remember, know" And she tasks me with a mission One that is so very dear to me That it brings me not only to tears But also, nearly to my knees There have been times when I couldn't hear her When I didn't know the way When I fell into darkness and despair When I was so lost in my humanness That I forgot my truth, our truth And throughout all of that time She never left me alone, never stopped calling Her heartfelt plea is music to my ears To know my truth is worth far more than it's weight in gold And always, always, I hold on to our promise, my purpose Ego veni in nomine eius omnes populi I have come in her name for all people To remind them of a kingdom that has no end The sanctity of the holy grail and the sacred heart lives on Through you, through me, through the divine feminine, which rises day by day in this world Gratias tibi, my beloved Rose of Avalon Never again shall I forget For you and I are one And I come, through you for all people Blessed be Mary, the pure of heart Sanctus Santa Maria I shall not forget, I shall not forget. Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017. All images found on Google and are credited to the rightful owners.

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Snippet from today's Heart Beat. Rest, Replenish, Revive...all with the Beloved. Just a little meditation goes a long way😊💆🏽 #meditation #monday #motivation #words #womenwhowrite #soulrevival

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Pg.23 of The Phoenix Letters Return: Saying No. . . . If you have time to spare, please check out my books at the link in my bio. They can also be found on Barnes and Noble, as well as Book Depository [FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE]. Thank you❤︎. . . . ___🧚🏼‍♀️___ . . . #sayno #soshiniesingh #bookstagram #poetry #word #creativewriting #poetryisnotdead #poetsofig #spilledink #authorsofinstagram #igpoetry #igpoets #igwriters #poemoftheday #poetsociety #poetryinmotion #poetryporn #spilledthoughts #wordsoftheday #writtenword #igpoets #wordswithqueens #wordswithkings #poetry_addicts #poetryeveryday #poetryislove #writersociety #bleedink #womenwhowrite #no

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