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The trick to reclamation of your whole self, of inner peace, is to look at your shadow side. In the process of the night sea journey, according to Jung, is to expose the shadow. .. The shadow is anything we are absolutely sure we are not. It is part of us we do not know, or sometimes…or even most of the time do not want to know. We can’t bear to look. Do look! . Welcome in all the parts buried in the deep. You can find amazing things in the basement, and treasures buried in the attic. . Find gold in there! And your inner peace and freedom too, by bringing it all into the light. . Exile Nothing as Cope notes. It is all useful! And it is all you! . It will be startling at first what you find. (“Our self behind our self, concealed—should startle most,” wrote Emily Dickinson, Woodman’s muse.) . The gift is reclaiming valuable parts of ourselves that we are now able to employ wisely as adults. Befriending the shadow starts by getting really curious about some of your staunch positions and principles, judgments and projections. Look too at virtues you admire in others. These are keys to your disowned positive and negative shadow aspects. This excerpt from Bill Plotkin’s Wild Mind describes how to look for your shadow. Where do you look? If you see scandalous flaws (or prodigious virtuosity) in others, those are great places to investigate. To befriend the shadow is to confront the things that appear to assault the image of yourself that you uphold. Instead of fighting off those offending/affronting things, look closely at them and find the recognizable pieces of yourself in each. Don’t know how to start? I will be teaching this and other ways to embrace alllll of your self....even the broken my Kintsugi workshop. You can register by clicking link in my bio beherenowwithjen

6 1 Nov 24, 2017

Talvolta se ne perde il contatto, ma l'abbondanza, quando arriva dall'anima, la si può osservare ovunque... Non vi dirò cosa c'era sul tavolo (e alle mie spalle), ma è stato un vero e proprio banchetto da Re! 💪 #plantbased #eatlove #stopsyourmind

128 4 Nov 24, 2017

Ocean view, a walk in the forest at the end of the street. I can't get enough! I should really stop bringing my phone on my walks as I could stantly want to take pictures and videos to share with y'all. #HealHealthGrow #NatureLover #WildMind

3 0 Nov 23, 2017

Mattinata alternativa... ma neanche tanto alla fine! RAW BALLS fatte con - okara di mandorle (residuo solido dalla preparazione del latte di mandorle) - datteri sukkari extrasoft - polvere di carrube - mesquite - cannella Follemente innamorato delle polveri di gustovivobio ❤ Che sia per tutti un meraviglioso nuovo giorno 😊 #rawfood #eatlove #sweethome

127 13 Nov 23, 2017

#quoteoftheday don’t we all love 💕 some #creativity and a #wildmind have a great day #selectmarketing #becreative #marketing

4 0 Nov 23, 2017

you wouldn't understand #adhd #wildmind #restlessmind

9 0 Nov 22, 2017
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