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好想回国😭 #graduation #schoolgirl #uoft

1 0 Mar 22, 2018

A few more of the incredible performance by squidz_aka_ghetto_priest Ghetto Priest. Thank you again for such a powerful performance and for sharing your thoughts on art, music, life & Robbie Burns! . . Images courtesy of Ken Jones. . . #GhettoPriest #inconversation #performance #reggae #RobbieBurns #GrahamFagen #collaboration #UTSC #UofT #ScarbTO

9 0 Mar 22, 2018

// Next Level Asians // #teamguineapig #studentsofkelaoshi #chinese #asianpeacesign #uoft #classpic

6 0 Mar 22, 2018

For today's #TrinOneThrowback we are catching up with Celine McGarvey! ______ Hi I'm Celine and I was a student in the IR stream of the Trin One program from 2011-2012. I went on to graduate from U of T in IR and Latin American studies in 2015 and then did my MSc in International Relations of the Americas at UCL in the UK. I work at the Canadian Red Cross on a project that seeks to strengthen the emergency uresponse capacities of Red Cross National Societies in Central America and the Caribbean. Trin One was a fantastic part of my undergrad education and the critical thinking and presentation skills that I gained have served me well. It also provided a close-knit community of friends that I am in touch with to this day. ______ #TrinityCollegeToronto #TrinityOne #throwbackthursday #UofT #alum #tbt #internationalrelations #IR ucl redcrosscanada uoftalumni

4 0 Mar 22, 2018

We're looking forward to the summer, and will be keeping our eyes open for promising new candidates to bring aboard our team. Interested? Send a resume to manager 📥

20 2 Mar 22, 2018

Tim Grant and his team of volunteers dropped off a second batch of one-thousand "Tolls Fund Transit" postcards for Premier Wynne at Queen's Park. University-Rosedale residents signed these postcards, asking for road tolls on the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway to fund better public transit and ease Toronto traffic congestion. 18 months ago, Toronto City Council asked the Province for these road tolls the Green Party of Ontario is the only provincial party to support this initiative. Let's elect Tim Grant on June 7th to be Toronto's first Green Member of Provincial Parliament. He'll put public transit and smart urbanism first. If you agree with Tim's proposal, please sign our online petition at: . . . . . . . . . . . . #greenparty #toronto #gta #ontario #torontolife #the6ix #yyz #tdot #416 #thesix #the6 #igerstoronto #lovetoronto #igerscanada #torontophoto #toronto_insta #torontoigers #downtowntoronto #igtoronto #yorkville #uoft #torontolove #kensingtonmarket #bathurst #6ix #torontoliving #ryerson #dailyhiveto #rosedale #canada

27 0 Mar 22, 2018

Patio Season Advance Hiring: Looking for a sweet summer gig? Drop us a resume! 📥

19 1 Mar 22, 2018

[AOM EPISODE 64] . 💥YOUR CORE IS MORE THAN JUST YOUR ABS💥 . 🔹Most people will refer to the “core” solely as the Rectus Abdominus, or the most superficial and visible 6 pack abs, but the core is actually so much more than just one muscle! . We can break the core down into the “outer core” and the “inner core”. . . The inner core consists of... . 1️⃣ Multifidus (deep muscle in your lower back) 2️⃣ Pelvic Floor (group of muscles supporting the bottom of the pelvis) 3️⃣ Transverse Abdominus (deep muscle that lies beneath the superficial abs and wraps around your waist like a corset 4️⃣ Diaphragm (main muscle involved with breathing) . ➡️ These “tonic” muscles function together as a unit to stabilize the spine and pelvis. . 🔹The outer core consists of four “myofascial sling systems”. Think about the body as a complex system made up of many anatomically-related slings. These slings are made up of groups of muscles and ligaments that are linked together by fascia (connective tissue) and work in synergy with each other to generate movement, distribute force, and stabilize the body. It is important to note that the outer unit works together with the inner unit to stabilize the body during dynamic movements. . . 🔹Deep Longitudinal System (Single leg deadlift) ➡️ Back Erectors, Thoracolumbar Fascia, Hamstrings (biceps femoris), Sacrotuberous ligament (ligament that helps support the pelvis) . 🔹Posterior Oblique System (Single leg squat with a lat pull) ➡️ Lats, opposing Glute Maximus 🍑, Thoracolumbar Fascia . . 🔹Lateral System (Side plank with hip abduction) ➡️ Hip Abductors (glute med/min and TFL), Hip Adductors, and opposing Quadratus Lumborum . 🔹Anterior Oblique System (Side lunge) ➡️ Internal/External Obliques with opposing leg adductors and abdominal fascia . . 🔹To sum up, the core is SO MUCH MORE than just our 6 pack abs, and we should train in a way that helps strengthen both the inner unit and the myofascial slings of the outer unit! Questions, comments, concerns! Let us know below! Tag a friend who needs to learn more about the core! #artofmobility #aom #movewithapurpose

39 2 Mar 22, 2018

👥 According to Facebook, it's happening one more day 👀 Get your photos while the service is available! . . . #utsc #UofT #events #LinkedIn #photography #professional #business #businessprogram

7 1 Mar 22, 2018

On the University of Toronto campus, looking down King’s College at the CN Tower. Beautiful and calm after a rain. . . #uoft #cntower #streetlight #night #lamppost #toronto #toronto_insta #torontonightlife #torontolife #cityscape #university #universityoftoronto truetoronto cityofto livin_toronto go_toronto_canada toronto_insta toronto uoft

18 1 Mar 22, 2018
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