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Observing the observers in Devils Lake, Wisconsin. by: stevesmithsays The act of traveling has been something that I’ve come to fall in love with very deeply in the recent years. Going to see places you never imagined existed, meeting random strangers, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and learning about different cultures is a feeling that I can’t quite describe other than nothing short of amazing. The amount of knowledge that you gain is invaluable. It’s what continuously drives me to travel. Its #whyiwander. This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland and Norway. I saw some of the most amazingly cinematic landscapes and waterfalls, and had the opportunity to hike the Skaftafell glacier, which is the largest glaciers in Iceland. I kayaked over 40 miles through the fjords, and hiked all day just to sit on the tippy top of Trolltunga in Norway. All of those things of which photos will never do them justice, but they are enough for me to glance at, and the feelings I had in that particular moment comes rushing back to me. Its an amazing feeling to be one with the nature and to be as fully in the moment as you can, wherever and whatever it is you may be doing.However, whilst being in the moment is really important for any experience, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think of when and where I would go to next. One of my all time dream destinations has been Patagonia. Ever since watching Jeff Johnson in his documentary “180° South”, I envisioned being there, perhaps camping in the park, looking up at the sea of stars, or hanging out with some locals, maybe helping out with some farm duties. All of it sounds amazing.I guess what I’m trying to say is: go travel, meet strangers, put yourself in uncomfortable situations, and enjoy that moment. Its a feeling you won’t regret. Its a feeling that will make you feel alive.Whats your dream destination? Where would you like to go to? marriotthotels glassofwhiskey #contest

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