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This classic, easy and delicious Italian dish by twopeasandpod#Pasta Pomodoro—is perfect with our fine #parmigianoreggiano on top! Join us for free samples on Feb. 24 (3PM) as we crack open a wheel of this King of Cheese! Plus, save $5/lb. this weekend—thru 2/25! 🍝 . 📷 and recipe 👉

43 3 Feb 23, 2018

My favorite Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies! They are perfection! Click twopeasandpod for the recipe link!❤️ #twopeasandtheirpod

1749 37 Feb 22, 2018

Peanut butter sandwich cookies, yummy!! #twopeasandtheirpod

18 3 Feb 21, 2018

Raspberries & white chocolate cake served with Meander Valley double cream. Based on recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod. Moist & delicious. Love the fresh raspberries... #loafcake #cake #raspberries #whitechocolate #twopeasandtheirpod #meandervalleydairy #cream #doublecream

12 2 Feb 21, 2018

Tried my hand at my first chicken pot pie 🥧 and I must say, “Color me impressed!” I did cheat a little with the premade mariecallenders_ pie crusts and our favorite rotisserie chicken 🍗 from chickendijon. And with the help of the recipe from some of my favorite people at twopeasandpod, my husband thought I was a pro making his mama’s best dish for his birthday dinner. I think I made him proud! He went back for seconds, so that means something! Happy birthday babe! We’ll definitely be adding this one to the favorites 🙌🏼♥️👏🏼🥧👍🏼 #chickenpotpie #chicken #chickendijon #twopeasandtheirpod #pie #chickenpie #birthdaydinner #happyhusband #husbandbirthday #husbandsfavorite #mariecallenders #piecrust #peasandcarrots #rotisseriechicken #flakycrust #rookiebaker #rookiechef #rookie #birthdayboy

24 8 Feb 21, 2018

Pasta Pomodoro is a classic pasta dish that is so easy to make! It’s a weeknight dinner favorite at our house! Click twopeasandpod for the recipe link! 🍝 #twopeasandtheirpod

1223 40 Feb 20, 2018

Our favorite waffles for this snowy Monday morning! Click twopeasandpod for the recipe link!❤️🍓 #twopeasandtheirpod

1482 21 Feb 19, 2018

Use your brown bananas to make Buttermilk Banana Bread! This bread is always a favorite! Click twopeasandpod for the recipe link! 🍌🍞 #twopeasandtheirpod

2115 89 Feb 19, 2018

Are you meal planning today? Make Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken-this easy crockpot Mexican chicken is perfect for making tacos, burritos, quesadillas, or salads. You can also serve it over rice or quinoa for a simple dinner. Click twopeasandpod for the recipe link!💚 #twopeasandtheirpod

1896 31 Feb 18, 2018

48/365 ~ What I’m Reading ~ I haven’t been reading much lately. But I love to bake and this was my recipe today. #cy365 #recipe #bestmuffins #twopeasandtheirpod

26 0 Feb 17, 2018

I went to the gym this morning after baking these yesterday, and as I'm doing ladders, my hair falls out from behind my ears and overloads my senses with the smell of cocoa. 🐽 😂 I felt like I was cheating on a test--working out while secretly inhaling cocoa. Well that's what these cookies are. Big cocoa taste in a crispy shortbread by twopeasandtheirpod I substituted white chocolate for the dipping instead of milk chocolate, and I LOVED it. And my bake yielded about half what the recipe said, but I think I just didn't roll them out enough. REVIEW: The hubs felt the cocoa was overwhelming. The kids and I can't stop eating them. I wonder what a more high-quality (and in-date 🙈) cocoa would bring to the table. Overall, very simple recipe. Takes time to chill in fridge, bake, cool, dip in chocolate, and then set up, but we did it in between things, and the recipe was SO easy. I will warn, the cocoa makes it hard to judge "done-ness," so gently tap the edges of the cookie when timer beeps. If the edges are crisp, the cookie should be ready. Happy Cookie Corner!!!

34 1 Feb 17, 2018

Looking for dinner ideas? Make Stacked Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas! Our family loves them, even our boys! Click twopeasandpod for the recipe link! 👍🏻 #twopeasandtheirpod

1576 45 Feb 17, 2018

Pizza Friday! What are your favorite pizza toppings? Click twopeasandpod for this easy recipe! 🍕 #twopeasandtheirpod

1631 34 Feb 17, 2018

CHOCOLATE Snickerdoodles!!! If you like the classic cookies you need to try these! The chocolate twist is amazing! Click twopeasandpod for the recipe link!❤️ #twopeasandtheirpod

2315 63 Feb 16, 2018

Breakfast brought to you by an extreme craving for veggies after a whole day of pizza and chocolate 🍫🍕😄 Quinoa + veggie buddha bowl topped with fried egg. Recipe from>>> twopeasandpod #vegetables #quinoa #bowls #breakfast #recipes #bowlsbowlsbowls #nutrition #wellness #health #dietetics #RD2B #twopeasandtheirpod #twopeasandtheirpodrecipe

30 0 Feb 15, 2018

If heaven is real, that's what these cookies taste like. 😍😍😍 Orange zest chocolate chip cookies with sea salt. (Subbed coconut oil for butter, whole wheat flour for regular flour, and dark chocolate chips (and half the amount) for semi-sweet chocolate chips.) #chocolatechipcookies #orangezest #twopeasandtheirpod #indianapolis #imissedbaking #bakingismytherapy #healthyish

39 8 Feb 13, 2018

My twist on twopeasandpod Black Bean & Quinoa Enchilada Bake for a work potluck lunch tomorrow 👇🏻 full recipe is on her blog, but here are my modifications: . -1 cup uncooked quinoa, rinsed -2 cups pacificfoods low sodium veggie broth -1 tablespoon fourthandheart California garlic ghee -1 small onion, diced -1 red bell pepper, seeds removed, diced -1 orange bell pepper, seeds removed, diced -1 can corn, drained and rinsed -juice of 1 lime -1.5 tsp ground cumin -1.5 tsp paprika -1/3 cup chopped cilantro -Salt and pepper, to taste -2 cups cooked black beans -1 packet fronterafoods enchilada sauce -1/2 cup mild salsa -~1/3 cup my Cashew Cheeze sauce (recipe in feed) -Toppings: chopped scallions. I’ll add chopped avocado when it’s served too 👌🏻 . . #wellnesswithoutobsession #feedfeed #foodvsco #foodblog #eatingwell #twopeasandtheirpod

100 16 Feb 13, 2018
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