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In today’s world where beauty and substance are often delineated as mutually exclusive, Tara will strike you as an anomaly. At first glance, she is perceived as poised and beautiful with a refined sense of style. But her true beauty lies within her courage as an investigative journalist and philanthropist in the Middle East. Tara celebrates her femininity without compromising her commitment to her mission of impacting the world. Through her foundation artofhopeglobal, Tara contributes to the overlooked and often forgotten refugees of war in the Middle East. Her ability to balance femininity and a career confronting the ugliest truths facing the international community solidify her position as a modern day role model.."Refugees are forced to leave to their homes. There are 5 million refugees all across the Middle East and for many of them living conditions are incredibly inhumane...I deeply realized that the only difference between those (refugees) and me was that I was born in a different country. That human empathy became a focal point of my coverage into this day. Instead of feeling sorry for them and feeling ashamed for the opportunities that I have, I realized that I should channel that anger and weaponize it to tell their story."..... #iran #newyorkcity #theplaza #valentino #ootd #fblog #bloglovin #lookbook #fashionista #fashionblog #fblogger #streetstyle #nyc #photography #aboutalook #chanel #lanvin #persian #toutesdailleurs #hony #humansofnewyork

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