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Day 1 #TrapFiles trapfilesReese

10 0 Jan 19, 2018

Watch us get this work like we got something to prove..hittas they putting in work, GOT NOTHING TO LOSE!! #StickTalk #TrapFiles #CMU #TIG #MG #Bando

34 0 Jan 17, 2018


43 0 Jan 15, 2018

Im on that ready shyt I’m selfish nega I’m playn fa keepz 🤧💰 Stay on that demon shyt the devil kno I keep dat heat 🔥 #Trapfiles #Nosleep #Bagmon #trapaholic #roadrunner #ketchup #numerical #digits #like #mathematics #fortheculture #hiphopculture

12 1 Jan 12, 2018

😩😩😂 #TrapFiles ⛄️ kleonthecomedian

70 19 Jan 12, 2018

Trapfile:008 Name: DAPPER DAN Occupation: DOPEBOI FASHION ICON STATUS:💯 From 1982 until it closed in 1992, Dapper Dan's Boutique on 125th street in Harlem churned out clothes that have come to define an era. The boutique doubled as its own factory, and workers toiled around the clock to re-appropriate and remix the luxury designs of European houses that had flagship stores about 50 blocks south. Dapper Dan used several techniques to hustle his way to the top, eventually becoming the king of hip-hop fashion. Dudes (and ladies) traveled far and wide to place personal orders, either getting custom pieces that were unique or asking for versions they had seen on their favorite rappers, athletes, drug dealers, dopebois etc. #dopeboihalloffame #dapperdan #fashionicon #Harlem #international #trapfiles #Gucci #louisvuitton #fendi

5 0 Jan 11, 2018

Trapfile:007 Name: GUY FISHER Occupation: KINGPIN STATUS:💯 SYNOPSIS: Drug kingpin Guy Fisher was a member of Nicky Barnes' heroin enterprise, The Council, and helped renovate the Apollo Theater. Born in the South Bronx in 1947, drug kingpin Guy Fisher became part of Nicky Barnes's underground organization, The Council, at the age of 25. He funded renovation of the Apollo Theater in Harlem before being sentenced to life in prison for his heroin enterprise.In 1984, Fisher was convicted of multiple counts of RICO violations, including continuing criminal conspiracy, drug trafficking, and murder, and was sentenced to life in prison without eligibility for parole. Fisher's conviction was facilitated by the testimony of his former mentor, associate, and rival, Leroy "Nicky" Barnes. In 1978, Barnes was tried and convicted on multiple racketeering counts and sentenced to life without eligibility for parole. The prosecutor in the case was Rudolph Giuliani, who would later become mayor of New York City. Eleven months after his incarceration, Barnes telephoned Federal prosecutors indicating that he would agree to become a government informant in their case against Fisher and others. Barnes claims that he decided to testify because Fisher was having an affair with his mistress. In exchange for his information, Barnes was released into the federal Witness Protection Program. GUY Fisher remains to be incarcerated and will forever be put in the books for all dopebois across the globe. #guyfisher #dopeboihalloffame #Harlem #apollotheatre #snitchnickybarnes #trapolympics #Trapfiles #thorough #biography #freeguyfisher #freedaguyz #ripdaguyz #history #dontbelikenicky

1 0 Jan 11, 2018

Trapfile:006 Name: FLUKEY STOKES Occupation: MOB BOSS/ FALLEN GEN. A1:💯 Willie “Flukey” Stokes was one of the most successful Black gangsters in not just Chicago history, but in American history. An iconic figure in the Windy City, he first became known to police in the late 1950’s as a drug dealer, and by the late 70’s had become a true Kingpin, dominating the South Side drug trade. Stokes’ flair for the dramatic was such that when his son “Willie the Wimp” was killed in 1984, the funeral was memorialized in song by legendary guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn. Stokes died just as the age of crack cocaine had begun and in many ways he was the last of a dying breed. During Flukey’s era, selling drugs was a complicated game controlled by a select few, not the wild west of teenage gunslingers that characterized the crack era. 1986, a cold and rainy November night on the South side of Chicago. After taking in “Something Wild”  at the movies, drug kingpin Willie Stokes and his girlfriend stop at 79th Street and Calumet to grab some popcorn from an all night convenience store. After leaving the store, the party of 4  headed home. But a surprise was in store: when Stokes’ Cadillac arrived at his girlfriends home. Two killers were waiting the gunmen sprang from the bushes and emptied both a machine gun and a pistol into the bodies of Stokes and his driver. His girlfriend wasn’t hit. FLUKEY STOKES DIED IN THE FIELD 💯🐐 AND LIVED THE SAME WAY. R.I.P. #flukeystokes #dopeboihalloffame #Chicago #trapfiles #trapolympics #loyalty #honorable #cash #70s #goldenera #steverayvaughn #williethewimp #history

3 1 Jan 11, 2018

I fuck her she get what she want 🤙🏽📈 #whateva #hiphopculture #bagmonster #trapaholic #trapfiles #ketchup #testify #hard #pourup #dusse #itsavibe

13 9 Jan 11, 2018

Trapfile:005 Name: Lorenzo "fat cat" Nichols Occupation: DOPEBOI A1:💯 Lorenzo Nichols was one of the top drug lords in New York City in the 1980s. He is currently serving time in a New York State corrections facility. Synopsis Lorenzo Nichols, born in 1958 in Birmingham, Alabama, was one of the top drug lords in New York City in the 1980s. Nichols controlled a network of deals in Queens, New York, many of the crew members being his close family. Among numerous crimes, he is responsible for the killing of his former parole officer and girlfriend. He is currently serving time in a New York State corrections facility. #trapolympics #trapfiles #fatcat #Newyork #dopeboihalloffame #Fucktwelve

0 0 Jan 11, 2018

TRAPFILE: 004 NAMES: LARRY HOOVER, MAHDI, DON SMOKEY, BOBBY GORE( before peoples and folks alliances 1970s ) STATUS: LEGENDARY #trapfiles #legendary #Chicago #history #kinglarryhoover #MAHDI #donsmokey #bobbygore #1970s #stateville #dopeboihalloffame

4 1 Jan 11, 2018

Trapfile:003 NAME: RICH PORTER & ALPO. "THE INFAMOUS KISS OF DEATH" He was murdered on January 3, 1990 at the age of 24 and his body was found the next day near Orchard Beach, Bronx. He was shot several times in the head and chest and the police found $2,239 in his pocket. His friend and former drug dealing partner Alpo Martinez was charged and convicted of his murder. On December 5, 1989 his 12-year-old brother Donnell Porter was kidnapped in Harlem on his way to school and then had his finger cut off in order to extort $500,000 in ransom money from Rich. He was eventually killed and his body was found on January 28, 1990, a mile away from where Rich's body was found and less than a month after Rich's murder. #dopeboihalloffame #richardporter #ALPO #trapfiles #Harlem #trustnoone #live #learn #follow #riprichporter

7 0 Jan 11, 2018
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