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Fatty has over come rolling onto his tummy and have a major metal breakdown! For the past two days now enjoys sleeping on his tummy last night jamie and I were a little unsure as he sleeps in a sleeping bag at night and were worried about him sleeping on his tummy all night I swear we checked on him every hour


Had to take an emergency trip to the vet today because my tummy has been sore, I got a needle to help with my nausea and some yummy new food to make my tummy happy! The vet told mummy I was really bright, but she already knew that! Spending the day curled up on the couch and cuddling


It took me a lot of courage to post a pic of my thunder thighs and flabby tummy! I am giving myself 30 days to resize my tummy and thighs.Time to get fit!! #30dayschallenge #thunderthighs #flabbytummy #workouttime #fitterme


Monty assumes the bedtime tummy rub position! #tummy #rub #bedtime #luxury #catagram #catsofinstagram


Delicious simplicity. I love strawberry season! With banana and chia seeds for post-run fuel and thecollectivenz kefir tummy love unsweetened yoghurt for a healthy tummy and added deliciousness


Do you ever get this? Your tummy is all in your face screaming FEED ME!!! As I train for my next half marathon, the miles are starting to get higher and the tummy is also reminding me more often to FUEL up!!! I love this quick and easy and satisfying snack ... Apple drizzled with natural peanut butter and sprinkled with cinnamon #everythingisbetterwithcinnamon


Happy 4 months to this gorgeous boy. We have been incredibly blessed to have him in our lives. He loves to giggle and is always laughing at his sister.He rolls from his back to his tummy and his tummy to his back.He has officially outgrown his bassinette.He weighs 9kgs and wears 3-6 months clothes.He tries very hard to sit up by himself and He is always covered in drool because he has two little teeth that are very eager to pop out!


I completely forgot to post this on Monday, but this little boy is officially 4 months old! He loves kicking, talking, sitting up, and Mickey Mouse. He rolls from tummy to back and has rolled once from back to tummy. He hates laying unless he is sleeping and is very impatient when he is hungry. He is a very happy and smiley boy a majority of the time and is sleeping through the night!


That tummy being stretch by my little growing baby boy! I am glad that superdry has got awesome dresses to fit that growing tummy of mine! Ending my 14 weeks and saying hello to 15 weeks soon! #15weeks #14weeks #preggymom #preggy #yolo #ootd #superdry #babyboy #style #fashion #fashionista


Redvelvet cheesecake could not resist yummy in my tummy ... #redvelvet #cheesecake #treats #cheats #cheatsandtreats #foodporn #yummy #tummy #yeahness #lovetoeat


"Bella is so very thankful for Nourish and so are we!! She is disabled and has seizures. Many kids that are not walking have many GI issues.. now that she is on Nourish there no more tummy pains associated with constipation! She now has a BM twice a day which was unheard of prior to Nourish!! Thank you Functional Formularies for a happy girl and a happy tummy!!" -- Kristin B... #functionalformularies #Enteral #RD2B #TubeFeeding #WholeFoods #Organic #RDchat #Blenderized #LiquidHope #Nourish #Gtube #FFliquidhope #FFnourish #tubie #feedingtube #specialneeds #pediatrics


Happy Easter!!! The egg hunt is over and the chocolate fest has begun!!! I will be keeping Digestzen close today to soothe any tummy that over indulges including my own I have a roller bottle at the ready-digestzen blend diluted with fracionated coconut oil, which will be rolled on any sore tummy! For myself I will pop a drop in a mug of warm water and sip on my digestzen tea #doterra #chocolate #kids #happyeaster #family #digestzen #essentialoils #certifiedpuretherapeuticgrade #food #delicious if you need this oil in your life I can help you get it , go to


I like these tummy rubs a bit too much :(


Yummy tummy .


Poke is better in my tummy


Yummy in my tummy!


The flat tummy concoction!


Yaaaas!!! party in my tummy


Yummy only in My tummy.... #jacarandahotel


Tummy time!! #JWyatt


I love tummy tickles


How to be sexy without showing your tummy #BGI #SDS


Hai Mr. Lobster, are you ready, to be in my tummy?!


Worn loose to hide the tummy


#paassager #lets eat something #hungry tummy #lol # #

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