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This year, I'm thankful for a job that doesn't require me to go into work on Thanksgiving night. When I took this picture, I remember it being the beginning of a very very long night. The day started at 11p and I think I was there until 5 or 6am, got a few hours of sleep, and had to be back to close. #RetailProblems #BlackFridaySucks #BlackThursdaySucks #StoptheMadness #TooMuchGreed

13 0 Nov 22, 2017

Jersey city path, this is what happens when an administration overdevelops an area without developing the supporting substructure, and its only gonna get worse. Please stop overdevelopment of downtown jersey city without developing proper supporting substructure first. It should be a no brainer, #toomuchgreed #horsebeforethecart #jerseycity #turningjerseycityintohoboken

121 13 Oct 6, 2017

Praying for things to change, USA and the rest. We need to unite... Mandalay Bay was just absolutely devastating. Along with the rest of events that occurred recently. Record breaking storms, earthquakes, shootings, weather... I don't know, let's all wake to a deeper sense of what it is to be alive. #guncontrol #unite #newvibrations #peace #cleanup #toomuchgreed #love #change #blessed

22 1 Oct 3, 2017

Swipe To See Full Image| Please Read. _ This world is a very interesting place. I was born in a small Ghanaian village, my grandmother would empty the rice bag and make trousers out of it. It was very itchy and she always told me to soak it in water first, and then let it dry before I wore it. The image you see before you what comes in mind ? Many would say poverty but I say happiness. As a child I didn't know what poverty was until I came to this materialistic western world. The children you see in this image are more happier than you. Ask yourself what you stress about day to day, look in the mirror and ask yourself are you happy with who you are ? We tend confuse money with happiness. _ You see poverty I see so much more in this image because I can relate. I have lived such life and it was amazing. When you grow up in such environment all you have is each other. So you grow with love, we cry and rejoice together. Whether the next meal comes or not. I want my readers to understand what the true meaning of happiness is. I've once tasted this happiness as a child in Africa. Free from material needs, sexual immorality, western poisoning and media brainwashing. I understood the value of having a family and a community. I live in a society of greed and selfishness. People care for themselves and nothing more. _ I want this image you see to convict your heart this evening. To make you realise whatever you think your circumstances maybe, there're people in this world going through challenges you couldn't possibly understand. When I look at these children I don't see poverty. I see deep love, happiness and peace. Because they're free from material goods, sexual confusion and worldly ideas that poison the mind and community. _ Please don't feel sorry these beautiful African children. Feel sorry for yourself for spending all your life working and always questioning yourself if you're truly happy or not. _ I'm still searching for my piece of happiness in this western world. The innocent African child I was is no more but I'm humbled from where I came from to be here today. _ #Family #Poverty #Africa #GiveToTheWorld #BeSelfless #TooMuchGreed #AfricanChildren

119 3 Sep 19, 2017

So after looking for a little while I finally got the Supreme Jordan 5 in my size!! I just wanna say shout out to urban_necessities!!! The shipping was unreal and super fast. Again thank you so much guys at urban_necessities. I was so exited when I saw the shop name on the box. Stay up fam! I will be purchasing more soon! :) #urbannesscities #toomuchgreed #toomuchgreedclothingco . . #supreme #airjordan #airjordan5 #supreme5s #shoeporn #sneakerhead #hypebeast #jordansupreme #23 #ropegang #deadstock #sneakerporn #sneakerlove #notforsale #notblowingsmoke #pnw #oregon #dreambig

34 4 Aug 9, 2017

22 3 Aug 3, 2017

While we struggle everyday, remember that love starts with a passion to pursue fighting hate #changethesystem #toomuchgreed #riseabove #putdownyourweapons

71 1 Mar 7, 2017

This country continues to disgust me. I can't wait to make my way to the motherland .. to all my friends and family who have friends and family that are being affected by this here you go. Spread the word ❤❤❤ #WhereIsTheLove #TooMuchGreed #NotEnoughPeace

41 0 Feb 7, 2017
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