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On August 14th 2001, a strange "crop glyph" of a humanoid face appeared in a field just outside the Chilbolton Radio Telescope grounds in Hampshire England, one year after the 'fractal crop glyph' was found in the same field. According to Darcy Ladd, Manager of the Chilbolton Radio Observatory, in an interview with Colin Andrews, the image appeared “suddenly on the morning of August 14th.” The image which confronted the Telescope personnel that morning bore a striking resemblance to the July, 1976 Viking image of the "Face on Mars", right down to the appearance of asymmetry and "erosion" on the right hand side. Though first noticed by the telescope employees on the 14th, the Chilbolton "Face" was not reported (and not by the facility staff) until Sunday, August 19th. Its announcement in England caused an immediate worldwide sensation on the Internet. The Face turned out, under a "Gaussian blur filter", to bear a strong resemblance to a somewhat primitive human face, not unlike the Face on Mars if the Face’s erosion was removed. But the Chilbolton glyph lacked a key feature of the Cydonia Face, the distinctive "platform" around the base. In place of this however, it was obviously carefully placed within a frame. There were other, far more sophisticated aspects, which drew people to this glyph. The whole thing seemed to be made up of cells, which bore a striking resemblance to the half-tone “dots” used to create newspaper pictures, or the pixels of a digital image. These "pixels" were made up of a series of darker standing tufts of wheat, with the bright "pixels" created by the gently swirled down stalks between. The deliberately created illusion in this glyph that the lighting is coming from the upper left (as in the original Viking Cydonia frame), when in fact Steve Alexander’s aerial photograph was taken with the sunlight on the field coming from the lower right - is further testimony to the superb optical physics embodied in this effort. The Face glyph was also placed in the field in such a way that the “tramline” scanned across the nose cuts it almost exactly in half.

52 1 Nov 24, 2017

Protecting our thoughts from the aliens while sill being festive. #thetruthisoutthere #iwanttobelieve #bunchaturkeys #bffe #thankful

12 0 Nov 24, 2017

R O S W E L L #TheTruthIsOutThere #RogueTrip

17 0 Nov 24, 2017

SCULLY: to carry out my duties as an FBI agent. SENATOR SORENSON: Are you tendering your resignation, Ms. Scully? Is that what you're trying to say? SCULLY: No, sir. What I am saying is that there is a culture of lawlessness that has prevented me from doing my job. That the real target of this committee's investigation should be the men who are beyond prosecution and punishment. The men whose policies are behind the crimes that you are investigating. SENATOR SORENSON: Either you tell us what you know about Agent Mulder's whereabouts, or you will be held in Contempt of Congress. Congress PT 3 (S04E08: Tunguska) #thexfiles #xfiles #thetruthisoutthere #iwanttobelieve #trustnoone #mulder #scully #mulderandscully #msr #davidduchovny #gilliananderson

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CHAIRMAN ROMINE: Agent Scully- - this is not a soapbox, Miss Scully. Your statement will be entered into the record. SCULLY: With all due respect, Mr. Chairman, I would like to finish. CHAIRMAN ROMINE: This is not why we are here today. SCULLY: Then why are we here, sir? SENATOR SORENSON: Agent Scully, do you or do you not know the whereabouts of Agent Mulder? Are you or are you not aware of Agent Mulder's present location? SCULLY: I respectfully decline to answer that question, sir. CHAIRMAN ROMINE: Ms. Scully, you cannot refuse to answer that question. SCULLY: Because I believe answering that question could endanger Agent Mulder's life. CHAIRMAN ROMINE: You don't seem to understand. Your response is not optional; you are an agent of the FBI. SCULLY: Then if I could please finish my statement. . . that it is no longer possible Congress PT 2 (S04E08: Tunguska) #thexfiles #xfiles #thetruthisoutthere #iwanttobelieve #trustnoone #mulder #scully #mulderandscully #msr #davidduchovny #gilliananderson

45 0 Nov 24, 2017

SCULLY: I, Dana Katherine Scully, swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. I would like to read from a prepared statement. SENATOR SORENSON: You may do so. SCULLY: I left behind a career in medicine to become an FBI agent four years ago because I believed in this country. Because I wanted to uphold its laws, to punish the guilty and to protect the innocent. I still believe in this country. But I believe that there are powerful men in the government who do not. SCULLY:. . . men who have no respect for the law and who flout it with impunity. CHAIRMAN ROMINE: Ms. Scully. . . SCULLY CONTINUES: I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer possible. . . Congress PT 1 (S04E08: Tunguska) #thexfiles #xfiles #thetruthisoutthere #iwanttobelieve #trustnoone #mulder #scully #mulderandscully #msr #davidduchovny #gilliananderson

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On this day - 24th November 1996, The X-Files episode “Tunguska” was aired. After investigating the deaths of two men in connection with the recent arrival of a diplomatic pouch, Mulder is imprisoned in a brutal Russian gulag while Scully refuses to answer to formal inquiries as to his whereabouts. (S04E08: Tunguska) #thexfiles #xfiles #thetruthisoutthere #iwanttobelieve #trustnoone #mulder #scully #mulderandscully #msr #davidduchovny #gilliananderson

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SCULLY: Why should I trust you? You've lied to us before. X: You're wasting time. Do you understand? MULDER: Mulder. SCULLY: Mulder, don't get on the train. MULDER: Why not? SCULLY: Because they know where you are... ...and they know what you're doing. MULDER: Who told you that? SCULLY: Look, Mulder, it's just too dangerous. MULDER: Who told you, Scully? It's coming, Scully. SCULLY: Let it go. MULDER: I can't. SCULLY: Mulder, don't get on the train. Mulder. Mulder! (S03E09: Nisei) #thexfiles #xfiles #thetruthisoutthere #iwanttobelieve #trustnoone #mulder #scully #mulderandscully #msr #davidduchovny #gilliananderson

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