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: Charlotte Heights Church of Christ Parsonage - Nashville, TN - It’s times like these I’m thankful I can pee standing up. - Your Help: If anyone would be so kind as to share an abandoned location with me that they are aware of I’d love to hear about it. I live in the Middle Tennessee area but I do travel as well. I’ll respect any wishes of privacy. Darian.castle - I’m always open to meet new people to explore with. Just a few ground rules that we should agree on: never break in, never steal and if your caught don’t lie. - #anunlikelyexplorer #urbexphotography #abandonednashville #abandonedtennessee #abandonednotforgotten #urbex #dariancastle #abandonedplaces #abandoned #abandonedphotography #photoshoot #nashvilleartist #nashville #NashvilleUrbex #tennessee

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He emptied the house, save for these two chairs, to escape the flood, then stapled a note to the frame of the open door which read, "Keep out, please." And so, I did.🚪 #urbex #urbexphotography #roguephotographer #ruralexploration

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Dreams come slow and they go so fast

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Listo para mañana

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