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~ The Italian artist, Lavinia Fontana ~ . Lavinia Fontana (1552—1614) was an Italian painter of the Mannerist school and one of the most important portraitists in Bologna during the late 16th century. She was one of the first women to execute large, publicly commissioned figure paintings. Fontana studied with her father, Prospero Fontana, a minor painter of the school of Bologna, who taught his daughter to paint in the Mannerist style. By the late 1570s she was known in Bologna for painting fine portraits. The attention to detail in her portraits is reminiscent of the work of another northern Italian Renaissance painter, Sofonisba Anguissola. Fontana’s works were admired for their vibrant colour and the detail of the clothes and jewelry that her subjects wore. Fontana also produced many religious paintings. Some of her most famous works are large altarpieces executed for the churches of her native city. In addition, in 1589 she painted the altarpiece Holy Family with the Sleeping Christ Child for El Escorial in Madrid. After about 1600, when she executed Vision of St. Hyacinth, Fontana’s work was introduced to Rome she moved to Rome three years later and continued painting portraits and altarpieces. Her Visit of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon is her most ambitious surviving narrative work. She was elected a member of the Roman Academy, a rare honour for a woman. In 1577 Fontana married the minor painter Gian Paolo Zappi. He was willing to subordinate his career to her own he also became her agent. After her marriage, Fontana sometimes signed her work with her married name. She enjoyed the patronage of the family of Pope Gregory XIII and painted the likenesses of many eminent people. In addition to her career as an artist, she was the mother of 11 children. Painting 1 : Self-Portrait, by Lavinia Fontana 🎨 Painting 2 : Minerva Dressing, by Laviani Fontana 🎨 #Laviniafontana #painter #artist #history #historulover #woman #queen #strong #art #artlover #portrait #arthistory #historyofart #schoolofbologna #paintin #womenfromhistory

154 1 Jan 19, 2018

Find out why Elizabeth Garrett Anderson is our #BackdatedBadass this week - presented by the fabulous author - Sally Nicholls👑 Link in the URL, you can catch up on ITunes or on acast! ☝🏻☝🏼☝🏽☝🏾☝🏿 . #BAWH #badasswomen #womenfromhistory #womeninmedia # #history #historicalwomen #WCW #feminist #feminism #bawh #radio #Feminist #badasswomen #inspiring #inspiration

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~ Art inspiration... 💐 Painting : Jupiter and Semele, by Gustave Moreau 🎨 #artinspiration #jupiter #semele #gustavemoreau #art #artlover #arthistory #historyofart #woman #queen #strong #history #womenfromhistory

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~ The queen of Carthage, Dido (The death of Dido in art) ~ . Dido, also called Elissa, in Greek legend, was the reputed founder of Carthage, daughter of the Tyrian king Mutto (or Belus), and wife of Sychaeus (or Acerbas). Her husband having been slain by her brother Pygmalion, Dido fled to the coast of Africa where she purchased from a local chieftain, Iarbas, a piece of land on which she founded Carthage. . The city soon prospered, and Iarbas sought Dido’s hand in marriage. To escape from him, Dido constructed a funeral pyre, on which she stabbed herself before the people. Virgil, however, in his Aeneid, reshaped this story to make Dido a contemporary of Aeneas, whose descendants founded Rome. Dido fell in love with Aeneas after his landing in Africa, and Virgil attributes her suicide to her abandonment by him at the command of Jupiter. Her dying curse on the Trojans provides a mythical origin for the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage. Dido has been identified by modern scholars with the Virgo Caelestis, Tanit, the tutelary goddess of Carthage. In The Divine Comedy Dante sees the shade of Dido in the second circle of Hell, where she is condemned (on account of her consuming lust) to be blasted for eternity in a fierce whirlwind. The tragic event is very popular in art. Painting 1 : The Death of Dido, by Andrea Sacchi 🎨 Painting 2 : The Death of Dido (detail), by Joseph Stallaert 🎨 Painting 3 : The Death of Dido, by Pierre Paul Rubens 🎨 Painting 4 : The Death of Dido, by Sébastien Bourdon 🎨 Painting 5 : The death of Dido, by Sir Joshua Reynold 🎨 #dido #didon #greek #mythology #art #artlover #arthistory #historyofart #artist #painting #portrait #andeasacchi #josephstallaert #rubens #sebastienbourdon #sirjoshuareynold #woman #queen #strong #history #womenfromhistory

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~ The French nun, Héloïse ~ . Héloïse, (1098—1164) was the wife of the theologian and philosopher Peter Abelard, with whom she was involved in one of the best known love tragedies of history. . Héloïse was a brilliant scholar of Latin, Greek and Hebrew, and had a reputation for intelligence and insight Fulbert, Héloïse’s uncle and a canon of Notre-Dame, entrusted Abelard with the education of his brilliant niece (c. 1118). The two fell in love and were secretly married after Héloïse returned to Paris from Brittany, where she had given birth to Abelard’s son. . Her relatives, outraged by the situation, caused Abelard to be attacked and castrated. He became a monk at the monastery of St. Denis, and Héloïse entered the convent at Argenteuil. . After the convent dispersed, Abelard gave Héloïse and her nuns the property of the community of the Paraclete (Le Paraclet), which he had been allowed to found. There Héloïse became abbess. Héloïse was buried beside Abelard at the Paraclete, but the remains of both were removed to the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris in the 19th century. Her correspondence with Abelard became part of the extensive literature about their relationship. Painting : Abelard and his Pupil Héloïse, by Edmund Blair Leighton 🎨 #heloise #héloïse #abelard #love #tragedy #nun #history #historylover #woman #queen #strong #art #artlover #arthistory #historyofart #artist #painting #portrait #edmundblairleighton #leighton #womenfromhistory

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~ Art inspiration... 💐 Painting : The Penitent Magdalene, by Tintoretto 🎨 #tintoretto #tintoret #magdalena #art #artlover #artinspiration #arthistory #historyofart #feminity #woman #queen #strong #history #hkstorylovdr #womenfromhistory

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Words of the wise. Generosity is essential to a life well lived. Anne Frank is a beautiful example that it doesn't matter your age, wisdom comes from your life's story not your life's time. Let's listen to our youth now. Their voices matter. . . . #wearebravery #feminism #handmade #annefrank #generosity #wisdom #listentoouryouth #womenfromhistory #quoteoftheday #begenerous #femshop #loveyourself #canva #selflove #yourareloved #loveothers #femsquad #bravebabe #lovetheskinyourein #womenempowerment #bebrave

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~ The legendary Roman heroine, Lucretia (The Suicide of Lucretia in art) ~ Lucretia was a legendary heroine of ancient Rome. According to tradition, she was the beautiful and virtuous wife of the nobleman Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus. Her tragedy began when she was raped by Sextus Tarquinius, son of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, the tyrannical Etruscan king of Rome. After exacting an oath of vengeance against the Tarquins from her father and her husband, she stabbed herself to death. . Lucius Junius Brutus then led the enraged populace in a rebellion that drove the Tarquins from Rome. The event (traditionally dated 509 BCE) marks the foundation of the Roman Republic. The story is first found in the work of the earliest Roman historian, Fabius Pictor (late 3rd century BCE). Its classic form is Livy’s version (late 1st century BCE). Lucretia’s story is also recounted in Shakespeare’s narrative poem The Rape of Lucrece. The suicide of Lucretia is a popular subject in art. Painting 1 : Lucretia, by Reni Guido 🎨 Painting 2 and 3 : Lucretia, by Ludovico Mazzanti 🎨 Painting 4 : The Death Of Lucretia, by Mattia Preti 🎨 Painting 5 : The Death Of Lucretia, by Eduardo Rosales 🎨 #lucretia #roman #etruscan #tarquins #suicide #art #artlover #arthistory #historyofart #painting #portrait #artist #ludovicomazzanti #reniguido #mattiapreti #eduardorosales #history #historylover #roman #rome #womenfromhistory

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~ The famous artist, Elisabetta Sirani ~ Elisabetta Sirani (1638–1665) was an Italian Baroque painter and printmaker who died in still unexplained circumstances at the early age of 27. . She was the most famous woman artist in early modern Bologna and established an academy for other women artists. Painting 1 : Self-portrait 🎨 Painting 2 : Judith with the Head of Holofernes 🎨 #elisabettasirani #artist #portrait #selfportrait #painting #art #artlover #arthistory #historyofart #judith #holofernes #history #historylover #woman #queen #strong #womenfromhistory

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~ The Rembrandt's mistress, Hendrickje Stoffels ~ Hendrickje Stoffels (1626–1663) was the longtime lover of Rembrandt. The couple were unable to marry because of the financial settlement linked to the will of Rembrandt's deceased wife Saskia, but they remained together until Hendrickje's death. In 1654 she gave birth to Rembrandt's daughter Cornelia. In the later years of their relationship Hendrickje managed Rembrandt's business affairs together with the painter's son Titus. Hendrickje is widely believed to have modelled for several of Rembrandt's works and to be depicted in some Tronie portraits. . #HendrickjeStoffels #rembrandt #painting #artist #portrait #art #artlover #arthistory #historyofart #woman #queen #strong #history #historylover #womenfromhistory

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~ The Rembrandt's wife, Saskia van Uylenburgh ~ Saskia van Uylenburgh (1612–1642) was the wife of painter Rembrandt van Rijn. In the course of her life she was his model for some of his paintings, drawings and etchings. She was the daughter of a Frisian mayor. Saskia was born in Leeuwarden, Friesland, the youngest of the eight children of Sjoukje Ozinga and Rombertus van Uylenburgh, a top lawyer, a town burgomaster, and one of the founders of the University of Franeker. Saskia was orphaned by age 12. Supposedly she met Rembrandt at the home of her uncle, Hendrick van Uylenburgh, a painter and art dealer who had emigrated from Friesland to Kraków in Poland with his parents but decided in 1625 to move to the Dutch Republic, where there was growing tolerance after the death of Maurice of Orange. Saskia was raised by her sister Hiskje and her husband, Gerard van Loo, a lawyer and secretary in the grietenij Het Bildt. For a while she lived in Franeker when her sister Antje was ill. After Antje's burial, Saskia assisted her brother-in-law, the Polish theology professor Johannes Maccovius, until she married Rembrandt in 1634. That Saskia fell in love with an artist who was socially no match for the daughter of a patrician and that she pressed for a speedy betrothal against all conventions certainly shows that she was a very strong and independent character. Three of their children died shortly after birth and were buried in the nearby Zuiderkerk. The sole survivor was Titus. Saskia died the year after he was born, in Amsterdam, aged 29, probably from tuberculosis. She was buried in the Oude Kerk. For ten years Rembrandt focused on drawings and etchings. #SaskiavanUylenburgh #rembrandt #painting #artist #art #artlover #arthistory #historyofart #portrait #woman #queen #strong #history #historylover #womenfromhistory

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~ Art inspiration... 💐 Europeans discovered exotic spices and drinks, such as coffeen chocolate and tea, thanks to 17th- and 18th- centry global trade network. . This painting of an Ottoman woman drinking coffee was painted by a French artist in the first half of 18th century, who copied the images from a 17th century book of a Dutch traveller. This genre of painting, called Turquerie, showed Western fascination with all aspects of Turkish culture. Painting : Enjoying coffee, unknown, French School 🎨 #turquerie #art #artlover #painting #artist #portrait #woman #arthistory #historyofart #history #historylover #womenfromhistory

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Find out why Nora Ephron is our #BackdatedBadass this week - presented by the fabulous vickysimmons -founder of meanmail 👑 Link in the URL, you can catch up on ITunes or on acast! ☝🏻☝🏼☝🏽☝🏾☝🏿 . #BAWH #badasswomen #womenfromhistory #womeninmedia # #history #historicalwomen #WCW #feminist #feminism #bawh #radio #Feminist #badasswomen #inspiring #inspiration

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~ The pope's daughter, Lucrezia Borgia ~ Lucrezia Borgia (1480—1519) was an Italian noblewoman and a central figure of the infamous Borgia family of the Italian Renaissance. Daughter of the Spanish cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, later Pope Alexander VI, and his Roman mistress Vannozza Cattanei, and sister of Cesare, Lucrezia is often accused of sharing in their many crimes and excesses. She seems to have been more an instrument for the ambitious projects of her brother and father than an active participant in their crimes. Her three successive marriages into prominent families helped augment the political and territorial power of the Borgias. After her father became pope in 1492, he sought an alliance with the Sforza family of Milan against the Aragonese dynasty of Naples. Lucrezia was in 1493 married to Giovanni Sforza, lord of Pesaro. When Alexander allied himself with Naples, and Milan with the French, Giovanni, fearing for his life, fled from Rome and became an enemy of the Borgias. Seeking to strengthen his ties with Naples, the Pope in 1498 arranged a marriage between Lucrezia and the 17-year-old Alfonso, duke of Bisceglie, an illegitimate son of Alfonso II of Naples. Upon Cesare’s alliance with the French king Louis XII (1499) and his subsequent campaign in the Romagna, which threatened Naples, Alfonso fled Rome in August but returned with Lucrezia in October. In 1500 he was murdered. Lucrezia retired to Nepi, and during this period the mysterious Infans Romanus (Roman Infant) was first seen, the three-year-old boy named Giovanni, with whom Lucrezia appeared in 1501. Two papal bulls recognized the child as the illegitimate son first of Cesare, then of Alexander, who was probably the true father. The mysterious origin of the child as well as Lucrezia’s presence at a celebrated night orgy at the Vatican have been used to support the rumours of incest in the Borgia family. Alfonso d’Este, son of Ercole I, duke of Ferrara, married Lucrezia in 1501. This marriage was arranged by Cesare to consolidate his position in the Romagna. . #lucreziaborgia #borgia #history #art #arthistory #artlover #historyofart #painting #womenfromhistory #artist #portrait

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~ The Italian ruler, Margaret Palaeologa ~ Margaret Palaeologa (1510–1566) was an Italian ruler, Marchioness of Montferrat in her own right. She also married into the Gonzaga family, rulers of Mantua, making her Duchess of Mantua by her marriage to Federico II, Duke of Mantua. Margaret was the regent of Mantua as the guardian of her two sons. Margaret was born in Casale to William IX of Montferrat and his wife Anne of Alençon. Her mother was the third child of René, Duke of Alençon and his second wife Margaret of Lorraine, daughter of Frederick, Count of Vaudémont and Yolande of Valois-Anjou. Margaret's paternal grandparents were Bonifacio III of Montferrat and Marija Brankoviç of Serbia. In 1517, Margaret's elder sister, Maria, was betrothed to Federico II Gonzaga, son of Francesco II Gonzaga and Isabella d'Este, who later became Marquis and Duke of Mantua. But Maria died unexpectedly in September 1530. Federico's attentions turned to Margaret. Having weighed up the various proposals for Margaret's hand, her mother Anne d'Alençon opted for the link with the House of Gonzaga and the marriage was concluded in October 1531. On the death of her uncle, Margaret became Marchioness of Montferrat in her own right, though it later merged with the Gonzaga inheritance. The marriage lasted for nine years until Federico's death, at the age of 40. In total, Margaret and Federico had seven children. On Federico's death, their eldest son, Francesco became Duke of Mantua. As Francesco was still only a minor aged eight, Margaret acted as his regent. Margaret had her son married to Catherine, daughter of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and Anna of Bohemia and Hungary. Margaret had her second son, Guglielmo married to Catherine's younger sister, Eleanor. Francesco died one year after his marriage to Catherine in 1550, no children were born to their union. Guglielmo then became Duke of Mantua. Margaret acted as his regent, with the help of her brother-in-law Ercole Gonzaga. Margaret died in Mantua on 28 December 1566. #MargaretPalaeologa #italian #ruler #duchess #regent #history #historylover #woman #queen #strong #art #arthistory #painting #womenfromhistory

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So many amazing women from history have been featured on backdated badass - who’s been your favourite? . . BAWH #badasswomen #womenfromhistory #womeninmedia # #history #historicalwomen #WCW #feminist #feminism #bawh #radio #Feminist #badasswomen #inspiring #inspiration

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~ Art inspiration... 💐 Titania is a character in William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. In the play, she is the queen of the fairies. In traditional folklore, the fairy queen has no name. Shakespeare took the name "Titania" from Ovid's Metamorphoses, where it is an appellation given to the daughters of Titans. Due to an enchantment cast by Oberon's servant Puck, Titania magically falls in love with a "rude mechanical" (a labourer), Nick Bottom the weaver, has been given the head of a donkey by Puck, who feels it is better suited to his character. Painting : Titania, Bottom and the Fairies, by Henry Fuseli 🎨 #titania #fairy #fairies #shakespeare #henryfuseli #fuseli #history #historylover #woman #queen #ar #artlover #artinspiration #painting #portrait #artist #arthistory #historyofart #womenfromhistory

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