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Meditation Monday ••• Yesterday, I woke up early and my soul was heavy. This is a familiar feeling to me, so I decided to meditate. As the thoughts and feelings spun through my head, I knew the only way to be at peace was surrender. As I chose to surrender, I got to a point where the only option left was to let go and let myself die. At this moment, I felt the fear that I have always been running from. ••• My life has been built around actions that allow me to control the circumstances in front of me by manifestation. By carrying around anger and resentment, I can control the actions of people around me and I control the beat. I can continue to play the victim while having my life move in circles. Ironically, this is what causes me the most misery in my life. The need for control makes me frustrated because the control is actually an illusion, as it is impossible to control all circumstances. The life in front of me can never match the expectation in my mind, and it angers me. ••• As I laid in fear in my bed, there was a voice in my head, “You can’t just let yourself die. We have to get back up and start trying other things. We can still control.” I was about to pick the illusion back up when a reference point came back to me, “If you want to live a different life, something must change.” Scared to my core, I decided to die, and left my fate up to God. I envisioned myself crawling into the coffin frightened to death, tears rolling down my face and I kept hearing, “I don’t want to die. Please! No! I don’t want to die.” It was at this moment the tears started to roll down my face and the pain I had been feeling started to come to the surface in the form of heat. I lie there crying in my bed for some time but after, there was silence. The weight on my soul was gone. ••• #meditationmonday #meditation #spirit #strength #soul #love #mindfulness #letgo #love #fear #god #courage #vulnerability #manly #universe #jointhefloch

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Advent Day 9: "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us." ~John 1:14 Image: "O Magnum Mysterium," Joel Sheesley, 2013. #advent #artforadvent #vulnerability #incarnation

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"We do not learn as much from experience as we learn from reflecting on that experience."⠀ - Thomas S.C Farell⠀ ⠀ Read my latest Love in the Mountains article and reflect on how 2017 impacted your relationships! ⠀ Link in bio!

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Authenticity is cultivating the courage to be imperfect, to set boundaries, and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. ~Brene Brown~ • Thank you brenebrown for capturing the essence of authenticity and illustrating why it's so difficult to sustain sometimes. 🙏🦋 #brenebrown #authenticity #vulnerability #courage

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How to unify mind and heart.

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. "Wisdom is the ultimate wealth, power, success. Wise are aware they have all they want. Inner and outer conditions don’t rule their lives. They feel free to be as they are." * Some people say « I got married and lived happily ever after ». * I aspire to be wise and to live freely ever after. * I saw richest people as the most desirable ones. Now I see the wisest as the most inspirational ones. * * * #healing #depression #mentalhealth #mindfulness #breath #hope #courage #vulnerability #freedom #heart #wisdom #innerchild #emotion #growth #authenticity #be #alive #love #compassion #gratitude #motherearth #animals #alllivesmatter #illustration #life

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✨Patience✨ God and the Divine, grant me the patience I need today. Fill my heart with extra love and my soul with extra light. This momma needs the extra umph today. ✨ ✨ I’m gonna be really real for a moment. Like, so real it’s uncomfortable and makes me feel really vulnerable today. Y’all ready? My 5 year old won the battle today. He got me on a moment that wasn’t my good side. I won’t go into the long details, I’ll do short breakdown. It goes something like this: . Cillian was complaining that he couldn’t get himself a toy when we went shopping for his sister because he said he didn’t have enough. It wasn’t a little bit, it was 25 minutes worth. I then thought it would be smart to battle him. So What followed was me dumping out all of his toys, dress ups, race tracks on the floor to show him “ALL” of what he had. There were tears, screaming, and anger that all flew. It may have been from both of us, it was kind of a blur. But I do know it was not fun. . Yep. This Yoga momma broke down and got mad. Life is not rainbows and fairy dust. It is some down right real 💩at times, and not a smily face filled one either. Patience. Not my strong suit. Apparently, not my sons either (i wonder where he gets it from? 😂). . We talked it out, cried it out, hugged it out and oiled it out after. All is well now....but damn. That was rough. Anyone else feel me? What are some things you’ve faced, kids or no kids where you have said “Wow, I wish that would have been different?”. #prayer #prayforme #utkatasana #chairpose #yoga #yogamom #thisisreallife #vulnerability #momlife #momlifebelike 😭😍🤬🤣

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Thank you therockettes for decades of dance, laughter and holiday cheer! Type ‘🎯’ if you’ve seen therockettes perform! #tistheseason ❄️❤️

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let your vulnerabilities become your strength and keep fighting for yourself through all doubt. you might just find your power in the deepest darkest parts of you. #vulnerability #peace #awareness #freefromfear #scorpiovibes #death #rebirth

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I'll settle for myself It has been seven years Since I met someone who has truely made my heart sing There have been blurred glimmers scattered throughout the years A vibration here and there But nothing stuck A few were scared off Others tried to change me Or hoped that being in close proximity to the traveling adventurous jungle woman would ignite something in their lives No one yet who has been my match Who has equally enthralled me as been enthralled with me Who has made me feel safe, loved, supported and free all at once Who never made me second guess my intelligence, my wit and my body in that order Who pushed me the rest of the way up the mountain Pulled me down when I soared sky high And cushioned my fall into the occasional dark chasm Who laughs with me and makes me laugh and whose touch makes my body tingle as though sparks are igniting through our veins After listening to the bullshit some of my friends go through with their partners It's safe to say I'm content to wait To keep drawing energy from the earth From soul sisters And from experience and self love that I'll take over settling any day I want a love so fucking strong that someone will cycle from India to Sweden to be with me Someone who will take my hand and run wild with me Journey with me I'll wait another seven years If it means settling for the bliss that is myself . . . Written under the quiet of a night sky, walking through a little village in Borneo, Indonesia #poem #writer #writersofinstagram #capetown #vulnerability #truth #tellyourtruth #love #relationship #authenticity #truthseekers #poetrycommunity

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#MCE: Goes to all the men challenging the stereotypes that men shouldn’t be vulnerable or emotionally expressive. • . These men realized the limitations it places on intimacy and they’re committed to learning a different way. • . I see you. 😍It doesn’t matter if you fumble through it. The impressive part is how you keep evolving. 😘 • . {🎶📽: common | The Light }

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|• vulnerability. Being able to expose yourself to someone open heartedly, knowing very damn well we're all just talking turns, filling the voids and the heartaches. 🖤 swipe right for a poem by me ✌🏽🖤•| #shouldveknown #passingby #temporary #poemsbybridge #poemsfromtheheart #unforgettable #faded #vulnerability #pillowtalk #always #missing #those #dimples #thosenights #leftapieceofmyheartthere #poetry #healing #thefeels #mispoemas #poet #inrepair #favoritetime #wordsheal #myvibes #positivevibes ✌🏽🖤🐘

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I think there's a theme today 😏

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In our last meeting we listened to and discussed "Love" by andymineo. Here mikestheproducer13 teaches about different forms of Love in the Bible in the Greek. Storge is love displayed amongst family. #love #family #beatsnbiblestudy #beats #bible #biblestudy #reallife #vulnerability #music #love #agape #god #yeshua #yahweh #hiphop #producer #producerlife #dope #community #teaching #studio #studiolife #wlpwr #mikestheprophet13 #creative

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Day 6 of #RootedAndRising #YogaForMentalHealth intention setting challenge is: 10 minutes of mindful movement. This doesn’t have to be yoga; it can be walking or dancing, doing any kind of movement that feels good and nourishes your body. Write down a list of 10 things that nourish your mind, heart, and body. Make a commitment to bring one of those things to the forefront of your day this week. . . 1) spin 2) yoga 3) tea 4) kitty snuggles 5) husband snuggles 6) jamming to tunes 7) dancing 8) walking 9) time with friends 10) time alone . . . . Here are your hosts! auroralyrayoga theyogacouple selflovewithkayla mothertruckingkathryn nitasenorita_x balancedandblissfulblog Sponsors: mandukayoga and #yogaclubbox . . . . #manduka #aloyoga #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #beagoddess #aloyoga #colorsofyoga #yogastrong #yogafam #yogajunkie #yogacommunity #yogadaily #bendyyogis #igyogachallenge #igyogafam #igyogacommunity #igyoga #myyogajourney #yogaphotography #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #vulnerability #selfawareness #yogaformentalhealth #rootedandrising

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When your mind (Conscious) falls in love with your heart (subconscious), magic begins to happen.

9 1 Dec 11, 2017
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