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Wandering through the beautiful city of Madrid I stumbled upon this amazing little retro bar. Looking at the TV and telephone it reminded me of how far we've came as humans, in such a short time. What do you think will be the next great human invention?

7 1 Mar 24, 2018

Thank you for you guys who always support me and appreciate it sooo much..I had a great time at the market and time to chill now.. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND... This Horse will be reprint shortly 🛒🛒❤️❤️

18 1 Mar 24, 2018

Meet one of our newest photographers angelickpicture 👏 An amazing self taught photographer that captures emotions as well as beautiful moments👌 . Make sure you check out her full gallery at👉 . Already have a favourite? Let us know which one in a comment below👇 . Prints: TÄNK OM HIMLEN FÖLL, GRACE IN HER HEART, SWEDISH SUMMER, NUDE Photographer: Angelickpicture . #blacknwhitephoto #photoarts #fineartprints #wallarts

87 2 Mar 24, 2018

Asking about art can be akin to discussing politics or religion. Wars have been lost, friends have parted ways and an estranged lover has found him or herself relegated to sleeping on the couch after a heated argument. It's just that personal. Art inspires passion. Art inspires action. Art inspires lives. ~~~ Joel Luks . . Art is inspiring because it can provide us with imaginative links to parts of ourselves which might otherwise be inaccessible. All serious art, art which has content under its surface, is nothing more or less than a reflective impression of the soul who experiences it. ~~~ Patrick Summers . . . For Exhibition, Sponsorship, Partnership, Advert on our brochures and inquiry, send a DM, call/whatsapp 08187806008, 08056122741 or email ijaycreations . . Artist.... BONA EZEUDU . #artexhibition #artifacts #artwork #artondisplay #artenthusiast #arthistory #artinspires #paintings #sculptured #sculptures #artpiece #wallarts #ceramic #ceramicsculpture #crafting #artafrica #artnews #arttips #arttalk #pottery #ankarabags #ankaraaccessories #handmadecrafts #southeasteventgirl #your042gotogirl #ijaycreations

11 0 Mar 24, 2018
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