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Φ BEST FRIEND Φ A best friend is like four leaf clover "HARD TO FIND AND LUCKY TO HAVE" 😘😘😘 #HASLI (Hani, Adlene, Shida, laiLi) ❤❤❤ #motivation #motivationquotes #bestfriends #thegirls #stronggirls #weare #keepstrong #janganlupabahagia

4 2 Oct 18, 2017

If you missed the doseofcolors #desixkaty collection the final restock is today at 5pm GMT (9 am PST). Check out my latest post on my blog to see what I got from collection and my thoughts 😉. Link in bio

15 1 Oct 18, 2017

❗️❗️LAST RESTOCK❗️❗️ doseofcolors X desiperkins X katy Collection! Today at 9 am PST, 11 am CST, 12 pm EST A few eye looks with their Quad Eyeshadow palette “The Girls” #doseofcolors #DESIXKATY #desixkatycollab #thegirls #doseofcolorsxdesixkaty

13 0 Oct 18, 2017

When you are reading a book and a perfect lines popup for a kind of a #metoo campaign which is since yesterday and today all over the instagram, I assume on FB, Twitter also. Many stories, many painful memories, tears, rage and support world wide BUT what's like a phenomenon for me is one fact. Where are other guys? Brothers, fathers, uncles, "buddies", assholes best friends of jerks which are mentioned in these stories? Where the fuck all others are? Why the hell is so rare that some brother, son, uncle, dad, grandpa, neighbour stand up for some woman, sister, daughter, aunt, grandma etc.? And yes by standing up I mean cutting his fucking pathetic dick off or at least breaking some bones, preferably knees or elbows? All are surprised "omg how many stories", no shit... and stories from your neighbourhood for example? How many did fucking nothing when they heard woman screaming in the park? How many never run to help when some jerk is beating the shit out of some woman? (Yeah, yeah she is with him.. but that's still shit which people are watching and doing nothing) How many guys will beat the shit out of their "buddy" when they hear how he is treating women like a crap? Where the fuck all of you sissies are? Women mostly can't defend themselves, never heard that some 1.50cm guy raped female champion in Kick boxing for example...but still who else can stand up for a females if not brothers,fathers, frends... Police, court and law are not even worth mentioning. Democracy... Never should be forgotten,never forgiven and every piece of shit should be generously crippled never to get a chance to repeat it & not only for raping, brutal beating, for every single VIOLENCE towards weaker ones. #metoo❤️ #metoo #campainagainstrape #nowomenbeaters #norape #sexcriminals #rapevictim #thegirls #emmaclinethegirls #sisterhood #standupforwomen #everydaysexism

5 0 Oct 18, 2017
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