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Another beautiful day on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic railroad just west of Antonito, Colorado.. #twinkyllamas #antonito #colorado


Had a great tour guide at #ChichénItzá today. Learned a lot about Mayan + Toltec cultures, advanced math and sciences of the priest classes, and discovery of the ruins by conquistadors. #MexicoPyramids


Another human we love so much johnburgosbto wearing the Reminder Cuff on his recent trip to Peru. Loving everything about this image and energy of Peru #jewelry #toltec #donmiguelruiz #love #wisdom #beyondtheordinary #peru #shamanic


As of last weekend this is the snowpack at Cumbres Station at the summit of Cumbres Pass on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic railroad.. First you can see the station and the nearly covered track sheds, the nearly covered Car Inspectors house by the Pine tree and the snow shed. #big_shotz #daily_crossing #exploring_shotz #globaldaily #ig_masterpiece #ig_divineshots #kings_transports #pocket_rail #railways_of_our_world #railmarkable #splendid_transport #splendid_shotz #trains_worldwide #train_nerds #trb_express #twinkyllamas #steam #railroad #railfan #coloradoliving #colorado #visitcolorado


The Spring Equinox brings an energy of balance — equal parts day and night — that invites us into our center, into a place of wholeness that honors the many layers and shades of our being. This is a time to open to the places where we’re contracting, saying NO to life, or resisting growth, and find the places where we’re attached, holding on to what we love out of fear that it will leave us, and gently release our grip. We’re invited to explore our imbalances and examine our contradictions.The Toltec tradition associates spring with the element of air, which aligns with our mental/intellectual body, and our thoughts, awareness, and perceptions. When we embody clear perception—observing our thoughts, witnessing our stories, being impeccable with our words—we have the ability to use the mind in service of the heart. If we choose to create our reality from a place of love, then love is what we perceive in the world around us.Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature. They were connected to the coming and going of each season, the changing moon phases, the celestial shifts, and through ritual they honored the death and rebirth inherent in the cycle of life. They celebrated the endings and the beginnings in equal measure. The arrival of spring brings with it an opportunity to cleanse old energies, from the body as well as the home and the surrounding environment, to create space for the new.In the process of spring cleaning, as we de-clutter our closets, homes, and desks, we can also bring awareness to our inner world and what’s ready to be cleared out within. What beliefs and limitations are we prepared to shed? What old habits, patterns, and ways of being can we release?Today is a celebration of the next season of growth and a chance to ring in the astrological new year with intention. Life has cleared the way for us to bring our new ideas, projects, or versions of ourselves out to play. We are invited to emerge from the hibernation of winter and blossom—to open up to living another cycle of life in full bloom. #voyagesofthespirit #springequinox #emergence #growth #expansion #rebirth #renewal #light

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