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🔹塔普倫寺 TA PROHM 闍耶跋摩七世為母親修蓋的寺院 斷壁殘垣中是糾纏盤繞的木棉樹 這裡也是古墓奇兵的拍攝地點 Plus私心一到這裡就想Temple run (遊客非常多,建議7:30開門準時進入) #travel #cambodia #taprohm #tombraider #templerun

38 1 Dec 12, 2017

The weather is gloomy but not my feelings. Another day in paradise. #wonderfulindonesia #explorebali #bali #templerun #ulundanu #travel #yourbaliisawonderland #somebalitolove

131 4 Dec 12, 2017


19 1 Dec 12, 2017

We created our own version of Temple Run, going off the touristic track a little bit, looking for the most derelict ruin 🤓 #cambodia

65 1 Dec 12, 2017

I always knew this was the kind of life I wanted to live ✨ - I’ve felt pulled to live a VERY unconventional life since I was a kid. A kind of life that leaves an imprint on this world long before I’m gone. A kind of life that people look at and think, “If Maria can make big moves like that, so can I!” A kind of life that when I meet someone, I help make that person’s day even 1% better. A kind of life dedicated to adding value to peoples’ lives. - I realized a long time ago that this vision I had for my life isn’t easily attainable, but I was stubborn enough to do whatever it takes to make it happen 🙌🏽 - I’m still a work in progress, and far off from my goals, but looking back makes me so ridiculously grateful for the journey I’ve been on so far‼️

285 21 Dec 11, 2017

Indiana Jonesing through the curves of Aumkarmic resonance simmering in the symphony of the marriage of spiritual and the material. The realization that the material can be a denser spectrum of spiritual abundance is what invites the seeker to his object of Seeking. But the subject is not defined by one who signs his consent away at the first sign of blackmail from those who claim absence of evidence is evidence of absence. The Temple is a recharging station of intention and bliss injection. The first is the food body. The second is the vital energy body. The third is mental body. The fourth is intellectual body and the fifth is bliss body of pure beingness consciousness. You incarnate as Russian dolls spinning wormholes of fractal rabbitholes merging the merits of purpose and purposelessness into Grace's Tabula Rasa. And when Poornata blossoms from Shunyata and dissolves into its Source steered by harmonic fractal force fields, may you follow the sounds into the primal sound and dissolve into its silent afterburn where AUM echoes into eternity. #aumkar #aumnamahshivaya #siddha #templespotting #omkareshwar #amazingindia #india #templerun #consciousness #aum #fractal #architecture #symmetry #indianajones #seeking #travelgram #esoteric #nothingness #grace #shiva #krishna #shivayanamaha

50 5 Dec 11, 2017

My latest commissioned piece from my son: He wanted a picture of the Temple Run guy fleeing from a monster. Being from New Hampshire, I figured a monster like an evil moose was appropriate. ... #photography #art #artwork #drawing #workinprogress #family #fatherhood #parenthood #templerun #templerun2 #templerunguy #monsters

11 0 Dec 11, 2017
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