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Cause baby, its all about 'the fit and flare'

25 7 Oct 24, 2017

Umm it was one stock photo is this new? #resellerwelcome #reseller #resellercommunity #thrifters #thriftstorefinds #thrifter #poshmarkseller

7 2 Oct 23, 2017

I wish #ebay had a way for sellers to contact these watchers and figure out why they won't just buy! 😡😡 I have so many items with watchers but no buyers. #ebayproblems #reseller #resellerlife #thrifters #thrift #listlistlist #girlboss

4 0 Oct 23, 2017

Only a couple months to CHRISTMAS!!! Now is the time to sign up for our weekly newsletter (including a coupon)! Just go to to do so.

19 1 Oct 23, 2017

All black, 🔔 sleeves and bows. #ootd

43 4 Oct 23, 2017

Picked these up at the Gallatin giveit2goodwill location today (surprisingly lol)! Score! 💁🏽

28 1 Oct 23, 2017

Vintage Fila tracktop Size: tagged 50 DM for info

20 2 Oct 23, 2017

Vintage Asics tracktop Size: tagged 50, fits men's L DM for info

18 1 Oct 23, 2017

Vintage Reebok tracksuit Size: tagged M DM for info

18 1 Oct 23, 2017

Vintage Lotto track top Size: tagged M DM for info

17 2 Oct 23, 2017

My thrifting side kicks. I once had a plan ... a solid plan. Career, travel, the type of wife I would be, and how I would be as a MOM. Then I actually became a parent! 👌🏻🤣👏🏻 Skyleigh and Jax flipped my world upside down. Plans changed. I changed with them ... so these two always remain our top priority. I know I’ll be more proud to be happy and available mom than to have a “career” that I constantly have to juggle. The struggle is real, and there is no “community”. My businesses are successful and busy, and our three old (like most) is exhausting! I get burnt out. Thrifting IS my (our)therapy. We do it together... just like everything else. Side note: BP444 behind them was heavily DWD and still $8. We left it behind (there is only so much room), but we still got stoked about it! #pyrexhunting #pyrexlovers #thriftersintraining #thesetwo

80 8 Oct 23, 2017

Im trying to get into amazon and it seems I can not sell anything in any condition. I have this book sealed ☹️ #amazon #boohoo

29 8 Oct 23, 2017

This weekend was one for the books. Fall traditions checked off ✔️ Game night 👌🏼 And a slow Sunday 🖤 I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!

75 3 Oct 23, 2017
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