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Some of us are just born with the vision.

51 4 Dec 16, 2017

Sledding, Ferris wheel and train rides in #pershingsquare today!❄️☃️ 🚂 🎄🎡

137 1 Dec 10, 2017

‘Hier ist es’ #studio120m2

29 5 Dec 9, 2017

‘Hier ist es’ by #studio120m2

35 8 Dec 3, 2017


111 11 Nov 23, 2017


65 3 Nov 20, 2017

Hi, brother

121 10 Nov 8, 2017

"The Public Image" Author: Muriel Spark #ThePublicImage #PublicImageLtd #MurielSpark #Book この扉絵が1番洒落とんしゃ。 #JohnLydon

152 1 Nov 6, 2017

My month in books: gosh, 1 October seems a long time ago.... #TheWitchesofEastwick - perplexing and fascinating enough for me to accept punkass_bookjockeys 's kind offer to SEND ME THE SEQUEL! #Ragtime - I found this beautiful paperback at oxfamealingbookshop - and this was my highlight of the month fictionwise. As a writer Doctorow walks a tightrope... escapes from a box.... Houdini rating: HIGH #ThePublicImage Muriel Spark is one of my favourites and this novel about a inadvertent film star is not one of her most famous but it's as bonkers hilarious and amazing as ever #MelvilleANovel - Jean Giono's evocation of the Moby Dick novelist seemed totally wrong to me but I shouldn't read books about real people really. Except if they're by EL Doctorow (see above) #TheMachine jpsmythe's wonderful dark horrific tale of a woman who has her husband's memories in a hard drive... ACTUALLY haunting. #StrangerShores Coetzee essays, just astonishing. His humane eye, his persuasive prose, his insight. ♥️ #BetterThanBefore Gretchen Rubin will reform you!! Actually a very interesting book about how to change your habits according to what type of feller you are #TheChalkPit I love a detective novel and the Elly Griffiths ones are gentle character-focused mysteries although this one was not my favourite LAST AND BEST: If you like poetry or FANTASTIC biographies you just must read The Songs We Know Best about John Ashbery's life until he was 28. What a gorgeous concept for a biography - to just focus tightly on his quiet childhood in upstate farming New York. Very moving, very illuminating, and returns you fresh to the poetry.💙 • • #reader #readers #reading #readfrommybookshelf #october2017 #octoberroundup #readingfrommybookshelf #books #book #booklovers #bibliophiles #readersbooks #bookban #horrificbookbancontinuesunabated #bookshelves #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagrammers #thesongsweknowbest

232 18 Nov 1, 2017

"O abre alas que eu quero passar"

40 3 Oct 24, 2017


108 6 Oct 18, 2017

On the Road

79 1 Oct 16, 2017


68 3 Oct 11, 2017

Porque seu sorriso é assim pra mim... As cores do meu dia! 😍😍😍

59 1 Oct 11, 2017
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