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Lei non sopporta le regole, è caotica, confusionaria, priva di ogni senso organizzativo, caratterialmente instabile ed emotivamente fragile, spesso immersa nei suoi pensieri, vive di dettagli e si nutre di emozioni. Sincera, leale, schietta, a volte acida e un po' scontrosa ma quando ama, ama forte e davvero con tutta se stessa. Probabilmente il suo più grande difetto..🛇💭💣❤ #bags #edm #ultra #UMF #MMV #electricdaisycarnival #edcVegas #hardwuell #nervo #kaskade #pasqualerotella #coachella  #electricforest #alesso #Rave_responsibly #calvinharris #counterpoint #raveresponsibly #plur #ezoo #bassisbrand #beyondwonderland #coachella #edcny #sensation #bassis #bassisbags #justr

1 0 Jul 23, 2017

18 1 Jul 23, 2017

Tell me with your mind, body and spirit I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British Whether we're together or apart We can both remove the masks and admit we regret it from the start

17 6 Jul 23, 2017

Episode 12 of Expressions is out now for stream and download on SoundCloud and iTunes! The mix is also entered in a competition on Wavo to compete for a slot at Das Energi Music Festival! I would be so appreciative and thankful if you could contribute a vote and share the link with your friends (to vote you must have Facebook). Check it out and let me know what you think (link in bio)!

18 1 Jul 23, 2017

La mia priorità.💘

20 2 Jul 23, 2017

Auguri gennarotrentapalle 🥂

19 2 Jul 23, 2017

certezze non ne ho, ma una cosa la so, ci sarò quando cadrai, ci sarai quando cadrò!❤ alessiialocatelli

41 2 Jul 23, 2017

let's run away, together.

40 1 Jul 23, 2017
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