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There you go.. Are you satisfied? Are you proud???? Of course you are.... #brokenheart #bandaids #yourgoal #justanotherlipstick #toxicrelationships #toxicpeople #toxicity #pain #cruelintentions #emotionalmanslaughter RP simplygeorgy

53 0 Dec 16, 2017

This is one without a doubt to work on. Instead of going over over negative thoughts in your mind, either replace them with positive thoughts or work on being mindful. As for negative people do whatever you can to reduce time with these kinds of people or remove them permanently from you Life. Life is is short to suffer! Have great weekend 🤪 #lifecoach #coaching #toxicpeople #toxicrelationships #negativepeople #toxic #negative #quoteoftheday #quote #quotes #innerpeace #beyourself #bereal

16 1 Dec 16, 2017

Toxicity is an addiction If 2017 has taught me anything, it’s that Toxicity is a drug you take because you ‘think’ you’re sick. It festers and oozes through your body, filling up the cracks and holes like radioactive waste but it shines so bright you think it’s made of gold. Once you close the door on one toxic thing, another swings open. It’s a craving, a cheap way to fill a void, and ultimately ends the same way. I broke up with someone [toxic] who made me extremely unhappy, so I began to chain smoke. I quit smoking, so I stayed locked in my room afraid of the world and feeling guilty for not participating in it. I opened my bedroom door, went to the kitchen, and had a panic attack at the idea of dinner, so I went to bed hungry. I made this stunning realization of my pattern...and craved a cigarette for the first time in six months. Toxicity convinces you that you deserve it. Without it you are nothing. If one part of you heals it has to infect a different part, so you can never get well. It makes you afraid to be well. To get better. Toxicity is a comfort, especially when you’ve had it for so long. It’s consistent. It’s controlled. It makes sure nothing changes. Fuck that. Things are gonna change in 2018. #toxicpeople #toxic #toxicrelationships #love #loveyourself #2017 #2018 #newyear #nyc #friends #theatre #laughter #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selfcare #selflove #writing #poetry #photography #modeling #animalsanctuary #macbeth

38 1 Dec 16, 2017

I know some people have reasons or excuses as to why they stay. I try not to be insensitive when it comes to this because I have amazing friends who have walked this path and whose children are survivors and exceptionally talented and strong-willed even in the midst of the turmoil they were raised in. All I can say is that some of us are extremely sensitive and have been immensely affected yet resiliency peeked its head somewhere on my journey. You never know who you may be helping along the way when you speak up. People need to know they are not alone. #Survivor #MoreThanAConqueror #ToxicRelationships #AbusivePartners #Narcissism101

2 0 Dec 16, 2017

When you are a kind and empathic soul, you will naturally attract people who will teach you the greatest lesson: the balance of give and take in relations. Growing up I believed I had to give so much of myself and go above and beyond to please others as a way to gain approval and acceptance, ESPECIALLY in romantic relationships! I would pride myself on being that ride or die chick, Bonnie and Clyde style that would cater to her lover, his needs and his wants even at the expense of my own desires. That bitch is dead. GONE. BYE FELICIA! It was a hard lesson to learn and I went through a few cycles of attracting the same kinds of men who were broken and needed fixing, who were narcisists and master manipulators, until the internal shift happened. Immediately when I decided that I was worthy of something better, my last ex literally disappeared off the face of the planet and I never heard from him since! This was someone who was hitting me up through mutiple social media accounts daily and was even contacting my mother feeding her bs! When you vibrate at a higher frequency and decide you want better and DESERVE better, the lower frequencies cant match where you're at and cannot affect you. You now in the penthouse suite and they still in the lobby, you be on different levels. YOU CANT FAKE SELF WORTH. ITS EVIDENT BY YOUR CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE. Until you truly TRULY believe you are worthy of something more, you will keep attracting the same lesson and the same people who will force you to eventually learn that lesson. People have always taken my kindness for weakness but I will still continue to be vulnerable, wear my heart on my sleeve. To me its not weakness to still have hope in humanity and our ability to love each other. Now I just know not only how how to identify when a relationship is toxic but how to draw the line in the sand in a healthy way. Thank you to all my ex lovers who forced me to boss up and grow some balls, you taught me to find my voice , speak my truth and that its OK to say no! #daretobeyou #toxicrelationships #byefelicia #youdeservebetter #vulnerability #realrawandvulnerable #realtalk💯 #learninglessons #aintthatthetruth

0 0 Dec 16, 2017

When life serves us lemons, we paint our faces and sing “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” with “cunt” as the only word in the song. I mean, ahem, I did that, and Fiona painted her face. She didn’t hear it, just so you know I’m a good Mom. #paintyourface #whynot #cursing #christmascaroling #naughty #christmas #mygirl #toxicpeople #toxicrelationships #theygolowwegohigh #parentingparents

10 0 Dec 16, 2017

Recovery is a rollercoaster. Today I spoke to a previous coworker who I thought was a friend, if not a good friend. I had just been to the doctors for my 24hr ECG results (high heart rate, irregular heart beat, medication to regulate) so we talked about that. He told me I needed to “stop pretending” I brushed it off and we joked/laughed and moved the conversation to other things. Later he told me I was too emotional and sensitive about how I was treated. He said a few times that he didn’t think there was anything wrong and I was taking everything too personally. This portion of our conversation confused me, I had made a joke about how everything changed when I left (for the better) and I knew it would be better for them at work. (I was treated badly in my last week of work and it is obvious that they made a mistake with what they did wrong). There were also very clear acts of discrimination directed towards me and another female member of the management team, but mostly me because I tried to speak up about inequality. I was always treated differently comparing to other managers, I was regularly taken advantage of because I was always happy to put in the extra hours or help out with extra duties, 5 years later, doing all of the scut and no recognition or appreciation takes a toll and I was tired. When I tried to talk about the workload imbalance I got treated like I was the problem. When I was told I wasn’t allowed to wear trousers/pants and spoke to HR (because that was false) I was told by my Director I shouldn’t speak to HR without speaking to her first. I could list 1001 ways in which I was treated unfairly but I won’t because I loved my job, my team, if I had been treated the same I would have left to get away from my ex, remember he still worked there, still grips me, grabbed me, sniffed me every day. What I find hard to let go of today, is this person who I thought was my friend, told me to “stop pretending” and “stop taking things personally” and “stop being emotional” “sensitive” but never once told anyone to stop treating me badly. This is my pain today, I have to let go of another rock that drags me down or I’ll never reach the surface for air.

17 5 Dec 16, 2017

#FlasbackFriday Laughed at today's #onthisday 😂on FB. When I looked in the mirror at what to fix and what to change, I can tell more of my testimony to give others the shortcut to a better path. I'm too strong for sugar coated words. I sweetened it with a smile. Still eye candy just more soul food. 🤗 #GloUpGirl the ebook NOW available on Amazon #Kindle >>>>> #herstory • • #swipeleft #inspiredaily #empower #goaldigger

30 3 Dec 16, 2017

Exactly one year ago my narc flew to Florida 9 hours away, to be a naked slave for a sugar daddy named Todd whom she had never met. Of course the cover story was a weekend family trip somewhere completely different. No lie is too big, no deception too bold. @ awarenesslovealways if she hasn't already made her Insta private, go see the illusion. #personalitydisorder #narcissist #promiscuity #sugarbaby #sociopath #pathologicalliar #serialcheater #drugabuse #alcoholabuse #emotionalabuse #narcissism #toxicrelationships #stayaway #personalitydisorder #narcissisticabuse #promiscuity #sugarbaby #sociopath #pathologicalliar #cheating #drugabuse #alcoholabuse #emotionalabuse #narcissism #toxicrelationships #stayaway #getaway #warnothers #bebrave #bestrong #selfpowerandlove #thatshername #fakefriend #dangerous #dishonest #unfaithful #deceptive #untrustworthy #secretive #undermining #conartist

2 0 Dec 16, 2017

• not tryna be indie mot tryna be cool just tryna be in this tell me are you too? can you feel where the wind is? can you feel it through all of the windows inside this room? cause I wanna touch you baby and I wanna feel you too i wanna see the sun rise on your sins just me and you light it up, on the run let's make love tonight make it up fall in love try. but you'll never be alone i'll be with you from dusk till dawn... •lacking on caption ideas ☹️• 🌚🤦🏽‍♀️🙈🥀 - ig.heartbreak #relationshipgoals #depression #heartbreak #suicide #regret #secondchances #secondchoice #toxicrelationships #mentalhealth #weakness #strength #love #sunset #orangesunset #wintersunset #rain #candyfloss #trees #sun #set #sky #winter2017 #rainbowsunset #onesidedlove #regret #dusktilldawn #sia #zayn #dusktilldawnedit

9 0 Dec 16, 2017
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