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I have been receiving the cutest messages from you guys telling me you've been loving my stories/updates on my trip and that makes me SO HAPPY! I am more than just a marble slab and a piece of avocado toast so I'm thankful you guys appreciate seeing the other side of my life! It's our last night in Boston and it is raining! We're also exhausted from a lot of walking earlier today and just want to relax. Blaze Pizza (they have vegan cheese!) is across the street from our hotel revereboston so we went back and now we're chilling and watching Netflix. Revere Hotel has a Netflix app on their TV system so we were able to just log in and watch ALL DA SHOWS! We are glad that we didn't end up lugging our laptops/HDMI cords because this hotel literally has everything and I'm so damn happy about it! Enjoy your night guys! #wealsohavecocktails #BeRevered

32 3 Aug 19, 2017

Our #gardein luck continued! Our meatloaf had a bonus fifth slice in it! 😍 I think Gardein did it on purpose to make families argue about who would get the fifth slice. 😂 But we're a diplomatic household so we split it. 😉 #vegandinner

3 1 Aug 19, 2017

🤤Beyond Meat Beast Burger in a gluten free wrap stuffed with avocado, tomato, spinach, red onion, and drizzled ketchup and mustard 🤤 #vegan #glutenfree #glutenfreevegan #govegan #beyondmeat #beastburger #veggieburger #plantbased #plantshaveprotein #PotatoQueenBean #thepotatoqueen #veganjunkfood #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #whatveganseat #bostonvegan #veganblogger #bostonblogger

8 0 Aug 19, 2017

Eric and I hit the #gardein jackpot at Target today!! Cartwheel had a 25% off coupon (which only worked for 4 of the 6 for some reason) and the bags had $2 off coupons on them!! So we spent just $8.42 before tax for six bags of deliciousness. I understand extreme couponers now, I felt so excited when I bought these. 😂 #veganfoodie

3 1 Aug 19, 2017

Me and my torta 💛 Ft. thelipbar in Drama Queen and plantfoodforppl in Spicy Torta 💋🌶 Both of these businesses are independently owned and the people who started them are worth supporting. Go buy #vegan lipstick and #vegan tortas 🤗

44 6 Aug 19, 2017

🌹 Expand For Caption 🌹 ⠀ ⠀ "Reality is only a Rorschach ink-blot." ⠀ • STALK ME MORE: ⠀ 👻 Snapchat: TisKael 🐦 Twitter: TisKael 💻 Tumblr: TisKael ▶ YouTube: TisKael ⠀ • WANT VEGAN INFO? ⠀ ⠀ If you have any questions, just drop a comment, or checkout these sites: ⠀ 👉 👉 👉 ⠀ • DON'T MISS A POST! ⠀ ⚠ Tap the menu button on my profile and turn on post notifications! ⠀ • LET'S COLLAB!?! ⠀ 📷 If you're a business or just want to catch up for an adventure then slide in my DM's or email me ⠀ • MY VEGAN BUSINESSES ✓ ⠀ I have three vegan businesses and it would mean a lot if you could support them in their goal to support the community: Ethically - Vegan Clothing & Activism TravelQLD - Ethical Travel (Soon) MadeEthically - Media & Marketing ⠀ Unrelated, but also check NoEyesMedia ⠀ P✌L💙U☯R✊

19 1 Aug 19, 2017

Ummm yes please. This strawberry and caramel cake with vanilla icing looks decadent and tastes sweet and sugary and is pretty simple to make. It pairs beautifully with the lush, sweet winter strawberries that are so big at the moment. The recipe is on my blog - search for sponge cake 🎂 Oh and head to the markets and pick up some strawberries. You're gonna need them 🍓

23 1 Aug 19, 2017

been rly down lately, someone send me 1 x goat to cheer me up 🐐

5 1 Aug 19, 2017

Hell yes! Dairy free! Coconut milk blueberry yogurt! 😻🙌🏼🌱✨ #yummy #friday #traderjoes #thereisagod #vegan #cocunut #yogurt #cocunutmilk #vegans #dairyfree #crueltyfree #noexcuses #veganfood #veganism #veganfoods #instagood #veganblogger

16 0 Aug 19, 2017

Finally did it! Made infamous vegan pulled 'pork' with jackfruit. The spicy siracha sauce is legit! Recipe in bio 👆🏼

24 4 Aug 19, 2017

They make everything vegan now! There is really no excuse! 🌱🐾✨👣 #vegan #vegansofig #veganfood #af #veganism #veganaf #veganfoodshare #vegangirl #veganforlife #veganlifestyle #noanimalcruelty #vegana #veganfoodporn #instadaily #veganblogger

17 0 Aug 19, 2017

Well WY will have to wait for us when they aren't expected to double in population size just for one particular day, haha. Taking this nice time off to enjoy a staycation instead & enjoyed day two reading at the air field for a bit 😏📖✈🚁

20 2 Aug 19, 2017

☀️ lovinghutvegan ☀️"Ocean Basket" - Golden Vegan Based Protein, Tempura Sweet Potato with a Side of Asian inspired Cole Slaw 🌱and a Side of Dipping Sauce 🤤🔥 • • The Dipping Sauce is So Amazing 😍🤤🔥🔥 • • • • #vegan #friedfood #whatveganseat #coleslaw #veganfoodshare #veganfood #foodporn #foodgawker #crueltyfree #photooftheday #govegan #vegansofig #eatdrinkvegan #vegancommunity #veganfamily #foodie #orlandovegans #veganblogger #veganfoodie #friendsnotfood #bestofvegan #ontheblog #yummy

26 0 Aug 19, 2017

Have u tried my vegan baked broccoli mac & cheese?? It's so creamy and comforting. I could use a big bowl rn 🤤 super easy too! You can find the recipe on my blog under, "entrees" 💖

132 3 Aug 19, 2017

| Nude brown vegan makeup with toofaced foundation, contouring, eyebrows and mascara, urbandecaycosmetics eyeshadows, elffrance false lashes & limecrimemakeup matte lips ✌🏻perfect combo ♡

67 7 Aug 19, 2017
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