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Every once in awhile it’s good to record yourself working out. Then you can go back and critique yourself and make sure your form is 👌🏼 If I wouldn’t record myself I wouldn’t have seen that I am sticking my butt up in the air during planks which is 🙅🏼

2 1 Sep 25, 2017

Every ending had a beginning Every story has to start somewhere Every goal is achieved by setting your limits and exceeding them Greatness can be achieved if you just reach a little further than you typically do Make this life yours Be the star of your own story

23 1 Sep 25, 2017

Hot spring party at the top of a mountain. Totally crowded skin on skin action. #hotsprings #peninsulahotsprings #crowded #naked #bath #soak #relaxing #mountain #wherearemyabs #instagay

11 3 Sep 25, 2017

Good morning! Happy monday! I am battling those feelings of wanting to stay in bed! This is a busy week, and I often find myself avoiding a lot of things when life gets crazy. I need to slow down and remember these work outs make life less crazy! My next challenge group starts 10/2 and I want to touch oh how working out has changed my life. I struggled with anxiety and depression. It is not gone but from changing my routine to include a daily workout I am able to handle the challenges of life in stride rather than hiding in my bed. Are you ready to commit to yourself? Message me or comment below and I'll be in touch!. . . . . #fitmomoftwo #garmin #momswhorun #momstrong #fitover30 #boymom #wherearemyabs #workoutathome #goalsetting #noexcuses #soccermom #boymom #fitmomsclub #busymom #csectionmom #fitfam #glutenfree #healthyfood #healthyfamily #runningmom #coffeetime #endorphins #morningworkout #sweatmakesyousparkle

25 0 Sep 25, 2017

✨Monday Mornings✨ . . All it takes is some liquid gold, some nike shoes + some swiftwicksocks . . . Crushed it 👊🏼 . . . xoxo

18 3 Sep 25, 2017

I may or may not have gone a little overboard tonight... 😅😅

25 2 Sep 25, 2017

✨"It will never be the right time. YOU need to chose THIS to be the right time. " ✨ We are ¾ of the way through 2017.. There are three months left to reach our 2017 goals, and I can tell you I'm going in guns hot 💪🏻😜 January 1st 2017 came along and I was at my heaviest, I barely made it through the holidays with clothing to wear, and seeing all of my family and friends made my weight gain even more uncomfortable and sad 😩 I vowed to change this year, and the last nine months have been hard work, but physical and mental results have been made ☺️ October - November - December Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Years Eve, and all the family get togethers in between 😬 We have a challenge on our hands, but we can do it 💯 My 3 month #challengeaccepted group is going to push us to the end ✌🏻 New workouts each month 💪🏻 Weekly recipes 🍽 Daily ass-into-gear kicking 🙈 We are going to share our goals, make a plan and KICK 2017's ass 🍑 Let's make our 2018 New Years resolution difficult to make, and reach our goals NOW 💕

61 1 Sep 25, 2017

Here it is!! 21 days into my #postpartumfitnessjourney The left pictures are me at 6 weeks postpartum. The right pictures are me today at 9 weeks postpartum. . . I am living proof that you CAN’T focus on the scale. Throw it away, hide it, do whatever you have to do. . . After round ☝🏼 of my 21 day program I am down ZERO pounds, but I have lost 6.5 inches, dropped a pant size + have gained a new love for myself. . . My story has just begun!! On to round ✌🏼. Who wants to join me?!? 💁🏼 . . xoxo

44 11 Sep 25, 2017

When you can't decide between breakfast or lunch.... 🤗

25 2 Sep 25, 2017

Do you ever just eat little bits of different foods and before you know it you've eaten your daily intake in one hour? #weekendfeels #foodislife #toomuchfood #snacklife #snacking #sofull #stomachaches #wherearemyabs #ohmygodsummeriscoming #whydoidothis #inapproptaiteportion #flexiblesnacking

12 0 Sep 25, 2017

Accepting change is always a hard thing to do. #throwback #11weeks #crossfitpregnant #focus #lookup #liftheavy #beltlesslife #wherearemyabs?

106 7 Sep 25, 2017

Practicing #headstands today! Takes so much #balance and #core. I will master them one day. #keeptrying #fitness #determined #fitgirls #wherearemyabs

33 1 Sep 24, 2017

mamacaseprints these shirts are awesome!

20 1 Sep 24, 2017

The best is yet to come, my friends. Just gotta be willing to put in the work 💪💪

29 1 Sep 24, 2017

Yesterday's active recovery with the husband. Big take away? I need to work on my cardio 😅😅

40 7 Sep 24, 2017

YOU GUYS!! I finished Day 21 of my program today 😍 . . Does that mean I’m going to stop working out + start eating like crap again?!? No FREAKING way! These programs aren’t quick fixes. They are lifestyle changes. I feel good so why stop now?!? . . Get ready for my results later today 🤗 . . xoxo

19 1 Sep 24, 2017
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