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Here's to the nights that turned into morning, and the friends who turned into family 🌒 #99daysinNYC

11 1 Aug 22, 2017

ما هرگز نمی دانيم كه می رويم آن هنگام كه در حال رفتن هستيم به شوخی درها را می بنديم و سرنوشت كه ما را همراهی می كند پشت سر ما به درها قفل می زند ، و ما ديگر ، هرگز نمی توانيم به عقب برگرديم . امیلی دیکنسون ترجمه آتوسا حصارکی #streetphotography, #streetstyle, #newyork_ig #topnewyorkphoto #drmartens #grunge #tumblrgirl #tumblr #lifestyleblogger #ftwotw2 #portraitpage #pursuitofportraits #postmypicssticks #fashionblogger #fashionphotographer #streetdreamsmag #streetstyle #vintage #hotisthenewblack #uoonyou #vintagefashion #liketkiti #streetwear #rippedtee #snickers #womenclothes #womeninframe #ootdindo #ootdmagazine #grungestyle

10 0 Aug 22, 2017

The Big 🍎

30 2 Aug 22, 2017

Blurred out

40 3 Aug 22, 2017

Contemplating, Reminiscing, and just straight up thinking

49 1 Aug 22, 2017

Not traffic

65 1 Aug 22, 2017

you have changed so fucking much. all you are is a guy wanting the world in his pants. how did you get like this. when we met you were the most sweetest thoughtful guy and now you are an ass thinking its ok to call other girls bitches. i realized i dont want you, i want what you once were. how you once acted and treated me and others around me. i miss feeling loved by you, but now youve turned into a guy not worthy of having a steady relationship bc you want other girls not just one at a time. you are ok with kissing people that you have no feelings for. when i met you you didn't want to just kiss anyone you thought of it as something you do with someone you truly care about and now you completely different.

33 7 Aug 22, 2017
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