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Ladies. Please don’t die of embarrassment. 🙏🏻 If I hadn’t had a smear test at the age of 21 and instead delayed it until my 30s I simply would not be alive now. I wouldn’t be enjoying my life with my wonderful boyfriend of 10 years, having my own business or looking to start a family. None of that would happen. 🙈 I’m really saddened to see that so many women are too ashamed of their bodies to go for a smear test (which is over in no time). 220,000 women are diagnosed each year with cervical abnormalities. I understand body confidence issues. I was so self conscious and ashamed that I wasn’t as thin and gorgeous as my friends. But getting regular smear tests is not something you can put off. Your body is not an embarrassment. It’s a wonderful, powerful thing. Be proud of it. Look after it. And stay in control. A smear prevents 75% of cervical cancers. It’s two minutes that can change your life. . . joscervicalcancertrust #cervicalcancer #smearcampaign #healthylifestyle #womenshealth #bodyconfidence #bodyconfident #selfcare #womenswellness #fertility #health #healthymom #healthygirl #livingmore #makeithappen #takecontrolofyourhealth #takecontrol #beproudofyou #livemore #wellbeingwarrior #warriornotworrier #thefutureisfemale #femalesofthefuture #girlboss #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #personaltrainer #wellbeingcoach #girlpower #youarebeautiful

45 3 Jan 22, 2018

"Oh Belinda thank you for guiding us - not forcing us, for accepting us - not judging us, for leading us - not pushing us, for your understanding, support, love & kindness. You my dear are one of the most genuine people I have had the honor of meeting & thank god you do what you do." - Leanne. Whenever uncertainty wants to creep in and take me off path, I remind myself what a privilege and honour it is to connect with such amazing women, women who are open and receptive to allow me to provide them with time and space for self-reflection. If you would like to find out more about upcoming retreats in Fiji and Bali, please visit the link in my profile. 🙏

28 2 Jan 22, 2018

You have everything you need within you to heal & transform your life. 🙌🏻 . . Sometimes you just need someone to ignite the spark within & help you take the first step on your healing journey. 🙏🏻 . . #healingwellco

19 2 Jan 22, 2018

Get your body back in 2018! 💪 Gain exclusive nutritional advice from one of Australia’s leading dietitians, SusieBurrell - Dietitian/Nutritionist & recover from the Christmas chaos this February. That’s right! This is an event you won’t want to miss! Secure your tickets today! 🍒 Link in bio.

21 2 Jan 22, 2018

Loving life & loving yourself means you want to know your worth.... and not just what you might make an hour or pull in annually...but that you are indeed worthy of aspiring for are worthy of achieving your big, awe inspiring dreams & your’e definitely worthy of the adventure you’ll take towards your greatest bliss. Standing your ground - even in the face of your own fears & insecurities! You, miraculous amazing passionate & fierce loving soul, are worthy of shining your truth.

21 4 Jan 22, 2018

I’m not going to lie and say I have a perfect balance between my life and social media use. I do have a rule, however, that helps me set boundaries and work towards balance. This rule is to keep my phone in airplane mode until after I’ve finished my morning rituals, which include japa (chanting of mantras), coffee and journaling, and then my asana practice. It’s not until I’ve done these things that I tap into the social media world. I find keeping this time in the morning electronic free allows me the sacred space to tune in and drop out. Then I can double tap to my heart’s content for the rest of the day 😝😝😝 #itsallaboutbalance #mindfulness #yoga • • • • • • • #health #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #ashtangagirl #meditation #healthyperiod #healthcoach #healthtips #hormonalhealth #hormonebalance #hormones #periodhealth #om #morningritual #coffee #practiceandalliscoming #inspiration #goodmorning #lifestyle #wellness #womenshealth #womenswellness #digital #bossbabe #fempreneur #digitalnomad

64 4 Jan 22, 2018

Happy Monday beautiful peeps! Have an awesome week!! 😘😘😘 #happymondays #happyweek body_soul_womenswellness ❤️

9 1 Jan 22, 2018

Here is some #Healthy Inspiration for you on this Self-Care Sunday... Hope you took some time to Nurture Your Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul today. 💗 I Believe Good Health is more than the absence of disease. It is a Total State of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Social Well-Being. We must remember to Nourish every aspect of our #Health. 💗 #healthyquotes #healthyinspiration #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #livinghealthy #nurtureyourmindbodyandsoul #nurtureyourmindbodyandspirit #mindbodysoul #mindbodyspirit #selfcare #selfcaresunday #selfcarematters #wellness #womenswellness #healthyinsideandout #takecareofyourhealth #yourhealthmatters #IamCompleteWoman #29dayhealthylifestylechallenge healthy #WUVIP

18 1 Jan 22, 2018

The detox ! She was speaking all facts and that video she posted was all facts people say they want honesty but can never handle it step into your truth and level up where u need ! And who better to learn from?? Wouldn’t you want to learn from someone who’s been thru something and made it past the dark phases y’all need to stop seriously and it’s always women bashing other women why !? We gotta do better #thistouchedme #ineedtolevelup #weallshouldlevelup #womenempowerment #womenswellness #igotyabackciara ciara

35 9 Jan 22, 2018

During your menses, your body is shedding the lining of your uterus, your body is purifying itself. 🌹 But it’s not just your physical body that is cleansing and preparing for a new cycle. 🌹 This time can also be used for energetic clearing of toxic, old, no longer useful things in your life and to forgive where forgiveness is needed. 🌹 Like cleaning out a closet where you have stored old junk – junk being resentments, unhealthy relationships, toxic life-style habits, limiting beliefs, projects that don’t flow… etc. 🌹 Once that's cleared out, you take some time to dream about what it is that you want to bring more into your life now that there’s more space again. You open yourself up to receive insight and vision on how to manifest these dreams and then with the onset of your ‘inner spring’ you take appropriate action. 🌹 As women, we get the chance to do this consciously each month and each month will be different. Some months we chose to engage with this energetic clearing more deeply than during other months, the opportunity for it is always there though, our body guiding the way. 🌹 This coming Wednesday 24 January, we are going to celebrate moon time in the #womenstemplehongkong. 🌹 This is a good one to join if you’re interested to learn more about Women’s Temple and the time of your menses. I usually don’t advertise our temple evenings outside of our closed group so if you would like to join, simply email me corinne and I will send you the complete theme announcement. 🌹 Menstrual artwork: The Ribbon Rose by Jen Lewis #ownyourrhythm #femalemenstrualcycle #moontime #menstrualeducation #womenswellness #menstruation #womensempowerment #cyclicalwoman #wildpower #knowthyself #womansbodies #womanhood #feminineembodiment #roses #bodywisdom #yogini #rawandrich

10 0 Jan 22, 2018

Summer fruits make the best lunch! . . Nourish your body with food that hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for months at hand. . . Your body will thank you for it. ❤️ . . #healingwellco

22 1 Jan 22, 2018

I managed to sneak in a workout yesterday while my daughter had her acrobatics class. Mom acrobatics includes getting your kid to class, signing all the forms, talking with the other parents, observing enough of the class to make sure she’s ok and the teachers are good. Then racing to the gym, letting the puppies out to peepee, checking the clock- 35 minutes left until pick up, just enough to squeeze in a HIIT session of bike sprints and slam balls. Not a perfect mom or a perfect workout but I’m consistent and I’m ok with that! ) Hope all the moms out there got to do something for themselves this weekend. #momazonlife #momazon #momlife #fitmoms #healthymoms #femaletrainer #fitnessforwomen #womenswellness #healthiswealth #hellafit #oaklandtrainer #fitnthick #thicknfit #momshustleharder #bossmom #manifest #gratitude #loveyourlife #bodypositive

127 12 Jan 22, 2018

Go B I G or go home ... and we went B I G today my friends! - Tomorrow begins my 80 day commitment to a brand new timed nutrition plan and in-home fitness program. - So today I enjoyed all my faves. One last hoorah! - For a food addict like myself, today was more like mental therapy. - It’s like I literally have to eat so much food that I get sick of it to really be mentally prepared and excited for what’s ahead. - Any other fellow foodies totally get that? - Like I am so over food at this point that I am craving to get back to business ... to get back to a healthy routine. - I’m so sick of feeling like crap because I’m eating like crap that I’m so ready for the good stuff so I start feeling good again. - So today we went overboard ... we ate the waffles, we ate the Moe’s chicken wings ( BEST in the Asheville! ), we ate the Marble Slab, we ate the tacos. - And I feel 😝. - I waked in the door and immediately unbuttoned the pants. - I know you gals get me. - It’s time to stop living to eat and time to get back to eating to live. - Tomorrow is day ☝🏻 of 80. - And I’m incredibly excited about the whole body transformation that I know is about to go 👇🏻! - And the incredibly comforting thing ... I can still totally eat the waffles, eat the chicken, eat the ice cream ( ShakeO superfood NICE cream that is! ) and eat the tacos. Just different versions than what I inhaled today. - Hello soulmate meal plan! 👌🏻 - To all those joining me tomorrow for day ☝🏻 ... HERE WE GO!!!!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

15 1 Jan 22, 2018
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