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Air sign horoscope 🌬🌌 Libra and Gemini are the easiest to design while I have to redesign Aquarius a few times before I’m satisfied with this one I don’t remember where I download the star brush but if any of you know the original artist please let me know in the comment. #horoscope #airsign #geometricart #gemini #libra #aquarius #twins #balance #waterbearer #digitalart #minimalism #minimalist #blackandwhite #constellation #symbol

11 0 Mar 22, 2018

Too tired to finish this paint job. Hopefully I'll wake up early enough to get it done before starting on the bag . . . #aqualad #aquaman #kaldur #kaldurahm #DCU #DCEU #DCAU #DC #aqualadcosplay #dccosplay #dccosplayer #graycosplay #cosplay #cosplaylover #WaterBearer #WaterBending #Machete #AnimeBoston #AB #youngjustice #youngjusticeseason3 #atlantis #atlatian #Machete #PropMaking

29 0 Mar 22, 2018

😫😻 #waterbearer What a beautiful reflection #Repost anneliesolis ( get_repost) ・・・ An art student asked me about this painting recently and this is what I told them: This one emerged intuitively. I didn't put any heavy thought into the placement of colours and lighting, I just flowed with it and built it up as I felt. What I feel came through with colours is a sense of richness and regality she is dignified in carrying out her task, which is that of a water-bearer. Water is life-giving, cleansing and purifying, and when contained in a pitcher or bowl, it is symbolic of a higher wisdom. So in carrying that she is a guide for the higher spiritual journey. The fact that the bowl is large and golden, and that she carries on top of her head both give depth to this concept. It is not an easy task to carry this weight, but she does so with grace, responding humbly to her Divine Duty 😊

13 0 Mar 21, 2018

She is water. Powerful enough to drown you soft enough to cleanse you, deep enough to save you🧜🏻‍♀️ #aquarius #wcw #toallmyaquarians #waterbearer #medicalesthetician #loyal #strong #beauty #humanitarian #mermaidskin #atx #skingeek #beyourselforamermaid

25 0 Mar 21, 2018

"The Water Bearer" WIP. 3/12 of the Zodiac Project. AQUARIUS

98 3 Mar 21, 2018

Why?why?why?why? Because I freaking love tattoos 😁😇 P.c- saahilsaini #aquarius #tribaldesign #waterbearer

109 31 Mar 21, 2018

I attended a (much needed) hot yoga class after work. Then refilled like 15 gallons of water while grocery shopping and carried them all in. Now I think I'll work on some laundry and take a hot epsom salt bath. I feel like I'm killing it this week. I feel better than I have in ages and I know a lot of it can be attributed to springtime and seeing less snow (fun fact: I hate the snow). I believe all the rest of my positivity can be attributed to shift to a more active lifestyle. Today I didn't count my steps because I wanted to give my legs a break. My calves have been so sore and sometimes you just have to listen to your body. I'll be back at it tomorrow and will start incorporating yoga into my practice again. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! #Yoga #HotYoga #WarmYoga #Fitness #FitnessJourney #WeightLossTransformation #WeightLossJourney #WeightLoss #StayHydrated #DrinkYourWater #Water #SwitchingUpTheRoutine #HappyTuesday #WaterBearer #InstaYoga #InstaFit #InstaWeightLoss

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‘Relationship anarchy holds that all interpersonal relationships are important, not just those that are romantic. A relationship anarchist might engage in polyamory and have multiple, concurrent loving relationships, but may also avoid making special distinctions between relationships that are romantic, sexual, platonic, or familial. A relationship anarchist allows all relationships to self-govern, without external restrictions or expectations on what that relationship should be like. This includes eliminating distinctions between different categories of relationships, and instead allowing all relationships to take any form and have any level of commitment that the participants decide to have. A relationship with your best friend would not be suspended by default by the relationship you have with your long-term, live-in boyfriend. The relationship anarchy movement is still finding its feet, and it is sometimes misinterpreted as practising a lack of commitment to anyone or anything. Relationship anarchists argue to the contrary, stating that love is abundant, and an individual should craft their commitments to fit each unique relationship. A strong foundation of self-awareness of ones relationship values is highly encouraged.” The Smart Girl’s Guide to Polyamory ~ Dedeker Winston This spoke deeply to my Aquarian mind. What an ideal approach to love and relationships. 💗 #loveabundantly

472 10 Mar 20, 2018

the star

7 1 Mar 20, 2018
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