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Turfing was all that was needed for this job!


Just another #newbuild turfing job, laid on very poor quality soil, peaks and troughs a plenty. #badjob #badgardener #newbuildlawn #newpropertylawns #badturfing #badsoil #poorsoil #gardeningfail #gardenfail #fails #fail #laughable


#WIDN thanks for the tag my_forever_home_ I could have happily eaten a Sunday lunch today after the 10k run I did this morning! I am now in bed with my heavy legs feeling sad that the weekend is over! We had someone come round to quote us for turfing the back garden so waiting the for details to be emailed over. Excuse the creased curtain it seems that I need to have a word with myself about ironing the bedding and now also the curtains haha! How about ourmiddletonhome jb_newbuild ournewbuild_x what have you been up to?

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