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“Hiya Georgie...” #it #presents #formike #wereobsessed #pennywise #thedancingclown

12 0 Feb 22, 2018

juliarsymonds showing TRXi ViNTAGE some serious love ♥️💙💛💚🧡 #wereobsessed

58 2 Feb 22, 2018

AGENT NATEUR Our favorite deodorant. Aluminum-free, organic and handmade in the USA. It’s also lightly scented with honey, lavender and eucalyptus. Dreamy right?! #wereobsessed #clicklink to get yours! image: agentnateur . . . #agentnateur #underarmpits #organicdeoderant #naturaldeodorant #greenbeauty #aluminumfree #cliqwithus #jointhecliq

50 0 Feb 21, 2018

This Monday is a great Monday because Staff Profiles are LIVE!! Run, don't walk, to the #linkinprofile to see if your favorite counselors are coming back this summer and to meet some fun new faces! Staff - are you on the team? Give us a 👯‍♀️ in the comments! #dreamteam #wereobsessed

644 7 Feb 19, 2018

One of the most important parts of this situation is not pictured... THE VITAMIX. This is how we drink coffee.. my version of bullet proof does not include grass fed butter because, well, I don't eat butter... I just use this unsweetened coconut almond creamer or thick coconut cream from the can, Chris used kerigold butter. I add a pinch of salt which is usually already there if you use butter. and of course mct oil. I love this MCT oil from #onnit - We have tried a few different brands and we like this one the best. I add these ingredients to my fav coffee, sometimes a dash of cinnamon, and then I BLEND IT! The texture is amazing! The slow release of caffeine is undeniable. it's an experience I begin to look forward to every day after I take my last sip of that mornings coffee. there's no other way. Chris and I actually traveled around Amsterdam for 3 weeks, visiting many coffee shops 😉 but we made sure that our airbnb had a coffee maker, and a blender. we discovered local coffee that we loved and made our coffee like this every day, while we enjoyed our cozy airbnb. sometimes we would still order a cappuccino later in the day. #bulletproofcoffee #wereobsessed #coffee #onnit #mctoil #blended #theonlyway #butfirstcoffee

28 4 Feb 19, 2018

YAY!! My perfect Matron & Maid of Honor said yes to standing by K.S and I’s side on August 3, 2019!! “OKAY ladies now let’s get in formation” #Beyoncé #WereObsessed

74 1 Feb 19, 2018
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