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"People under chronic stress are prone to more frequent and severe viral infections, such as the flu or common cold. Other impacts of stress can be suppression of reproductive and digestive symptoms". Mental health is real!- #NIMH National Institute of Health #stress #health #womenswellness #mentalhealth #akomacounseling #heartdisease #women #health #hypertension #selfcare


The way you feel physically during pregnancy is important. It can affect how connected you feel to your baby but also how connected you feel to yourself. Pain during pregnancy, while common, is not "normal". Many aches and pains are a result of previous imbalances that have occurred prior to pregnancy. Sorting these out before pregnancy or early on is beneficial. Seek the support you need. ・・・
PREGNANCY PREHAB: How to prepare before and during pregnancy. You can: Build up your weaknesses by exercising, especially if you have had musculoskeletal problems, or have previous pregnancies Get to know how your body is going to change and choose exercises to promote the changes of a pregnant body Be aware of your daily demands and prepare for the changes to come Seek evaluation and treatment BEFORE you develop pain Listen to your body and avoid movements and stresses that provoke pain Get rest Practice breathing to prepare for labor and stress management #prenatalchiropractic #gracefullbirth #pregnancyprehab #exercise #prenatal #womenswellness #pregnancywellness #pregnancy #health #fitpregnancy #silverlake #pasadena #atwatervillage

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