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It appears taking a knee has become quite popular. In case you've been living under a rock; Colin Kaepernick set the precedent with kneeling on behalf of showing solidarity for victims of oppression throughout the United States. It's seems as though taking a knee has went global. As German soccer team Hertha Berlin took a knee on Saturday before their Bundesliga contest. The starting lineup of Hertha Berlin dropped to one knee, before a match against Schalke on Saturday to show solidarity with the NFL protests. The announcer explained to fans what was going on. “Berlin is colorful,” the announcer said. “Hertha BSC stands for diversity and against violence. For this reason, we are joining forces with the protest of our fellow American athletes to take a stand against discrimination..." One big difference of kneeling before each contest is, the German national anthem isn’t played before Bundesliga games. We all know the history of Germany. This is remarkable as the German team is unifying with American athletes to take a stand against discrimination. Thank you, and kudos to you all!!!! #soccer #herthabsc #schalke #germany #bundesliga #colinkaepernick #takeaknee #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

55 0 Oct 15, 2017

Miami Marlins owner, Jeffrey Loria agreed to sell the franchise to an ownership group that includes Derek Jeter. Jeter and New York venture capitalist Bruce Sherman reportedly agreed to purchase the club for $1.2 billion. Derek Jeter will make history with officially becoming the first African-American CEO of a Major League Baseball team. The former New York Yankee has become part owner of the Miami Marlins, joining only Magic Johnson as the only African-Americans in that specific role. And if you wonder where the five-time World Series champion stands on athletes kneeling during the national anthem, he’s totally on board, telling the New York Daily News, “Everyone should be fine with that. They’re focused so much on the fact that they are kneeling as opposed to what they’re kneeling for. Peaceful protests are fine. You have your right to voice your opinion. As long as it’s a peaceful protest, everyone should be fine with that..." If you know baseball you know the Marlins have routinely been one of the worst teams in the MLB. Hopefully having Jeter a the helms of the organization things will change for the better. #derekjeter #brucesherman #miamimarlins #miami #baseball #protest #jeffreyloria #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

59 0 Oct 15, 2017

gucci has an announcement, and you should take notice. Starting at the beginning of 2018, Gucci will go fur-free. Gucci will auction off all its remaining animal fur items. The brands spring collection will be the first collection to start this new fade for the line. Gucci’s president said on Wednesday the move demonstrated “our absolute commitment to making sustainability an intrinsic part of our business." ...As part of the change a charity auction of the fashion house’s remaining animal fur items will be held, with the proceeds going to the animal rights organisations humanesociety and LAV. Gucci going fur-free is a game-changer for the Italian company. Gucci will become part of the Fur Free Alliance, an international group of more than 40 organisations which campaigns on animal welfare and promotes alternatives to fur in the fashion industry. Kudos to gucci as they seem to be making a drastic change for the company. We will definitely be on the lookout for the upcoming spring collection. (Courtesy guardian ) #gucci #gucciss2018 #lavonyc #fur #furfree #guardian #humanesociety #furfreealliance #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

114 0 Oct 12, 2017

Cash rule everything around me, CREAM get the money....ok ok ok you guys know the rest of the song. Well Ghostface Killah just cofounded a cryptocurrency company called Cream Capital. Cream Capital is looking to raise $30 million during its initial coin offering (ICO). The Wu-Tang Clan's hit song "C.R.E.A.M.," was obviously the motivation behind the name. CREAM which stands for "Cash Rules Everything Around Me" has changed to "Crypto Rules Everything Around Me". Well, not changed exactly, but the creamcapital apital Chief Executive Brett Westbrook told CNBC it has been granted the trademark . "The ICO tokens will be sold in November, which can then be exchanged for Ether. Ether is the value token of the Ethereum blockchain. Essentially, blockchains are the digital ledger for economic transactions that serve as the backbone for the digital currency. Cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, is digital currency that uses cryptography for security." The digital currency known as Bitcoin has been changing the world. CREAM now wants a piece of the pie as they try to take on the cryptocurrency word. (Courtesy - rollingstone ) #ghostfacekillah #creamcapital #cream #bitcoin #digitalcurrency #wutang #rollingstones #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

133 3 Oct 6, 2017

What the hell did you just say?! That's right, two decades later and it appears Rush Hour is still living on. Jackie Chan shared some new and exciting news about Rush Hour 4 during a recent Facebook Live chat with the San Francisco Chronicle...."It's not about money! It's about having the time to make..." But when asked what projects he had coming up, Chan iterated that he was transforming into the role of producer more and more. With two American films in production next year. Chan added ..."The script probably at the end of this month will have a second draft and next year, we'll probably start." The catch? "If... Chris Tucker agrees." The second half of the Rush Hour duo hasn't publicly commented on whether or not he's on board with a the film; but Jackie said his decision will most likely come down to scheduling constraints. Let's gets this done christucker your fans have been waiting!! (Courtesy of eentertainment ) #christucker #jackiechan #rushhour #rushhour4 #facebook #newlinecinema #eentertainment #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

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Fresh reads at (Link in Bio) antisocialsocialclub 🤔 #vendngmachinemedia #culturemagazine #thepulse

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Rolllin, action! 🎥🎬 #setlife

134 8 Oct 1, 2017

Our lives are complete! It looks like the 1988 film "Coming to America" is making a sequel. Nearly thirty years since the original release of the movie. Eddie Murphy's first and greatest foray into playing multiple characters on film is coming back to the big screen. At first it was just a thought, but now two of the original writers, Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield are to pen the sequel’s script. According to The Hollywood Reporter, paramountpics inked 50/50 director Jonathan Levine who will direct Coming to America 2; and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is to rewrite the script. Most notably, “Although there is no deal in place, Murphy is involved with the development of the sequel — which will be produced by Kevin Misher. Hopefully this is just as good as the first one, we'll looking forward to it. #eddiemurphy #barryblaustein #davidsheffield #jonathanlevine #kenyabarris #kevinmisher #comingtoamerica2 #comingtoamerica #paramount #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

139 0 Sep 29, 2017

Childish Gambino's smash hit "Redbone" has jus officially went Triple Platinum. "Redbone" which peaked at No. 12 on the billboard 100 is the second single from the album "Awaken, My Love"! "Redbone" is his third single to go platinum alongside songs “Heartbeat” and “3005.” One thing is certain Childish Gambino, or Donald Glover which ever you choose to call him, has had a year to remember. Emmy's, triple platinum song what else is in store for this genius with a pen. We aren't sure but we will definitely be tuned in. #childishgambino #donaldglover #awakenmylove #riaa #platinum #billboard #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

114 0 Sep 29, 2017

Hugh Hefner built the Playboy Empire and Embodied It; Hugh was "Playboy" ! While creating the magazine he spun it into a media and entertainment-industry giant. All while he maintained to be a very public figure. Routinely dating younger women and sometimes marrying them. Hugh Hefner will forever be remembered for who he was, Rest In Peace Hugh... #hughhefner #playboymansion #playboybunny #playboy #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

90 0 Sep 28, 2017

Hugh was a visionary beyond his time. Founding the magazine with $1,000 dollars that he borrowed from his mother. With his first ever centerfold, he would feature the magnificent Marilyn Monroe in late 1953. Hugh impacted media and cultivated a different avenue of entertainment. His voice advocated for free speech, civil rights and sexual freedom. #hughhefner #playboymansion #playboy #playboymagazine #marilynmonroe #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

83 1 Sep 28, 2017

Hugh Hefner the Playboy magazine founder passes at the age 91. The mogul was found deceased in his Beverly Hills home. "He defined a lifestyle and ethos that lie at the heart of the Playboy brand, one of the most recognizable and enduring in history," son Cooper says. The Playboy Enterprises was founded more than 60 years ago and created a niche upscale men's magazine. #hughhefner #playboymansion #playboymagazine #playboy #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

118 0 Sep 28, 2017

Sza hit single "Love Galore” featuring "Travis Scott" just went platinum. First having her album CTRL debut at the No. 3 spot on Billboard charts; And now she is collecting some hardware to her newly career. Wednesday sza took to Instagram to share with her fans "I GOTTA LIL SILVER THINGY W MY FUGGIN NAME ON THA SIIIDE ! DIS SHIT CRAZY!”... She's recently been receiving a massive response from her fans while she's on a nation wide tour. Partly thanks to her hit "Love Galore" being a huge success has helped Sza become a household name. We are sure she isn't done adding plaques to her wall. #sza #travisscott #billboard #riaa #platinum #lovegalore #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

84 1 Sep 28, 2017

In today's world, it seems hard to find individuals who help with no hesitation. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Grammy award winner Pitbull have went above and beyond. mcuban lent his team plane to point guard J.J. Barea to fly food, water, and supplies to Puerto Rico. pitbull generously offered aid to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria wiped out power through the entire island. Pitbull lent his private plane to move cancer patients from PR to USA so that they can get chemo. We like to thank both of you for showing others how to respond to an American crisis. #marccuban #pitbull #jjbarea #dallasmavs #unitedstates #puertorico #businessinsider #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

149 1 Sep 27, 2017

Uber and Lyft are experiencing some new changes. Uber has been stripped of its London license. The application for a new licence in London was rejected by Transport for London. The TFL finds that the Uber company is not a fit private car hire operator. Uber applied for a new license but that was also denied by the TFL. Uber also recently quit tides with Enterprise as the extra miles and maintenance along with lower resale value of the vehicles has lowered enterprises margins too much. Lyft appear as they are trying to catch the curve. As they partnered with Ford to boost the number of its self-driving cars...."The two have entered a partnership designed to allow Ford's vehicles to communicate with the ride-sharing company's app, for autonomous vehicles and electrification... Ford planned to eventually deploy thousands of self-driving cars". Domino's Pizza is already testing it out. As delivering pizza's with its self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid in Michigan. The future is here and seems to be moving rapidly, hopefully we all can stay in tuned with the progression. ( info courtesy of businessinsider ) #uber #lyft #london #enterprise #ford #fordfocus #michigan #dominos #businessinsider #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

111 0 Sep 27, 2017

All rise!! thejudge44 has broken Mark McGwire’s 3-decade-old MLB record for the most homers by a rookie. Facing the Kansas City Royals, Judge hit home runs No. 49 and 50 of the year. No other fancy stats are necessary, 50 homers for a anyone not to mention a rookie is absurd; 30 is relatively unheard of for a rookie. Only being done just 28 times in MLB history. We are looking forward to see what else thejudge44 has in store for the remains of the mlb season. ( info courtesy fivethirtyeight ) #aaronjudge #yankees #mlb #records #fivethirtyeight #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

125 0 Sep 26, 2017

The NBA season is just around the corner, and this summer was certainly a summer of trades. Some blockbuster trades include the likes of Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony to the okcthunder; Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas, and Jae Crowder; and Chris Paul went to the Houston rockets for five players. But the sleeper trade of them all, has to be Jimmy Butler to the timberwolves. With him, Taj Gibson, and Jeff Teague rounding out the starting five in addition to the remaining pieces. The T-wolves can most certainly have something special. But the trade frenzy isn't over yet, as Dwayne Wade just accepted a buyout from his former bulls team. We can speculate that he ends up in Cleveland but not for certain. Where ever he lands we are just excited to get the season started already. #dwyanewade #carmeloanthony #kyrieirving #isiahthomas #paulgeorge #pg13 #jimmybutler #clevelandcavaliers #bostonceltics #okc #okcthunder #minnesotatimberwolves #houstonrockets #nba #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

120 1 Sep 26, 2017

Cardi B and Bodak Yellow have finally reached the number one spot on the billboard list. This make Cardi B the first female rapper to rule without any other billed acts since Lauryn Hill. So in other words, she's the first female rapper to have a number one song without a feature in 19 yrs. Keep up the work iamcardib , as we are all witnessing your money moves. #cardib #billboard #billboardmusicawards #bodakyellow #vendngmachinemedia #nyc #nj #ny

210 2 Sep 25, 2017
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