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Cutest cutie pie 🙈 #justinbieber #JB #thebiebs #loveforever #cutie #muffin #teambieber

10 0 Dec 12, 2017

Chapter 4 ---- - two weeks later -You" I can't believe it .. we are finally here " you said in excitement, -Justin" better believe it baby girl , here we are bora bora the hottest couple on earth is .." -You" Shh... there's people looking at us",-Justin" what I'm saying the truth",-You " I'm hot that's the truth but you .. I don't think so" you laughed at him ,-Justin" really ?", you nodded and smiled -Justin "then you will get punished for underestimating your boyfriend",-You "ummm.. what's kind of punishments exactly",-Justin" I can't show it to you here but you'll discover soon sweetie.." he winks at you , you just laughed and pushed his chest playfully ,-Justin " but now let's go and drink something ",-You" okay let's go" - few hours later -Justin" so ..",-You "what?",-Justin" nothing I'm just checking if my girlfriend needs something" he holds your hand,-You " I'm with you my life couldn't be better"he smiled to you and gives you apeck on the lips while you enjoying each other your phone start ringing ,-You " hello .. Jack ?" You said happily ,-Jack " hey Y/N I miss you it's been a long time",-You " Jack I miss our friendship dude where are you man?" ,-Jack" I'm actually in bora bora I've Been through a rough time u know after breaking up with Madison ..",-You" I'm sorry for you guys and btw we are in bora bora too",-Jack" oh wow that's cool with who ?",-You " with my boyfriend Justin",-Jack" I thought you guys broke up",-You" no it wasn't a real broke up .. you know",-Jack" yeah yeah I understand",-Justin" what a lovely evening I'm here alone and my girlfriend talking with a stranger",-You"Shh..I'm having a call here and he's not a stranger",-Jack" I think I better let you I'll call you later take care",-You"I'll appreciate it thank you Jack bye",you put your phone back in your purse and turned to face Justin who totally ruined the conversation,-You" seriously tho ? It's been a long time that I didn't talk with him or even see him and you just ruined the moment",-Justin" really ? Then I'm sorry for ruining the moment between you and your lovely boyfriend",-You"he's not my boyfriend and You know that he's just a friend" . . More in comments

8 2 Dec 11, 2017

The best quote towards life : Don't hate someone for what they look like on the outside. Hate them for what a piece of garbage they are on the inside.

7 2 Dec 11, 2017

One of my favorite pics hehehehe. But this theme is finally over! yes i hope y'all enjoyed it. This theme took me definitely the most time to post 😂😅💎 ~ ~ #jb #jdb #justin #drew #bieber #justinbieber #justindrewbieber #follow4follow #jerry #thebiebs #believe #believetour #bizzle #kidrauhl #rickthesizzler #purpose #purposetour #purposeworldtour #purposetoureurope #jelieber #jeliebers #belieber #beliebers #bieberfever #belieberfamily #belieberforever #belieberforlife justinbieber

34 2 Dec 11, 2017

For A Moment, I Believed You Love Me Too.. 💞😕 #justinbieber #feetus #JB #thebiebs #loveforever #littleyoung #teambieber #kidrauhl

13 0 Dec 11, 2017

Tonight I'm making deals with the devil , and I know it's gonna get me in trouble 😈🤑😈 #JB #hottestmanalive #wtf #how #sidetoside #justinbieber #arianagrande #nickiminaj #slay #thebiebs #teambieber

24 0 Dec 11, 2017

Digging through my tote for #uglychristmassweater day at work. Zoey wanted to give #thebiebs some love. #believeinsanta #catmom #justinbieber #blackcat #cats_of_instagram

7 0 Dec 10, 2017
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