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Fabulous face. This worked better in black and white, as it seemed to emphasise the mood a little more and draw attention to the Model's lovely eyes.

2 1 Oct 19, 2017

💀 Model: rusty.blade
Coordinator: karimsleduc
Agency: dulcedomodels dulcedotalents

104 1 Oct 19, 2017

The two weeks since we’re back from the North America trip have been pretty intense. I shot 3 videos (the music video for noakirel_ just went live, check my stories for the link), I animated a short video for Universal Music, had a studio shoot with janinauhse for a German ad campaign, I worked on the new Lightroom Preset Pack for you guys, today I started shooting the video for adiulmansky ‘s new single. In the “downtime” in between I edit OH, NORTH AMERICA and plan out the next month ahead until January ☺️ Yesterday I looked at all of this and figured that these are all things I genuinely enjoy working on. I literally hop out of bed in the mornings with a (sleepy) smile on my face ever since we’re back, thrusting into the day and into work. I know this is a privileged situation that no one should ever take for granted (despite all the cheesy instagram quotes about following your dream and blah, that might have a true core but well.. easier said than done..). It feels like another reminder to myself that taking on projects that you really have fun with are the ones that make you happy and therefore propel you forward since you’re at your best. Back to shooting now 😘 〰〰〰 Edit is part of the new Preset Pack ✨

42 4 Oct 19, 2017

PLAY A collaborative shoot with adelainnee Feat annetaplac Assisted by gelowss17

11 1 Oct 19, 2017
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