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For those of you who don’t know: I’ve been working on a novel for several years now, inspired by how I got my name. After serving in WWII, my grandfather stayed in Austria for two years, where he was stationed outside of Vienna. He met and dated a woman named Thea there and for whatever reason, I ended up with her name. It’s a story I’ve often wondered about, so I decided to write it myself. If you go to my website (link in bio) you can read my blog about an eight week trip I took, alone through Europe, retracing my grandfather’s infantry route during the war. I took this trip to feel closer to my grandfather, to Thea and post WWII Europe. It’s a project very near and dear to my heart but I’m still very much working on it. I hope you guys enjoy reading about my story and I hope some day you get to read my novel inspired by my journey. The pictures I have here are from my grandfather’s collection and the dollar bill is pre-Nazi Germany money, I have no idea how he got it! • • • #waterproofing #souvenirsandincantations #novelwriting #wip #wwii #wwiiera #wwiieralovestory #somervillepoet #somervilleauthor #eurotrip

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