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Sometimes it’s better to be LUCKY then good. MAX PLAY Celtics -6 hits for our team in OT saving our winning day going 2-2 #lucky7 #luckywinner #celticsgame #coverthespread #maxplay #vegas #bettingtips #bettingonline #bettingadvice #bettingsports #bettingslips #winnerscircle #lovethegame #bovada #5dimes

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Have you noticed how things have changed online in the last few years even Months, MORE SO on Facebook? Many people who used to crush it organically in their promotions have to work that lil bit harder & even advertise more to get the same results? People have become more knowledgeable, more questioning, more cautious and selective. It definitely takes more to get results in your marketing......Even if you've been doing it for years! YET, some things still work... and they ALWAYS will: * People Are even more thirsty for VALUE Based Solutions to their problems... * People still want to be part of a Community, esp. Success and create a Positive impact... * People still want to be healthy, wealthy, safe and loved. So, what does this mean for you? Well, simply learn how to MARKET and SELL in a way that connects to these emotional Pain Points and objections. People Still do and Will always buy from others they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. So, they need to know that you're an expert AND, you are Consistent, you have their Best interest at heart, you Will be there for them. In other words, WHATS IN IT FOR THEM? So, Julie, what do I do, you ask? In my view, the best way to attract more clients and better results with your marketing is to SPECIALIZE, NICHE and Position your business around YOUR "Area of Expertise or Passion." Then LEARN How to Sell and Market! Focus on strategies and message that allow you to communicate your best and highest value with integrity. DEFINITELY THINK like a marketer. If all this sounds like Greek to you, then you need training or better still a coach. Simply type “I DO” in the comments below if this is You and you know you are Tired of waiting for the Free traffic gravy to hit your street. And I will arrange a chat with you to see a way forward! #PeopleAreWaitingToHearFromYou #GetACoach

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