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~Sexuality has become a rage. ~ People give the name of lust to love and keep on rolling over crossing that thin line again and again. They praise the goddess when she shreds her clothes. They awaken their senses by hearing her moan. They feed into the darkness of unknown,biting into her skin,clenching her throat...there is flow,a discovery of its own. Leaving the madness onto the line,they do it again...soft pecks on lips turn into wildness where the sexual tension grows in,and thats when the fire builds up. Madness,craziness with the rhythemic flow..over and over again it goes. They beg her to be there beside,maybe just for one more night....a few more seconds with a few more lies. Carasses goes from small of her back to her waist which turns into hickeys starting from her neck to wherever it goes and so she feels attached,a rage in her rises. She can feel divinity in her soul,fierceness in her body by pleasuring the other one. ------------------------------------If she is loved so much when she sleeps with u,even for a night... then why the same lady is judged if u see her wear what she wants,do what she wants,be the independent woman she wants to be. Why is she hated upon by the men if she raises her own voice? They all know her beauty is divine,she is epitome of Godess and she knows how to make love...but they can't handle the same wildness of her when it is beyond their touch,beyond their understanding...beyond what they can entangle their finger on! ________________________________ It maybe a thousand times and a thousand times over. Or not! Maybe it's not a thousand times but a count,which has started ticking like a atom bomb arousing her with each and every tick. When the atom bomb stops,either it is going to blew away her senses or destroy her completely. #womenempowerment #sexualfantasies #womanisagodess #womenarenotweak

14 4 Jul 6, 2017
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