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Every so often I have these moments where I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I'm like #yesbitchyes because all of my hard work is paying off . 🤗🤗🤗 I NEVER had moments like that when chasing the latest fad or trendy diet before I got on this wellness train. #choochooo 🚄 _ However, I had one of those moments this morning whole getting into the shower after my workout. It was a little extra today since I'm feeling a little less than my best thanks to that whole monthly thing 😣 #thanksmothernature ANYWAY, I got a glimpse of myself and was like "damn girl! That booty tho!" This whole healthy life thing may have started on wanting to look a certain way because that is what some arbitrary societal construct said I should look like. Now one and want to be #strongandsexy and be able to keep up with my kids and lift heavy shit (like my kids) and not worry about my body not being able to handle it. # #lawyermoms #MomsWithCareers #MomsWithDegrees

7 1 Feb 23, 2018

Everyone do me a big favor and pray that Colton makes it on his flights and nothing gets cancelled or delayed cause flying standby is amazing other than the uncertainty of room, AND THIS REALLY ANNOYING CRAPPY WINTER WEATHER STORMS UTAH WONT STOP HAVING DOESNT HELP EITHER. #thanksmothernature

68 2 Feb 23, 2018

Spring is coming 😎✨ #crocus #deepbreaths #thanksmothernature #sunnyday #winterisending

12 1 Feb 23, 2018

Ahhhhh.... #thanksmothernature #artiseverywhere #gooutside

18 0 Feb 23, 2018

Because....LIFE 🤪 And whoever ordered snow today, you’re fired. #thanksmothernature #wheresspring #wtf

5 0 Feb 23, 2018

I am so thankful for these few snow days. Obviously Mother Nature thought we needed a winter break. Between volleyball and basketball seasons, we’ve been running 24/7. The weekdays and weekends just ran into each other. I do miss my students but it was so nice to just rest and get a little caught up. #thanksmothernature #springbreakcameearly

16 0 Feb 23, 2018

👀 back through some old photos- can we just leave this crummy weather in February and go into March with all the beauty of spring? #thanksmothernature

10 0 Feb 22, 2018

Just some of my fav winter colors, because apparently it’s snowing now 💅🏼❄️ #studiobari #wintercolors #opigelcolor #justafew #winternails #thanksmothernature

38 2 Feb 22, 2018

Ummm...? #pygmymarmoset

14 2 Feb 22, 2018

Anyone else's health take a turn south with all this crazy weather? I took my first bath in over 6 years and adding these two beauts took my aches away and cleared my congestion, along with relaxing me. Way to go essential oils #essentialoils #homeremedies #sickseason #essentialoilwin #bathtime #puremichigan #thanksmothernature #selfcare

26 0 Feb 22, 2018

It's a snow day! Aboit to play video games and read all day! Much needed surprise day off. #snowday #nowork #dayoff #surprisedayoff #thanksmothernature

19 10 Feb 22, 2018

this is what happens when it’s humid #thanksmothernature

14 0 Feb 22, 2018
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