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經濟艙的冬季銀河 hkairlines #不能選擇的構圖 #鳩影 #聞星大師過主

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Where to go next?

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The Midnight After

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站在霓虹耀眼的夜裏 The night is brighten by the neon light signs

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. Sham shui po - Kowloon

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Hey guys so here is my honest gradual 16 week FAT LOSS TRANSFORMATION for contest prep when I competed in Men’s Physique last year. Keep in mind I also got more tanned lol. _________ HOW MUCH CARDIO DID YOU DO? ▪️ Started off with 30 burpees on an empty stomach every morning and no other cardio. ▪️By about week 3 I was doing a 30m cardio session after my workouts, 3-4 times per week (incline treadmill power walk). ▪️ By week 10 and onwards I was doing a 30m fasted cardio session and another 30m cardio session after my workouts, 6 times per week. _________ WHAT WAS YOUR DIET? ▪️ I count macros so I didn’t have a set meal plan. ▪️ I started off eating at about 100kcal below maintenance. ▪️ This caloric deficit gradually increased over time. ▪️ By the end of my prep I was eating about 700kcal below maintenance. _________ WHAT SUPPS DID YOU TAKE? ▪️ Creatine monohydrate. ▪️ Whey protein. ▪️ BCAA (15-25g per day). ▪️ Preworkout. ▪️ Acetyl-L-Carnitine (only in the last 2 weeks to aid in recovery). _________ DID YOU HAVE CHEAT MEALS? ▪️ I had calculated refeed days after week 8. ▪️ I went off by feel but generally did a refeed day about once every 2 weeks. _________ HOW MUCH WATER DID YOU DRINK? ▪️ 6-8 liters per day. _________ Was it easy? Hell no, there were multiple times where I had minor mental breakdowns. Worthit? Abso-fckin-lutely. Lastly, I gotta give a shoutout to beastmodejones, yuckylavado, mattogus, and lex_fitness. I learned so much fundamental knowledge from watching these guys when I first got into fitness. They never gave into fads, and always preached the truth 💯. _________ Training programs ➡️ . _________ . . . . . #fitness #fitspo #instafit #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #physique #shredded #fitspiration #mensphysique #bodybuildingcom #weightlosstransformation #hkfit #hkig #fitnesslifestyle #nyu #bodybuilding #igfitness #fitfam #fatloss #muscleandhealth #bodybuildingmotivation #musclegain #asianetics #fitlife #sgfitness #timeouthk #fatlossjourney #teamasianetics

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