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This week, in spite of my name, I'll be sending postcards from Portugal, where my wife and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary. Some amazing street art, particularly from the prolific and stylistacally varied Costah. costahstreet #portugal #porto #streetart #wheatpaste #yellow #cobblestones #overthebridge

4 0 Sep 24, 2017

Getting weird with it. Got to step out the box here and there.

5 1 Sep 24, 2017

I just love being friends with the NYC street art world ❤️to you all - even the haters!!! you're all magical - thank you for all of your enthusiasm eyes_of_nolita ・・・ I like being Queen ⚡️👀❤️😻and a proud member of the Pussy Posse 💥ft andreacook citykittystreet sacsix madlili_ #streetart #streetarteverywhere #street #streets #streetstyle #newyorkcity #devinefeminine #wheatpaste #pussypowerposse #citykitty #sacsix #art #healingthroughart #pussypower #eyesofnolita #vibes #bedtimethoughts #blessed #happiness #freedom #graffiti #grafittiart #grafittinyc #nyc #streetphotography #streetartphoto #streetartphotography

41 3 Sep 24, 2017

Let's get really real for a second. Not many people know this at all, but I suffer from something called body dismorphia. "OCD UK estimates that over 0.5 percent of the population may suffer from body dysmorphia (BDD), or over 1.5 million people in America alone; but the signs aren't well-known, and it's easy to miss them in a friend or family member if you're not familiar with the symptoms. What may look like vanity or a curious obsession may actually be an intrusive and controlling mental issue that requires professional help." ( I have never felt anywhere near beautiful. I was always told about my flaws growing up and those words left permanent marks on my heart. When I look I the mirror I see a monster. Plain and simple. I've had boyfriends romance it over the years. Some even found it endearing that I was so humble. The only problem is it goes beyond humble.. The people I've been surrounded with don't say nice things to me and this only feeds my fears. I remember I cut all my hair off and dyed it, no one around me said a thing.. I watch people compliment people others. "What's wrong with me. It's my big forehead, surely. Or maybe my big pores and acne scars.?" I remember once I said aloud, I'm not a beautiful person. No one in that room disagreed. (My husband and another family member) Yes, I was fishing, but it was to prove a point to the part of me that still hoped. That part needed someone to say something, anything nice.. And I showed it that wasn't going to happen, even in the most extreme situations. (I'm also kinda self destructive, but that's another day.) I know what this disease does, so I'm working hard to counteract it.. I just wish that I wasn't everyone's emotional bank in the meantime. No more withdrawals please. #bankrupt #anxiety #endometriosis #sickgirlsclub #hopeless #grunge #graffiti #obey #wheatpaste #sundaybloodysunday #nikon #southside #fairey #sheppardfairey

8 0 Sep 24, 2017

Part 2 So second leg of our trip was Portland! What a welcome we Got! To all the people we spent time hanging out with, eating with, drinking with, chilling with, Sticker Partying with, Smashing Alberta with, laughing with, crying with.... thank-you for making Portland. We left a little piece of our hearts with you all. Much Love, Respect and Peace to you all. Ok I'm gonna try and name  you all. Sorry if I missed anyone out. notlyndacarter zaaz_twentythree placeboeffectpdx dharmaghost krystlesaurus find.sly 2front kristadaggermouth raincity503 blokhead503 ctdzn loki_mn eillegal_rose americanstacko Oh and all the art you gave us is incredible, thanks again. defective.alien and I are going to put together packs for anyone we missed out. BIG FUCKING LOVE. If anyone of you happens to be in the UK in the future... the door will be open. 🖤💜💕❣

30 3 Sep 24, 2017
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