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Been reading up on a lot of westsidebarbellofficial blogs/ forums and I'm adding box squats back into my routine again. Haven't done these in over a year, but here we are lol. 😛 bejuststrong powerliftingwomen #boxsquats #powerliftingwomen #powerlifters #bodybuilding #iifym #liftangry #fitness #lgbt #cardiosucks #liftevil #liftevildeathcrew #metalgirls #girlswithtattoos #bebetter #grrrlarmy #grrrlclothing #vagup #monday #squats #powerlifting #fitness #fitchick

83 5 Feb 19, 2018

Growing wings with fugly faces 😂 for real though, this week has eating disorder reared it's ugly head and I am so underfed I can barely lift...but god damn it if I don't fucking try. And yes I'm back to eating and training harder than ever...ugh😧 #latpulldown #powerlifting #powerlifters #bodybuilding #iifym #grrrlarmy #gym #fitness #grrrlclothing #vagup #liftevil #liftangry #heathen #juststrong #bejuststrong #liftevildeathcrew #liftforsatan #metalgirls #girlswithtattoos #wings #yoga #strength #weekend bejuststrong grrrl_clothing

53 4 Feb 17, 2018

Fucking mic drop!!!🎙 Regranned from chuckiewelch - Woke up yesterday morning and was scrolling through Instagram in bed as I always do and saw a fitness page had featured one of my friends. Remembered I had seen her posted recently by the same page just the day before AND about a week prior. Clicked on their page and immediately noticed something wasn’t right. There were almost NO women of color on their page. Maybe a lil sprinkle of Hispanic and Asian women but most definitely NO Black women. I legitimately scrolled all the way to March of 2016 and got tired of looking because it was so pathetic and sad. They posted the SAME Blonde haired Blue eyed woman 3-4 times in the span of 2-3 weeks but couldn’t even bother posting a Black woman at all. It’s not like athletic, beautiful, elegant, fierce and strong Black women in the fitness industry do not exist! We are out here! There’s definitely no shortage so the fact that they could not even make the effort to try infuriates me. Isn’t this 2018?! WE NEED MORE WOMEN OF COLOR SHOWCASED in social media, ads, editorials, etc. One reason I post is because growing up there were not athletes that looked like me really in my sports to look up to or to motivate me. I promised myself that once I started being decent at CrossFit in 2014 that I wanted to put everything out there so women especially Black women and women of color knew that they too CAN do what I do and that ANYTHING is possible. It saddens but doesn’t necessarily surprise me that in this day in age we as women of color are still not seen as valuable enough to these people to be shown and help in showing that every woman no matter their ethnicity can be strong and do amazing things in fitness and athletics. My hope after posting this is that people become more aware of this blatant dismissal and do something about it. Be aware! Be apart of putting more amazing women out there for everyone to see! We need more positive women of color posted so again we can inspire others to harness their greatness. Everyone deserves that..... Photo by ltevebaugh Bra by thechestee crossfit nobullproject ladies_in_training gymshark

65 3 Jan 26, 2018

VAG UP! #newhat #vagup #likeaGRRRL #GRRRLarmy #vaginaaaaaaa

28 2 Jan 23, 2018
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