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It's Tuesday...and that means Le-Vel just paid me for being HAPPY and changing lives! That also means that I have $50 in credits to send to the first NEW customer who wants to take control, feel amazing, and live that THRIVE life with me! All you have to do....MESSAGE ME and tell me you're ready! #thatthrivelife #thrive #thethriveexperience #thrivinmomma #sharethehealth #happinessinabox #threesimplesteps #makethechange #youreworthit #committoblitz #norisk #allreward #messagemenow #comethrivewithme

6 0 Oct 17, 2017

#thrivewithme #thrivelife #thethriveexperience Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask. Let me help you get started...

0 0 Oct 17, 2017

TESTIMONY TUESDAY! Hey y'all my name is Lynda Yager and this is MY 12 week Thrive Experience! I am a beyond blessed 44 year old housewife from Bushnell, Florida. I was told about Thrive by a good friend in the Summer of 2016 but I turned it down and I kept turning it down for over a year. I turned it down because, on the outside, I had everything anyone could ask for! An incredibly handsome, hard-working husband, 2 beautiful, successful adult children that are married to the best spouses ever, a loving and supportive family and awesome friends. We live a simple life. Our home was my grandparents and is in the country on 40 acres. We have cows in the pasture and are surrounded by all nature has to offer. So, what more could I want right? What's missing? Well that wasn't easily seen. In fact I went to great lengths to hide it. Whenever I was out I always had a smile on my face and did my best to move like I was walking on sunshine. But, internally, my life and mind was in a negative place. I was insecure, unmotivated, and sometimes downright scared to live this amazing life God has blessed me with. Not to mention keeping up a happy spunky spirit filled appearance was downright exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally. I didn't sleep soundly, I was overweight, my eating habits were awful and I did as little physical exertion as possible. I finally reached a point where I knew something HAD to change. Living like this wasn't fair to my loved ones, to me or to God! ENTER THRIVE - MY ANSWERED PRAYER! I was a Day 1 Thriver!! As soon as I completed my 3 simple steps I was ready to hit the ground running full of energy and it lasted all day. Day 3 I noticed my smile came naturally and I could feel the joy returning deep down. By day 10 I felt like I was finally living life. I was going to bed excited about tomorrow and waking up refreshed. And after just 10 days I knew I was meant to share this product with the world so I pushed the promoter button. Since becoming a promoter I have, for the first time in my life, set goals AND I achieving them. I'm no longer afraid to dream! #levelthrive #thethriveexperience #thrivewithme #testimonytuesday

1 1 Oct 17, 2017

TESTIMONY TUESDAY! Amazing stories from Thrivers featured all day today! 😍💃🏼💪🏅 #levelthrive #thethriveexperience #thrivewithme #testimonytuesday #tuesdaymotivation

6 0 Oct 17, 2017

Happy 2 year Thriversary!!!! This is just 6 months of being on Thrive... loving life, met one of the CEOs, went on my first trip! Started feeling like "ME" again! #thethriveexperience #youngagain #thrivelife #thriver4life #funagain #lifestylechange #DFTthis #fillingnutritionalgaps #neverfeltsogood #lovelife #loveon

6 2 Oct 17, 2017

Came home from work to the best surprise! Thanks Bre for my goodie box! You inspire me to keep sharing this amazing company/products! #thethriveexperience #thrivewithme #goodiebox #happypacks #striveformore #changinglives #debtfree

11 2 Oct 17, 2017

#thethriveexperience #refer2getyoursfree #thrivewithme #premiumgradenutrition Ready to give it a try? Let me know.

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#thethriveexperience #DUO

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#thrivecafe #excitingnewproducts #le-velbrands #greattastegreatnutrition #thethriveexperience. Hit me up for more info the choice is yours...

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