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My frozen yoghurt all went to my quads 😇 I have no idea how I looked terrible when I worked out 4 times a week with 10k steps a day and dieted hard, but look better now only 2 times a week eating whatever I want and often sitting more due to work and school than being active. #vanfit #vanfitfam #quads #quadpump #pump #squat #deadlift #legs #legday #graphicdesigner #illustrator #tattooapprentice #tattooer #wherearemyabs #creatine #artistsofinstagram #artist #fitfam #fitness #lifting

49 7 Nov 18, 2017

Things learnt today 1.Wine and Brandy are great light weight alternative to actual weights. 2.A hyperlapse of you doing lunges is really depressing in its brevity given how much your eyes sweat by the end of it 3. tiles are the arch nemesis of any and all physical activity. BUT ATLEAST I HAVE RUNNING WATER AND CHILLED WINE AT THE END OF IT ALL. Donate at the link in bio to help raise money for women to developing and third world countries to get ahead. #Strongwomenchallenge

39 4 Nov 18, 2017

Week 2 Day 3 Smolov Jr squat program ☑️ 8 sets of 4 reps @ 130 # Can’t wait to get this done with!

25 2 Nov 18, 2017

These bulking feelings...😨😭 There better be some serious gains growing underneath all that fluff! 🙄😂 Real talk: I do definitely enjoy the eating process, not so much the weighing and looking into the mirror thingy...bulking is such a mindfuckery, I mean, seriously..😒 #realtalk #shitjustgotreal #bulking #bulkingseason #gains #allforthegains #mindfuck #fluffyfeelings #extrafluff #fluffeverywhere #gainingweightiscool #butitsokaytowantabs #wherearemyabs #gonewiththewind #friyay #tgif #stronggirls #girlswholift #legday #strength #deadlifts #muscle #musclesandmakeup #gym #weekendishere #igersaustria #igersvienna

33 3 Nov 17, 2017

Flex Aloha Friday!!!! 🌈🌈 Don’t forget to get your pump on for all the weekend eats!!! #flexfriday #luckywelivehawaii

46 5 Nov 17, 2017

Finished up the first week of my program ✌🏼 5/60 Saturday + Sunday are rest days, but I will be running because I can’t sit still!

25 5 Nov 17, 2017

Hey Friday 👋🏼 Give me all of the all natural preworkout to get this day started 💛

22 2 Nov 17, 2017

Got me a whole bunch of goodies to try! Can’t wait to try these muffins and cupcakes knowfoods Thank you yogacrossfitter ❤️❤️

36 7 Nov 17, 2017

One year ago I was the girl on the ⬅️ I was out of my banquet dress immediately after it was over and look REAL comfortable getting my picture taken no ? 😂 I spent hours doing my hair and make-up to be perfect and brought ever dress that fit so I could make the final decision when I was ready 🤞🏻 The girl on the right brought one dress, spent more time curling my sister hairs and showed up with five minute make-up on my face 😏 I look hell of a lot more comfortable on the ➡️ I ain’t never gonna get rid of those chubby cheeks but I’m okay with them 💕 Sure I worked my ass off to get down thirty pounds, but I’ve worked harder on my brain to be comfortable where I am, rather then always waiting to reach a new goal before living 🌎 I wasn’t gunna go to the banquet this year, but I decided last minute to go, and it was a huge motivator for me to keep moving forward and prepare to look fit AF by Christmas 🎄

92 6 Nov 16, 2017

Increased my max out time for Tabata today! Still didn’t make it through the push up segment but I came so close!! 4/60 ✅

28 1 Nov 16, 2017
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