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every day should start with a beautiful breakfast 🌞summer smoothie bowl recipe link in profile! 🥝🍑🌻

5 1 Jun 26, 2017

How about a delicious lavender coconut iced coffee to kick start your Monday? Can be made using our coconut milk and coconut sugar:

3 1 Jun 26, 2017

La salade pour bien commencer la semaine 👌🏻Quinoa, courgettes en spaghettis, tomates, concombre et fèves 🌿

25 1 Jun 26, 2017

- P r i d e h a t ı r a s ı 🌻🌈

29 1 Jun 26, 2017

Ich bin zurück!😱😂 Unter anderem mit einem Rezept🍴"Cauliflower Fried Rice" mit Sojajoghurt und knusprigem Fladenbrot 🌱 Sehr lecker, müsst ihr unbedingt nachkochen ☺️ Rezept ist in der Bio ✨ Es war wirklich schön, diese Auszeit von diesem ganzen gefaketen Kram hier. Ich bin selbst so ein Account, der immer auf happy macht und wenn er mal nicht happy ist? - "Das wird schon wieder". Ich habe Probleme im Leben, die ich nicht mit meiner "Community" teilen will 😄 Deshalb muss ich mich aber nicht dazu zwingen, irgendwelche veganen Sachen zu backen, kochen und probieren, auf die ich keine Lust habe. Ab jetzt poste ich wirklich nur das, was mich bewegt und andere bewegen soll. Was mir einfach gut schmeckt, euch dann vielleicht auch. Was mich riesig freut und worüber sich andere mit mir freuen sollen. Und was nicht gut ist in der Welt. Es gibt sehr viele Dinge, die mich interessieren und ich will mich nicht in eine Nische stecken. Ich kann nicht sagen, was euch auf diesem Account erwartet. Auf jeden Fall werde ich öfter solche Pausen einlegen 😊 Jemandem 'Folgen' heißt nicht umsonst so - manchmal zieht es denjenigen woanders hin 🌿 Du kannst mich auf meinem Weg verlassen oder mitkommen 😌 #veganrecipe #cauliflowerfriedrice #newblogpost

125 2 Jun 26, 2017

monday - new week, new challenges, new possibilities and chances 💭 appreciate the blankness and start fresh this week 🙌🏼🌱 . . . . . . #vegan #tiuteam #plantbased #veggie #vegansofig #fitness #food #foodies #health #healthy #foodblogger #eatclean #eat #nourish #wholefoods #veganblogger #vegangirl #minimalism #veganberlin #berlinvegan #berlin #veganbabe #govegan #quote #earth #rome #colosseum #travel

73 8 Jun 26, 2017

Another beautiful night watching the sun set for another day, feeling super sun kissed 👄 after lapping up those glorious rays all day 🌼🌞 I used to believe that I am my happiest in warmer weather and to some extent that is true, I LOVE the 🔥🔥🔥However I learnt recently that no external circumstances or influences should ever have the power to change your mood and your state of mind. Whatever the place, the weather or the circumstance you get to actively choose to not let it bother you. I am just as guilty of complaining about the cold weather in Melbourne, but I have been CHOOSING to not let it bother me anymore. We have the ability to create our own state of mind and it no longer becomes an excuse to put off something that needs to be done 💪💪💪💪 Monday's #foodforthought

60 1 Jun 26, 2017

5 days to #pridemadrid 🌈 It's that colorful time of the year, the happy free time of the year. Let it last more than a month. Let the love be one. #onelove . . . . . . . . #madrid #pride #proud #lgbt #lgbtq #lesbian #gay #trans #queer #equality #lgbtcouple #loveislove #loveisfree #vegancouple #veganblogger #feminist #veganyoutuber #lgbtyoutuber #lawofattraction #gratitude #happythankyoumoreplease

50 2 Jun 26, 2017

Hey you💕 actually I wanted to show you my delicious breakfast this morning but I like to tell you a little story instead 🙈☺️ I found this quote and it just reflects my life. I never lose hope and always believe in the positive and it seems that life works that way. Sometimes I am almost "scared" and try to understand why I am always so lucky while other people aren't. I don't believe, luck only happens to those who deserve it, but to those who strongly believe in it. I believe in God, karma and positivity and this is what gives me strength and luck 🙏🍀 it may sound weird now, but for example I am always lucky with exams (because I believe that hard work pays off), sometimes when I don't pay attention I forget to lock up my bike, once I even locked it up but let my key in there, but it never got stolen. On the weekend I lost my purse while partying or actually now I know it was stolen, I called every place we have been and nobody found anything, but yesterday I was called because someone gave it up at the police station and nothing is gone. Can you believe that? 🙈 the town is huge and we went to so many places but yet it was found and someone gave it back 😍there are still good people out there 💖 these are just a few examples, I experienced similar things many times and yes it's the little things that make me grateful and truly blessed 🙏💭 I hope I could inspire you to always believe in the positive in life and even if you are in difficult times, believe that everything will turn out in a good and positive way ☯️🙌💗

51 5 Jun 26, 2017

Today I did something I've always thought was totally wanky - I went to a cafe and worked. A change in setting and being surrounded by other people really made me SUPER productive and accountable... No procrastinating by snapping with simbathefrenchie_ 😝 Happy to report the staff hoogahbendigo are GEMS (in fact they were super LOVELY)... Plus the lunch was delish. This is their vegan Buddha bowl 🙌🏼 So if you're a fellow eye roller at creatives who say that they work at cafes just give it ago you may just be surprised 😉 #hoogahbendigo

75 38 Jun 26, 2017

🍃💚 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE eating plants! Dinner tonight? Spinach, kale (they're hiding), garlic chick peas, cauliflower, brocolli, green beans, edamame & jalepenos seasoned with a squeeze of lime, black himalayas salt & crushed pepper. #vegan #vegansofig #instavegan #plantpowered #vegano #paleo #whatveganseat #yearofthevegan #veganandproud #vegansalad #veganblogger #veganblog #vegantravel #veganfoodie #veganfoodshare #veganporn #veganfoodie #healthy #raw

25 0 Jun 26, 2017

I T S 💓 A 💓 BEET 💓 TING Namaskaaram Monday. Inniku( In Tamil means TODAY) I am off to grab some bits & bobs for Juno's sports day. Having Monday's to myself is really helping get things in order around the house ➕ within my head 🌱 Haven't had a BEET SLUSHIE is so so so long and today seems just perfect for it. Natural source of IRON ➕ FOLIC ACID which is so good for 🤰🏽 🌱 I would like to think I am quiet body intuitive so a few days ago, I started getting a craving for ICE CHIPS & anyone that is going through that; just means you are lacking in natural iron! That kind of body info, believe it or not shakes me up a bit because I'm not just looking after bean but I need to be full of BEANS TOO for her. ➕1 BEET Chopped & couple cubes of FEOZEN BEETS too ➕Spring of MINT ➕GINGER ➕WATER I'm looking into grabbing a juicer because the cravings are back ➕ energy to want to make them again too. Recommendations please 😬 Well here is to having a smashing Monday guys ✌🏾 • • • #veganblogger #vegansofuk #lifestyleblogger #healthyeats #veganbreakfast #plantsoverprocessed #plantbaseddiet #freefrom #gfree #meatfreemonday #ashtanga #yogadaily #whatiatetoday #veganism #nutrition #soulfood #ayurvedic #veganlifestyleblogger #mindfulness #listentoyourbody #skinfood #crueltyfree #dairyfree #nongmo #organicskincare #veganmunch #veganpregnancy #pregnancyjourney #veganrecipes #vegansofig

23 2 Jun 26, 2017

NEW blog post up on GRANDERMARNIER now!! Material Girl all about them fly leather alternatives for all you creatives out there 😏 link in bio 🍃

2 1 Jun 26, 2017

NEW blog post up on GRANDERMARNIER now!! Material Girl all about them fly leather alternatives for all you creatives out there 😏link in bio 🍃

4 1 Jun 26, 2017

NEW blog post up on GRANDERMARNIER now!! Material Girl all about them fly leather alternatives for all you creatives out there 😏 #GRANDERMARNIER #veganfashion #materialgirl

5 1 Jun 26, 2017

My Coffee is smiling and winking at You 😉😲 🌞 Have a wonderful week start! Mein Kaffee lächelt euch an und zwinkert euch zu hihi! Wünsche euch wundervollen Start in die neue Woche! #coffeelovers #vegancoffee #coffeeporn #kaffee #whatveganeats #veganbreakfast #vegancommunity #veganheroes #veganpower #veganfoodshare #coffeeoftheday #veganfoodporn #dairyfree #healthychoises #veganlove #veganfoodblog #veganfoodlovers #veganblogger #coffeelover #foodporn #veauties #veautiful #peace #foodblog #gesundeernährung #veganfit #veganasfuck #govegan #baristas #coffeelove

31 0 Jun 26, 2017
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