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And I’m finally posting a more current GN’R picture ~Maja 🖤 . . . . . #gunsnroses #gnr #gnfnr #rnfnr #notinthislifetime #notinthislifetimetour #axlrose #waxlrose #slash #gibson #gibsonlespaul #appetitefordestruction #useyourillusion

34 0 Mar 20, 2018

• (…) How many of the reptiles do you own? I had eleven now I have ten. I just lost one, Clyde, who I had for about eight or nine years, the longest I’ve had any of these guys. He just passed away in the back yard the night before last. It’s sort of a drag, because he’s been through so much shit with me — my whole career. I tried so hard to keep him alive, and he fucking died. It was depressing, because it was a bad night as it was. I came home, I was pissed off about some shit, and I wanted to check on the snake, and the snake was dead. It was, like, oh, fuck. I stayed up all night. I was just miserable, a fucking wreck. Nobody really understood. It was, like, my snake died, and people just went, “Oh, that's too bad.” • Had he been sick for a long time? Snakes get these incurable diseases. It’s really hard to get them back to normal, but I’ve gotten pretty good with them. I had a vet coming here, and we were working with Clyde. He lost all this weight, and we were force-feeding him and giving him medication. I knew that Clyde was a really tough snake because he’s gotten into all kinds of things in the past. I mean, he got caught in the trash compactor once and got electrocuted and poked his eye out. We thought hopefully whatever it was that kept him around that long would keep him in there, but he didn’t make it. He’s buried out in the back yard. [Excerpt of Slash’s interview to Rolling Stone in the 90’s, prior to the release of the Use Your Illusion albums] #slash #snake #reptile #pet #clyde #rip #truelove #classic #guitar #guitarist #gunsnroses #useyourillusion #iconic #rollingstone #legend #90s 📷: credit to owner

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#ilusiones #useyourillusion

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