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elizabeth_smart_official is a badass. Loved her biography on A&E, but couldn’t handle the lifetime one. I’m so impressed by her advocacy work and how she’s used this story to empower herself and other survivors. 💪🏼💙 #yellowtapetrivia #yellowtape

1 1 Nov 21, 2017

Plowed through this 82 page graphic novel on a plane ride. Interesting read, with nice artwork, but nothing new if you already know the whole story. Nice overview if you haven’t. #hhholmes #hermanwebstermudgett #thebeastofchicago #thedevilthewhitecity #victorianmurder #serialkillercomic #truecrimecommunity #independentcomics

2 0 Nov 21, 2017

Embers & Ashes Part II is up now! On June 8th, 2017 Randy Stair (also known as Andrew Blaze) would arrive for night shift at The Weis Market & kill 3 co-workers before committing suicide. The headlines about the shooting would die down quickly, in much less time than had even been spent on it's planning, drowned out by similar back to back events. Each time we seem to be left in the same place, asking the same questions; finding it nearly impossible to heal through the aftermath when it's almost never-ending. Where does Tunkhannock, & where do we, go from here?

11 1 Nov 21, 2017

In our latest episode we review the new indie movie myfrienddahmer. Spoiler alert: WE LOVED IT! 😍 - - - #truecrimepodcast #truecrime #truecrimeaddict #truecrimecommunity #dahmer #myfrienddahmer

11 0 Nov 21, 2017

Hi, my name is Kristin and I'm obsessed with true crime. There I said it. Yep, I love reading, watching and listening to murders, missing people, serial killers, you name it. My latest obsession is true crime podcasts & over the past 9 months I've listened to my fair share of them. Instead of searching for them like I did, I'm sharing my 7 favorite true podcasts over on the blog today. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you'd be so kind to not leave me dangling from this branch of weirdness all by myself, give a hands up if you too have a secret true crime obsession. 🙋🏼

21 4 Nov 21, 2017

On the 10 March, 1998, 17-year-old Jeffrey Franklin attacked his family in their home at 13005 Camelot Drive, Huntsville, Alabama. Armed with a hatchet, he murdered his mother, Cynthia and his father, Gerald. He also attempted to murder his 14-year-old sister, Sara and his 8-year-old and 6-year old brothers, Timothy and Christopher. Miraculously, they survived, although with life-altering injuries. His other sister, 11-year-old Stacey, was thankfully not at home. A neighbour called 911 after they saw one of the siblings lying outside the house covered in blood. After the brutal attack, Jeffrey led police on a car chase throughout the neighbourhoods of southeast Huntsville. He was apprehended shirtless despite the cold weather after crashing into a fence. The top photograph shows a wild-eyed Jeffrey immediately after his arrest. He laughed and taunted onlookers. His defence attorney described his behaviour as “deranged.” Jeffrey told police that he was at the house but didn’t admit to attacking his family. He said it was like some “evil being” had taken over his body. Police noticed Jeffrey had a pitchfork scratched into his chest. In his notebook, police found that he had been planning on killing his parents for a while. He also wrote of satanic rituals and sexual torture and his belief that Satan wanted him to kill his family. Before the murders, Jeffrey had been visiting a psychiatrist for attention deficit disorder and depression. He was prescribed with Ritalin, Prozac, and Klonopin. Jeffrey had been awake for three days straight before the killings and was said to abuse Ritalin. The abuse “pushed him into a total psychosis, he was crazy,” said Robert Tuten, Jeffrey’s representative. In 2001, Jeffrey pleaded guilty to two murder charges and was sentenced to five life sentences. {TAGS: #truecrimecommunity #truecrime #crime #murderer #murder #killers }

10 0 Nov 21, 2017

Charles Manson mugshots through the years. Manson died on November 19, 2017 of natural causes at a hospital in Bakersfield, California. He had spent more than forty years in prison after being sentenced to death for the first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder of seven people, including actress Sharon Tate who was pregnant at the time of the murder.  His sentence was commuted to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 1972. {Tags: #truecrime #truecrimecommunity #charlesmanson #cult #cultleader #murderer #murder #crime #mugshot #mugshots }

12 0 Nov 21, 2017

i want a theme but i suck @ those🤧 #openrp #truecrime #truecrimecommunity

10 0 Nov 21, 2017

‼️Teaser Tuesday‼️ Friday is approaching rather quickly! Can you guess who we will be discussing in our E episode?? Comment below with your guesses!! 👇🏼 🔪💀🖤💀🔪 #PodernFamily #TrueCrimeAddict #TrueCrimeCommunity #AnyFuckingWhereElseUSA #NvsNpodcast #NaturevsNarcissism #Murders #TheDiningRoomDotCom #TrueCrimePodcast #TrueCrimes #LadyPodSquad #DontCallTheCops #TeaserTuesday #GuessTheKillers #GuessTheMurderers

7 0 Nov 21, 2017

How my mornings at work go.. truecrimegarage best.podcast.ever. 🤗🖤 #tcc #truecrime #truecrimecommunity #truecrimeaddict #podcast #podcasts #podcastlove #work #murder #homicide #investigation

13 2 Nov 21, 2017

Minisode 2.5 - Black Eyed Kids (Family Friendly) is now available! However, something happened when mixing down and there are some sound issues. We have fixed the problem and should no longer be an issue in future episodes. We apologize and thank you for hanging in there while we work through these kinks. 🙏🏼 #PodernFamily #TrueCrimeAddict #TrueCrimeCommunity #AnyFuckingWhereElseUSA #NvsNpodcast #NaturevsNarcissism #Murders #TheDiningRoomDotCom #TrueCrimePodcast #TrueCrimes #LadyPodSquad #ThanksBrian #LearningProcess #HangInThere #BearWithUs

9 0 Nov 21, 2017

While we wait for iTunes approval, here is another teaser for what you may hear in the first episodes. The first three episodes will be available very soon! 👻☠️👽

15 1 Nov 21, 2017

They threatened to take away his sock collection lol #tedbundy #murder #truecrime #video #serialkiller #truecrimecommunity #serialkillers

8 0 Nov 21, 2017

first of all, i wanna thank everyone who gave me a shoutout in their stories n everything else, I just cant answer to your stories or your pics cause i'm using instagram from my pc and shit doesnt work there :((( i hope i can log back into insta when i get a new phone, but that would take me a while. so pls dont leave me, i love yall also to the SJWs who read this: i didnt do shit, continue sucking your moms titties. and mark if u read this: youre actually a disgusting person for having an asian fetish, i hope ur wife leaves u. mwah - - - - - - #columbiners #columbine #columbinememe #columbinemassacre #april1999 #tcc #truecrime #truecrimecommunity #truecrimecontent #ericharris #dylanklebold #rebandvodka #massmurderers #dylannroof #tjlane #elliotrodger #randystair #starterpack #tccmemes #dankmemes #memes #dylankleboldandericharris

49 5 Nov 21, 2017
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