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Do you even float? Ha so relaxing floating 💯❤️😍 #therapy #relaxing #shutoffmybrain #happyplace #relaxing #floattank

0 0 Oct 24, 2017

Mental health tip: take deep breaths. Whenever your heart is heavy, whenever your thoughts are racing, whenever it feels like your world is crashing down, take deep breaths. It's not a cure, by any means, but it's a simple, scientifically proven method to feel a bit better almost immediately. And when it comes to mental health, any improvement is welcome. . Stay strong, my friends. I love you all. ❤ #mentalhealthmonday

2 1 Oct 24, 2017

Made my peanut butter surprise cookies today! Baking is my therapy. ❤🥜🍫 #peanutbutter #cookies #baking #queen #therapy #sogood #fromscratch #homemade #delish #foodporn #food #sweets #dessert #sopretty

6 0 Oct 24, 2017

There’s no greater therapy than the love & bond between humans and their animals. ❤️ To watch the full episode visit!

6 1 Oct 24, 2017

ANYONE TELLING YOU TO TELL YOU TO STRETCH YOUR HAMSTRINGS WHEN YOU HAVE ISSUES, OR SUGGESTING YOGA TO START FIXING YOUR BODY DOESN'T FULLY UNDERSTAND THE STRUCTURAL, MUSCULAR AND FASCIAL NETWORK'S INTERACTIONS Who hasn't stretched their hamstrings, Tag everyone! The fact is becoming that human beings do more to cause an anterior shift than they do to keep it from shifting. In most cases everything humans are doing is causing it to shift more anterior, even when they think they are lifting to do good for their body. More and more you hear the story about someone who wasn't able to train or exercise due to some limitation, injury, or what they thought was an injury. So many think they pulled something or injured themselves to where they aren't able to do things the same. In most cases of a real pull, strain, or tear there is a hematoma. Signs of bruising at the location of the injury or both the site and also the other side of the muscle. If you don't see this, you definitely just shifted the alignment outside of its functional line enough to pinch off circulatory pathways or actual nerves. The famous "I pinched something" I've taken a guy who thought he for sure tore something because "He had before, bad" and without even doing body work on him I put him back on the gym floor, made him pull his pelvis as neutral as he could, lightened the small vehicle he was lifting down to a measly 135 lbs and when he tried to lift what he called "sissy weight" he didn't have a single bit of pain, but he dropped the weight. Cause I showed him how weak his glutes truly were. Anyways, we can think something is one way and the body play tricks on our mind. "My hamstring is tight, so I stretch it." Naturally, if your pelvis is neutral all the time and you've just developed some tension there, but that's not almost every human on earth. With the pelvis compromised, the joint and muscle are both out of position. You're not stretching your hamstring, it's already too long and in the current position it's in you're just pulling it longer. **Continued in comments** Thank you everyone!

22 1 Oct 24, 2017

“The number-one way to mitigate co-founder conflict is exquisite, strong communication between co-founders.” – Jerry Colonna, Reboot

3 2 Oct 24, 2017

Aim low and strike high, have I got the saying right? #banksy #highstriker #hammerboy #agression #replacement #therapy #ie #art

0 0 Oct 24, 2017

Bersihin paru2 dr Sisa2 Nikotin ?? ingin suami berhenti merokok tanpa ia sadari?? Minum Miracle Blue #MSI, cukup 2 tetes dg air 500 ml. Badan sehat & Racun Keluar, mau ?Chat me😉 Cipi msi Wa 089614849368 Bbm DC62607E #therapy #terapirokok #alkali #nikotin #mb #miracleblue #msi #paru #pengobatan #dokter #medis #instagood #like4like #likeforlike #wather #amazing #wow #ready

11 0 Oct 24, 2017

Tinggal berapa sesi je lagi, lepas tu Jazz sambung kelas terapi di Kelantan pulak. . . . . #therapy #microcephaly #jazleenizzatyjourney

1 0 Oct 24, 2017
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