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#DomaClasica #Territorial #NuevaAtalaya #RECORDAMOS Las #INSCRIPCIONES este año para cualquier concurso SE TIENEN QUE HACER POR LA WEB sino no seran validas y el Jurado de Campo no podra hacer nada #AMPLIADO el plazo de inscripcion hasta #MAÑANA martes 20 de febrero #prensaFCH

37 0 Feb 19, 2018

A hummingbird battle is definitely next on my list to master catching on camera with great pictures. I could only catch a couple, and they are extremely blurry. #maleannashummingbird #hummingbirds #hummingbird #bird #battleforfood #territorial #pnwbirds #circleoflife #pnwlife #mybackyard #brutal

8 0 Feb 19, 2018

Mind your own business. Encounter at Sydhavnstippen in the middle of Copenhagen #encounter #sheep #staring #territorial #showdown #winterlife #naturibyen #sydhavnstippen #visitcopenhagen #copenhagen #aok

6 0 Feb 19, 2018

Tonight I experienced something that has never happened before....My girlfriend came to stay the weekend with me and borrowed my “ pink robe” that I always wear even around eve, I put my pink robe back on to to go spend some time with eve and she immediately lunged at me and got aggressive😅I panicked and got scarred since this has never happened before...We put two and two together and it was my friends “scent” on my robe that eve did NOT like😏so I left the room and put on my coat that has my scent on and walked back into the room eve was perfectly fine because it was my scent that she smelled. I washed my robe brought it into the room to let eve smell it while wearing my black coat and she was fine. So here I am wearing my coat and snuggling her with my pink robe. Lesson to be learned that squirrels are very territorial and protective of their humanes❤️ • • Squirrels mark their territory with scent and may actively defend that territory in direct interactions. Gray squirrels have two main scent marking tools, urine and scent glands near the mouth. They will frequently urinate as they move along travel routes and they often stop and rub their oral scent glands as well. — #cuddlebuddy #squirrelsdaily #protection #snuggles #territorial #squirrellife #squirrelgirl #squirrelface #squirrellove #squirrelstagram #squirrelsofig #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrelstagram #squirrelsdiary #squirrelfriends #snugglesunday #cuddleswithbae #squirrellove #mamasgirl #squirrellover #petsofinstagram #petsquirrel #animalsofig #squirrelporn #squirrelproblems #featuredsquirrels #happysquirrel #nuts_about_squirrels #8monthsold #nutsaboutsquirrels

157 23 Feb 19, 2018

What is this new toy ?? It’s MINE, that’s what it is ! Dexter is now attacking any cat that comes near it when he’s playing 😅🙄 #ferret #ferrets #ferretsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #mine #territorial #newtoy #itsforthecatsbutwhatever

38 0 Feb 19, 2018

Every day, twice a day, I must be liberally covered in fur. He waits until I shower sometimes the lunatic #crazycat #floof #cat #feline #cats #territorial

8 0 Feb 19, 2018

Derrota del Sènior B davant el líder del grup, el CB Sinera, per un 59-45 #GameDay #MareaBlava #Basketball #Territorial #SeniorB

39 0 Feb 19, 2018

The other night Makkin wit My Brother 2suav3 #Yolaaaaa sippin #Jenny #shmokin #dope watching 👀 his pet 🦎 skrap it out lol 😂 to Be honest the lil 🦎 Lazar was winning the 1st fight👊🏾 against Andre the GIANT lol 😂 he ain't want 💨 in the Beginning which made me start recording 🤳🏾 #animalinstinct #territorial

23 2 Feb 18, 2018

Staying warm in this vintage territorial coat ❄️ This jacket is made from virgin wool and is made in Canada! $60 SOLD

63 4 Feb 18, 2018

PLEASE READ THE WHOLE TEXT! I got as usual complaints after my last post. So once and for all AGAIN! I never hate, are a racist or am jealous against anyone! This ridiculous bullshit must stop! Ásatrú with it's history among with the Scandinavian history is deep rooted here in Scandinavia for a reason. Mine and others ancestors started it here. It's origin is HERE! This stupid discussions that we try to be above others because of these undeniable facts is so dumb that I can't find any nice words without being sarcastic. So before you become blue in your face and scream racist or other words uneducated imbeciles do. You should maybe consider WHY some of us argue against you. Because for me it's the same thing as someone comes and take my grandmother inside my house with force and put her in a cage on the other side of the World, and makes her look like she is everybody else's grandmother wearing make-up to look like Jesus mother instead. And when I point this out that they have kidnapped her and perverted her to look like the carpenters mother, I'm the jealous one, I'm the racist! The other thing is for instance, how can someone meet Skaði who live in a desert and never even touched snow? Our Gods are a part of our forces in nature. Their powers comes from them. Ásatrú are built here in Scandinavia on these undeniable facts. The answers on everything Ásatrú is are here in it's epicentre! Not by someone "know it all" who thinks he can invent answers theoretically by assuming things from a book someone else interpreted. Does this mean that I can't accept people outside of Scandinavia to be an Ásatrúar? NO! It only means that as long as people understand this simple and basic reality of or Trú, everyone is more than welcome to follow Ásatrú. And when I'm far from Sweden I use thought and memory to show my ancestors and the Gods my respect. Even in a desert. But the origin forces are here. Learn the difference! I will protect my grandmother, my family and what my ancestors done for me so I can live in this harsh place on Midgård that also made our Gods what they are in our Trú that we call Ásatrú today. Vid Oden Til Árs ok Friðar / bjorni_viking

327 26 Feb 18, 2018

'That's MY mirror!' #territorial #cockatiels #7yearsbadluck

10 1 Feb 18, 2018

The crow Vs buzzard star in.. 'The attack in mid flight' #bestfriendgoals #mobbing #predator #territorial #wishihadabettercamera #bownessonwindermere #lakedistrict

6 0 Feb 18, 2018
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